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  • How do I sign in using my Facebook account?

    Click the "Log in" button in the upper right corner of the homepage. If you haven't logged in to your Facebook account yet, enter your Facebook account and password in the pop-up window. If you have already logged in to Facebook, simply click on the Facebook logo.

  • Is it safe?

    Yes, our service is 99.99% safe, however you have to take the RMT into consideration, because the game author company might be taking steps to avoid this kind of service as much as possible. Currently we can state that this is the safest POE shop today, we do the highest level of security pre-cautions in game and in general to avoid issues with the orders.
    So this is considered as safe, as long as you are not talking about your order in the game, and trade back some useless or free items.

  • How do I know if my order is ready?

    We can prepare the order within a short time. Please just keep online in the game and waiting for the trade. If you are not online in game when we are ready for your order , we will notify you via email to come online for the trade. You can also contact us by live chat to inform us when you are free to get delivery.

  • How can I become a VIP?

    You can sign up on our website in the upper right corner of the home page with email address or other social methods, you are promoted to the next VIP level by reaching the goal of each rank. Your current rank depends on the number of your total orders and the money you have spent. every rank has different discounts.

  • How do I place my path of exile order?

    Select Path of Exile platform from the menu and choose your server. Look for the POE items you would like to receive.
    By using the search field, you can find the items faster.
    When you choose the products, you can add to your shopping cart immediately, which is located under on the top right corner, then you can click on the check-out button.
    At this point, you have to leave your character name and read the notes. After that, you just have to choose from a wide variety of payment methods and complete the purchase.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept a wide variety of payments, including payments via Paypal, Skrill, Visa and Mastercard , and many local payment methods. All of these payment gateways are safe to use. You can find the fees of the different payment methods when checking out. The fee depends on the total amount of payment.

  • What is an e-check pending?

    E-Check pending is when the money gets transferred from the credit card linked to the PayPal account and it may slow down the processing of the payment even by 3-7 days. Unfortunately it is out of our control as the processing of these payments cannot be terminated from our side. You can wait until the pending ends or contact PayPal to cancel the payment and make a new purchase.

  • How can I get a coupon?

    We sometimes offer coupons to regular customers. As our customer, all you have to do is to check our newsletter and keep an eye out for our latest offers. If you follow our social accounts, you can also participate in our coupon campaigns to get discounts.

  • Can I use a coupon and VIP discount at the same order?

    No, you cannot. You can choose only one type of discount for each purchase.

  • What should I do if my inventory is full?

    The inventory storage space is limited, so if your inventory is full, you need to store them to stash, and then you can continue to get items.


  • If I purchase something, can I cancel it later?

    It's usually possible to cancel if we didn't deliver the goods yet, and you can contact us at anytime if you want to cancel the order.

  • How long does it take to get my goods?

    This is an excellent question. It all depends on the quantity you order. We usually have a big stock of everything, and we can farm huge amount of items and currencies any time. Currencies are delivered in 5-50 minutes mostly, other items or boosting service will take a little longer. If you'd like to get updates about your order, please contact us via Live chat.

  • Can I choose to take my order at another time?

    Yes. You can contact our live chat any time if you need to take orders at other time. We can hold your order until your order is completed because we are 24/7 online.

  • What happen if I would be offline?

    Nothing bad. We will still try to deliver your order by inviting you in the game . Our support agent will try all the ways to get in touch with you as much as possible, we'll trade with you when you're ready to go online.

  • If I make a mistake with my order, can I fix it?

    We will immediately send a confirmation email containing the order information to the customer after the order is successfully paid. If you find out the problem, please contact us via email or live chat to fix the order before delivery, our agent will help you to fix the problem. But if the order has been completed, we won't fix the order or be responsible for it.

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