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  • Path Of Exile: Ultimatum Mechanics Guide

    Apr 17, 2021

    Path Of Exile finally ushered in a new league, which will rekindle the interest of players. If you like Ritual League, then you will not want to miss Ultimatum. In order to keep up with the trend, we will also provide a corresponding mechanics guide!

    Ultimatum encounters

    You will see Ultimatum encounters in each zone, and icons on the minimap will tell you when to approach them. Trialmaster will ask you to choose the first condition for your trial among the three options. Some of them will summon totems that cannot be targeted, causing some elemental damage. Others will strengthen the monster or change the failure conditions. Most importantly, some options may cause the trial to fail, and if you don’t die, so you have to read all the conditions carefully.

    The Trials of Chaos

    If you succeed in the first trial, you will see the first reward. But there is another main task under it. You need to defeat waves of enemies here. You need to kill a certain number of enemies to get success. Some experiments need to survive for a period of time, if you activate certain conditions, you need to complete other objectives.

    After completing the first encounter, you will see the next reward. You can get both rewards at the same time at the risk of the first reward. But you need to activate another condition, some of them will upgrade the first one, others can put debuffs on you. Choose carefully.

    Of course, for players who don't like adventures, you can leave with rewards. But at the beginning of the game, we still recommend that you take risks, because if you die, you will not lose XP. Once you succeed, you will get great rewards. The difficulty and rewards of the trial depend on the zone level.

    You will fight in the bloody circle, it is not like Ritual League can be crossed. If you stay outside the blood circle for over 5 seconds, you will fail. You can also use Trial of Chaos on the map at the end of the game.

    With the development of the new league, will update more relevant guides, so if you are a POE player, you can pay more attention to our site from now on.

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  • Path Of Exile Ultimatum League Map Tiers List

    Apr 15, 2021

    Each League of Path Of Exile will bring many changes, one of the most significant changes is the map tiers, so in order to give you a more detailed understanding of Ultimatum, this article will introduce those map changes.

    In fact, they are not shuffled this time, and you will see them at the plays, just like in Ritual.

    So the list of Path Of Exile Ultimatum League Map Tiers is as follows:

    Tier 1

    * Pen Map

    * Arcade Map

    * Jungle Valley Map

    * Coves Map

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Tier 4

    Tier 5

    Tier 6

    * Malformation Map

    * Silo Map

    Tier 7

    * Waterways Map

    * Dark Forest Map

    Tier 8

    * Alleyways Map

    * Dry Sea Map

    * Racecourse Map

    Tier 9

    * Dungeon Map

    * Relic Chambers Map

    * Spider Lair Map

    * Mausoleum Map

    * Mineral Pools Map

    * Overgrown Shrine Map

    * Stagnation Map

    Tier 10

    * Forbidden Woods Map

    * Phantasmagoria Map

    * Scriptorium Map

    * Ghetto Map

    * The Beachhead Map

    Tier 11

    * Flooded Mine Map

    * Fungal Hollow Map

    * Port Map

    * Grave Trough Map

    * Cold River Map

    * Conservatory Map

    * Ivory Temple Map

    Tier 12

    * Crimson Township Map

    * Coral Ruins Map

    * Siege Map

    * Shipyard Map

    * Dig Map

    Tier 13

    * Maze Map

    * Plateau Map

    * Cursed Crypt Map

    * Park Map

    Tier 14

    Tier 15

    Tier 16

    The release of Path Of Exile Ultimatum is coming soon. At that time, will also provide the corresponding POE guide so that you can play a greater advantage in the new League.

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  • Path Of Exile: Ultimatum Is Bigger And Bolder Than We Thought

    Apr 13, 2021

    On April 8, GGG held a live stream, showing many contents of POE: Ultimatum and the new trailer for POE2. Ultimatum will be released on April 16, and it seems to be bigger and bolder than we thought.

    Ultimatum is a Vaal-themed League in POE. You can interact with the Trial Master. The patch has many major improvements and quality of life adjustments to bring you a better gaming experience.

    League Explained

    Accepting the challenge of the Trial Master will activate the league-characteristic battle, and you need to defeat all your opponents in the battle around the Vaal statues. As you continue to refuse to accept the current items provided by the Trial Master, you will face more difficult challenges. This league is similar to the Last Epoch’s Arena. In the mode of endgame, the difficulty will continue to escalate until you die or decide to stop fighting with the enemies.


    Loot can push you to participate in more dangerous encounters, and Ultimatum will allow you to make decisions that are best for you. Party play will not be hindered because other players die or want to stop, because everyone has the right to choose. As a team, the only decision is what modifier to apply to the monsters, which is refreshing for players.

    New Stuff

    In Ultimatum, new unique items will appear. Some of them are Vaal-themed and take advantage of the chaotic tendency of Vaal-related content, including strong connections with Vaal Orbs and randomness itself.

    Also, Ultimatum will add 8 new gems: 4 Active Gems, 4 Support Gems. They all have a common theme - blood sacrifice. In most cases, these gems work better with a lower amount of life, or they need life to be used. This is only available in spell-based builds that revolve around Pain Attunement and preserve Life through Auras. Always use it at low life to dish out more damage. In Ultimatum, you will have more choices for builds, including literal blood magic.

    Inscribed Ultimatums

    Inscribed Ultimatums will be available. When used in a Map Device, they will open a portal to Trial Master’s domain. Here, Trial Master will let you use a specific item. Once the quest is completed, the number of adventures will double. This also means that you will be able to double stack Exalted orbs, or get more end-game items from the adventure.

    These changes seem to be very attractive, so will continue to pay attention to the release of Ultimatum on April 16. Once we got the latest news, we will keep you informed.

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  • Path Of Exile Guide: Some Useful Tips For The Witch Class

    Apr 08, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, Witch is the most typical magic-user. If you are good at spellcasting, then this class should be a good choice. The Witch needs caution, creativity and special skills, gear, and gems to succeed. There are several builds that can run, but if you want to turn Witch into the scariest class in the game, you can refer to the following suggestions.

    Craft a wand to level

    The witch can try a variety of weapons as their tools for spellcasting. You can start with Thunder Lord’s Goat’s Horn. It is easy to craft: 1 magic wand, 1 resist ring, 1 alternation orb. It can increase spell damage by 10% and increase the level of elemental gems embedded in it.

    Mix auras with minions

    If you play Summoner-style Witch, then they are valuable in tanks, inflicting damage and completing perfect heists. The best way to maximize their effectiveness is to stack auras on them. They will gain extra damage and resistance.

    Have dynamic spells

    This spell is so powerful that every gear and skill should perform this attack at the top level. At least two spell gems are required to cause AOE damage and single target damage.

    Use intelligence skill gems

    There are a lot of dexterity and strength spells suitable for Witch skills in the game. However, Witch has an advantage in intelligence, and you should pay more attention to this aspect. The special thing about Witch is that it is channeled best through active intelligence skills, so you can stick to these skills.

    To be a “Tank”

    The Witch is arguably one of the best and most complete tanks in the game. The Energy Shield is based on mana, and Witch never lacks mana. The immunity given by her shield will exceed the damage and survival of Templar and Ranger from any source.

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  • Path Of Exile: What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Expansion - Ultimatum 

    Apr 06, 2021

    On April 8th, GGG will host a Livestream, showcasing Path of Exile: Ultimatum and more details, including POE 2 information. The expansion of 3.14 will be shown through live gameplay, a full trailer, mechanics discussions, potential special encounters, and other possible content. However, the new footage of POE 2 may add interest to this video.

    Ultimatum expansion

    Ultimatum was teased on March 24, and this seems to be another eye catching league that will adapt well to the game. The expansion will be based on Vaal, and it is likely to continue. The player also found a character very similar to Doryani in the trailer. He is a thaumaturgist, and his experiments seem to have had a significant impact on the lore of POE.

    With the help of Alva Valai, you will be able to travel 2000 years into the past. Alva Valai is one of the masters and one of the iconic figures of other leagues. Another option is that corruption may spread to the land of Wraeclast and Oriath, so you need to take some measures to deal with it. In addition, in the red and black smoke, the obelisks still surround an area, which means you will not be trapped inside until you kill all the enemies. Or, each obelisk has different modifiers, suitable for the enclosed area where they are located.

    And Doryani will also become the focus for this league, expanding the legend surrounding his mysterious experiments, and will tell you more about the Vaal civilization.

    The trailer also shows a building that looks like a shrine or temple. This atmosphere seems to usher in a duel with the boss, it may be Doryani himself. In fact, the temporal incursions took place in small rooms deep in the Temple of Atzoatl. This is a constantly changing dungeon, and you can shape this dungeon by going back. On the other hand, Ultimatum may be a tomb the tomb of Doryani.

    In short, this expansion seems to be a breakthrough, and it should once again attract more fans. Once GGG announces more news, will also update relevant articles in time.

    Once the extension is released, will also provide relevant game guides and some useful suggestions. Of course, the necessary POE Currency in the game is also available here, as long as it is the POE Currency you need, we can provide it for you!

  • Path Of Exile Guide: Tips For The Marauder Class

    Apr 02, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, Marauder mainly focuses on strength and physical skills, but this does not mean that he is easy to use. This class seems to have more builds than others in the game. So in this regard, you need to be more cautious and refer to some relevant tips.

    Try AoE Support Gems

    Although most AoE support gems are tied to intelligence active skill gems, many gems can support strength active skills gems. These are incredible to Marauder, because the surrounding spells, Earthquakes, Sweets are recommended.

    When in a team, Marauder as a tank or the damage participant, will be able to deal with the mobs.

    Get Blood Magic

    Some players may encounter such a situation: they will almost finish the perfect heist, but their mana will run out in the last half. Marauder has some very powerful spells, but it would be a pity if they could not be cast.

    Blood Magic borrowed from the life pool and completely removed the mana pool. Although this is very dangerous, Marauder has a huge life pool and many ways to leech health back.

    Pile on the Fire Damage

    On the surface, there are many elemental effects and ailment appliers that look very good for Marauder. If you are a novice, it is easy to just mix some basics.

    Because spellcasting is not Marauder's strong point, it is a good choice to focus on a single element and then go frantically with it. Because of the benefits from Chieftain Ascendancy, fire is the first choice for advanced players.

    Stay melee

    Although the use of bows to cause physical damage is popular, the passive skills that boost the bow is the opposite of the physical damage. In addition, the melee damage is directly in front of the starting position.

    One guard shill gem is a must

    Whether it is a tank or DPS build, it is best to have a guard skill gem. However, only one guard skill gem can be used at a time, and they all have the same cooldown, so you just need to choose the one you like best and stick to it, don't spread around the levels.

    If Marauder's best guard gem does not fall in Act 3, you can consider other ways to get it. After that, you also need to use the support gem to strengthen the guard gem as much as possible.

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  • Path Of Exile Guide: Some Useful Tips For The Duelist Class

    Mar 31, 2021

    The Duelist can be said to be the favorite of veterans. He has the ability to cause damage in a large area and maintain his advantage on the front lines. It is difficult for him to play in the early stages of the game, but if used properly, he will become a powerful threat later in the game.

    Focus on impale

    The original Duelist best build includes move impale, which can destroy the most powerful enemy with a single juiced-up attack, but the move and its Ascendancy have been weakened. But it is still the most loved build.

    Max out spell resistance

    Using gear with magic resistance, there is no need to throw away all the great Duelist gear. Its stat reaches the highest level with 75% resistance. Once this threshold is reached, you can invest in damage.

    On critical hit advantages

    Novices need to avoid On critical hit spells and passives. But veterans have mastered these, so they need to adapt to the inconsistent abilities going off at unpredictable times, but Duelist is special.

    Duelist has a very high attack speed, and spells that trigger On critical hits will happen regularly. So when other classes discard these gems, Duelist should pick them up. After gaining enough attack speed, it will release additional damage.

    Tinker with the skill gems

    Although most of the skills and weapons of Duelist are relatively rigid, you can show your creativity through skill gems. Duelist can use Flicker Strike to blink all over, use Viper Strike to poison the enemies, or use Cleave to wipe out minion, or use all three of them in one build.

    Balance strength and dexterity

    For Duelist, it is important to balance strength and dexterity at the same time. Too much strength will hit hard but miss a lot, and too much dexterity will hit often but can only deal little damage. Therefore, Duelist should set at least one bridge in each passive skill area of strength and dexterity.

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  • Path Of Exile Guide: Some Tips For The Shadow Class

    Mar 29, 2021

    Due to the open-ended passive skill tree, Path Of Exile allows classes to overlap in similarities. In a world made up of homogenous characters, Shadow breaks the similarity of the world. No other class will be stealthing around, accumulating critical hits like Shadow. The Ascendancy classes will make Shadow a greater threat. So if you want to build a perfect Shadow, you can refer to the following suggestions.

    Find a skill and stick to it

    There are a large number of active skill gem options in Path Of Exile, which can keep the game fresh, but it is not very friendly for new players. You can let Shadow test every spell, but don't put any levels in the seemingly useless skill gems. In the early stage, Shadow can only attack, and switching spells would reduce offensive capabilities.

    Always have an ailment going

    Setting a debuff on enemy targets is great, even newbies who are just starting to learn the game already understand this. But for Shadow, this is of extra significance, because it has some skills that can cause extra damage to targets with ailments.

    Any ailment will do, if you have choices, you can use Bleed or Poison instead, because it will stack better with Shadow skills.

    Use a spell

    Shadow has a mana pool, but it is difficult to become a mature spellcaster. This does not mean that it should ignore mana completely. Many novices completely ignore the blue globe, and some spells can protect the character or make the enemy more vulnerable to Shadow attacks. So you can find a spell to help solve physical damage.

    Have a gem for the mobs

    The main role of Shadow is to do huge single-target physical damage. Some builds can change this role, but the game encourages Shadow to complete this task. You have 2 ways to deal with them:

    * Gems and skills to help Shadow escape

    * Socketing something that takes out groups can also work

    The first method will take more time, but stealth has extra utility.

    Max out resistances early

    Most classes prepare for gearing up first, and then go with resistance, but Shadow needs to change this order. Shadow's short-range and early incompetence made it susceptible to be crushed by magic in the early days. If the correct item does not appear, you need to learn to trade gear, which is exactly what the game needs.

    The new update is coming soon, when will also follow up relevant news closely, and will provide game guides, so you can pay more attention to afterward.

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  • Path Of Exile Will Reveal Ultimatum Release Date, And Promise Details On POE 2

    Mar 25, 2021

    Path Of Exile is preparing for its next major update. It has been a long time since the release of the Echoes Of the Atlas expansion. Players may also feel a little tired of this. The GGG team is preparing a new update called Ultimatum. It is expected to be released in April. The new trailer for the next expansion will be announced.

    Except for this trailer, we don’t know more details about Path Of Exile: Ultimatum. If this pattern is applicable to the previous expansion, we can look for some brand-new mechanics, new character builds opportunities, new items, game system updates, balance changes, and a new time-limited league. And the expansion of this game will be released on Friday, April 16.

    Although the updates and expansions of Path Of Exile are always exciting, some people are also curious about Path Of Exile 2, which was revealed at the ExileCon event in 2019, but there has been little news since then. Recently, the development team will start a special Livestream presentation at 1 pm PT on April 8th, which will reveal the Ultimatum extension in detail, and will also provide the first new details of Path Of Exile 2.

    The Path Of Exile expansion will be broadcast on the Twitch channel, including new details of POE 2. At that time, will also update relevant news.

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  • Everything You May Want To Know About Path Of Exile 2

    Mar 23, 2021

    Path Of Exile is a dark game that became popular a few years ago. It is very popular for its complex game systems and a large amount of game content. The most important thing is that POE is free to play. A few years after its release, GGG is constantly launching updates, and even will soon launch Path Of Exile 2. Of course, POE 2 is also free to play. POE 2 is not just a simple expansion content, it is more like a reimagining of the overall game.

    POE 2 features seven new chapters

    Path Of Exile received its sixth expansion in 2017 - POE: The Fall Of Oriath. Path Of Exile 2 will add 7 chapters to the basic game progress. Besides, new items and quests will be introduced. This will be a thorough overhaul of the game, and it will fix many of the original problems of Path Of Exile.

    New models and animations will appear

    The character animations and models in the game will be remade to fit the newest system, and the engine will also receive some improvements. The improvement of the engine will make the game more stable, which will be accepted by more players.

    The skill gem system will be reworked

    The skill gem system of POE is very different. Skill gems are slotted into the appropriate type of weapons, and then connected with support gems to create new properties or combine skills. However, POE 2 redesigned the skill gem system. The support gems were previously placed in the gear sockets, and now they will be placed directly in the modified skill gem. So you will be able to have more wiggle room for builds without sacrificing the depth of the game skill gem system.

    19 new ascendancy classes

    POE 2 will introduce 19 new ascendancy classes. There are currently 19 ascendancy classes in the game - each class has 3 choices, but Scion has only one choice.

    New passive abilities

    The skill tree of POE allows you to create your unique game style by slowly building passives. You can choose a location on the huge upgrade map according to your class at the beginning. But over time, you can eventually build into anything.

    POE 2 will carry out a series of updates to this system and other core game systems.

    Path Of Exile 2 will be released in early 2022. Currently, POE fans can only focus on the current content of Path Of Exile.

    Once GGG releases more POE-related information, will also update the news in time.

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