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  • Path of Exile: Kalandra League mechanics explained

    Aug 12, 2022

    Information on Path of Exile's latest 3.19 expansion, Lake of Kalandra, has been on the minds of fans, and we've finally seen the patch note and first trailer.

    When it comes to Kalandra, we tend to think of the most valuable Mirror of Kalandra in Path of Exile, which can bring the effect of replicating player-created items. 3.19 Lake of Kalandra seems to revolve around this particular item, bringing us new mechanics for Challenge Leagues, class balance and endgame improvements.

    For players keen to compete in Challenge Leagues, it is important to master the mechanics of the game ahead of time. So about 3.19 Kalandra Challenge League, you need to have a basic understanding.

    1. Basic mechanism

    Similar to 3.18, the 3.19 Challenge League contains 40 challenges, and players can also choose from different modes of the Kalandra Challenge League, including Standard, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variations of the Lake of Kalandra challenge league available.

    The Challenge League will take place on Lake of Kalandra, a reflective mirrored lake that reflects all encounters from elsewhere in Wraeclast that will appear on the mirrored surface when exploring.

    Many pillars will be raised above the lake, creating a flat surface for easy movement. Players can build a custom set of encounters on this plane, and it will be reflected in any layout you want, and in those reflections, players will see the encounters they have to defeat the next time they head to the lake.

    2. Special abilities

    As the Kalandra Challenge League progresses, players will be able to unlock special abilities to manipulate options on each plane. Players have the freedom to choose or give up.

    3. League Rewards

    In addition to the usual POE Currency, the 3.19 Kalandra Challenge League also offers a variant of obtaining rare jewelry, similar to Mirror of Kalandra, but also through reflection, players will get a mirror copy.

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  • Path of Exile: Sentinel League ends on August 16

    Aug 04, 2022

    With Path of Exile confirming that the 3.19 expansion will be named Lake of Kalandra, which means that the new themed Challenge League is getting closer and closer. According to the news released by Grinding Gear Game, we will officially usher in the end of Sentinel League at 3 pm PDT on August 16th. At that point, items available in Karic's Vault Pass will also be permanently sealed, replaced by exclusive cosmetic effects from Lake of Kalandra.

    For players who haven't completed Sentinel League yet, it's imperative that you complete the remaining challenges within two weeks to grab the rewards and unlock the Ophidian and Ophidian Lord Armor Sets and Wings.

    Meanwhile, details of the much-anticipated 3.19 expansion will be revealed on Twitch live from 1:00 pm PDT on August 11th. Players will also be able to earn Twitch Drops in-stream to prepare for new leagues.

    The new 3.19 Challenge League will start on August 19th, 2022, at 1:00 pm PDT. According to the Grinding Gear Game leak, players will find a new type of Oil that allows them to anoint Mirrored Items in the new Challenge League. This mechanism will undoubtedly give players more room for imagination, and they are looking forward to the new gameplay.

    In any case, the 3.19 expansion brings players a fresh start, and we can start a new challenge soon. As always, POECurrency is a good partner to accompany you as you continue to improve, and you can buy POE Currency here in advance to prepare for the new league. At the same time, we will keep you updated with the latest Path of Exile news and 3.19 Lake of Kalandra information.

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  • Path of Exile: Sentinel will not be added to the core game

    Jul 19, 2022

    Sentinel League has been running for almost two months now, and we are gradually coming to an end. With the release of the new 3.19 timeline, we're also about to see brand-new league mechanics and expansions coming in August. Whenever entering this stage, there will be a problem that players are very concerned about, that is, whether the current league mechanism can be integrated into the core game.

    The answer given to us by Grinding Gear Game is no. For now, the development team believes that a series of improvements and tweaks are needed if Sentinel mechanics are to be used as a core game, and while they are interested in possibly working on this in the future, Path of Exile is not focused on that for now.

    We will see the end of Sentinel League around August 12th. When it ends, all existing Power Cores and Sentinels players will be deleted. Meanwhile, Recombinators won't drop anymore, but the existing ones will continue to work in Standard and will become progressively more scarce as they are consumed.

    In addition, Grinding Gear Game also stated that, given the positive feedback from players on the crafting options provided by Recombinators, they are looking for a reasonable way to bring Recombinators back into the game. At that time, the function of this mechanism changed but will be notified and introduced in advance.

    The release of this news has also sparked some discussion in the player community. Many players believe that although the situation of not adding the Sentinel to the core game is expected, they still miss this mechanism and hope to see it in future game content its return. There are also some players who believe that Recombinators will become the new hot in-game currency and now is the best time to farm them.

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  • Path of Exile: Gear for beating Ahuatotli,the Blind

    Jul 15, 2022

    Delve Bosses will expand with depth, and players will face more and more challenges as exploration deepens. Ahuatotli, the Blind, as the first Boss players encounter in Delve, is located in The Grand Architect's Temple.

    Players will earliest encounter this boss in the depths of 83. In order to win this Bossfight, we need to understand its attack patterns and adopt certain strategies.

    When the player first enters the arena, Ahuatotli, the Blind has a five-second cooldown, it doesn't move, it just stands in the center. After the cooldown is over, he will start using his skills to turn the arena into a Darkness Phase, where players will be stacked with Darkness Damage. At this point, players must either use flares or move to a bright spot.

    It's worth noting that there are four turrets scattered around the arena that fire lasers and corrode blood, an attack that does a lot of damage. And players close them by reaching the buttons in the four corners of the arena.

    Since Ahuatotli, the Blind focuses on physical attacks, mitigating the damage they cause is an important criterion for choosing items and gear. The following items can be prepared in advance:

    1. Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask — Converts Physical Damage taken to Cold Harm Taken and Increases Maximum Cold Resistance throughout flask effect.

    2. Basalt Flask — Grants 15% Physical Harm Reduction during flask effect.

    3. Granite Flask — Grants +3000 Armour for the duration of Flask Impact.

    4. Arctic Armour — Grants 8–13% much less Physical Harm when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Damage taken when hit.

    5. Determination — Grants 32%-51% a lot more armor.

    The acquisition of the above equipment is not difficult, you can choose to visit POE Currency and buy them.

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  • Path of Exile: 3.18.1d patch brings new fixes

    Jul 14, 2022

    With the reveal of the 3.19 timeline, new leagues and content are just around the corner. Grinding Gear Games is also taking steps to improve the game in preparation for more new game mechanics, so this week they deployed a bugfix-focused 3.18.1d patch with some useful information.

    Although GGG stated that the current focus will be on the development of Endgame and the future Path of Exile 2, in order to improve the current game quality and bring a better game experience to players, the following issues have been paid attention to and improved.

    1. Divine Vessels are now able to modify Maps while you have the Stream of Consciousness Atlas Keystone Passive allocated.

    2. The Soul Conduit monster modifier now raises a maximum of 30 nearby monsters to fight again on death.

    3. Fixed a bug where defeating Aul, the Crystal King was not granting credit towards The Forsaken Masters achievement.

    4. Fixed a client crash that could occur when re-entering the Absence of Symmetry and Harmony.

    5. Fixed a client crash that could occur at the end of a PvP match.

    It is worth mentioning that although the comments on the 3.18.1d patch are very brief, many players are very happy with the improvement of Divine Vessels and look forward to the development team to further simplifying the system.

    Although players have mixed opinions about the currently unfinished Sentinel League, these attentions will gradually be attracted by the brand-new league. Hopefully, the 3.19 expansions will bring satisfying content. is a good helper for your game, and you can get more useful information here. At the same time, you can buy POE currency here to advance your game, whether it's difficult in the base game or Challenge Leagues.

  • Path of Exile: How to Increase Voltaxic Sulphite?

    Jul 13, 2022

    Voltaxic Sulphite is a very important resource in Path of Exile, first introduced by Delve League. Players can use it to get from one location to another. It can significantly improve the quality of the map and is one of the points that players must pay attention to on the map.

    Players must focus on The Atlas Region to obtain Voltaxic Sulphite, so players must activate the skill tree on the Atlas map. Because there is only one way to get Voltaxic Sulphite, and that is to collect it from Sulphite Deposits. But different factors affect the amount of Voltaxic Sulphite players find in Sulphite Deposits.

    The following ways will increase the base amount of Voltaxic Sulphite:

    1. Go to the Sulphite Deposits with a higher overall regional level to collect.

    The degree of exploitation of Sulphite Deposits will be proportional to the regional grade. So players will need to look for Voltaxic Sulphite in such areas and mine them with Niko the Mad once found. The found Voltaxic Sulphite will be stored directly in Sulphite Storage.

    2. Increase Voltaxic Sulphite profits with Sulphite Scarabs.

    Scarabs are map fragments that yield varying percentages of Voltaxic Sulphite quantitative yields. Especially The Winged Sulphite Scarab, which brings a 100% Voltaxic Sulphite buff from Sulphite Deposits.

    3. Improve Sulphite Storage.

    Sulphite Storage is limited, so players can use Azurite on the Voltaxic Generator to expand space to increase mining efficiency. is dedicated to bringing support to your Path of Exile process, where you can buy POE Currency and get more information. We look forward to your visit.

  • Path of Exile: The 3.19 expansion will launch on August 12

    Jul 12, 2022

    As Sentinel League progresses, Path of Exile gradually enters the end of the league, and Grinding Gear Games is preparing to release the relevant information of the next league, so they released the 3.19 expansion timeline.

    The 3.19 expansion will launch on August 12th, which means that Sentinel League will end around August 9th, and players can continue to advance the process of each challenge and plan to get league rewards as many as possible before the end.

    At the same time, Grinding Gear Games also mentioned more information about the improvement of the game. They stated that the new league will bring a wider range of expansions than 3.18; and that all expansions from the 3.19 expansion until the future release of Path of Exile 2 will include further improvements to Endgame. Players will see more balance changes and other exciting content from the upcoming leagues.

    This news has aroused the enthusiasm of players to discuss. From the feedback from the community, fans are looking forward to the new league, but they are also worried. Perhaps based on the fact that 3.18 Sentinel League didn't bring any balance changes, some players said they had lowered their expectations.

    Some players miss the wonderful leagues of the past, like Ultimatum League. They hope to see more fun with new mechanics.

    It is worth mentioning that the banner picture brought by this announcement is a sunken ship, which has caused a heated discussion among a large number of players. A lot of players are asking if the next Challenge League is related to boats and can we see an unprecedented Boat League?

    We're still a few weeks away, but we'll see brand new content and leagues soon. Players who have not completed Sentinel League at this stage can take steps to speed up the process. You can buy POE Currency at POECurrency, which will effectively help you complete difficult challenges and get rewards, you can get low-cost products and high-quality services.

  • Path of Exile: How to get Mirror of Kalandra?

    Jul 05, 2022

    Mirror of Kalandra is a representative Path of Exile item and one of the most valuable in the base currency, it can bring very significant help and advancement to the player's upgrade path. Players can use Mirror of Kalandra to create a fair copy of items that, in a way, doubles the benefits of top rarity items they own. It's worth noting that a Mirror of Kalandra can only be used once.

    Depending on the special in-game economic system of Path of Exile, the rare Mirror of Kalandra is undoubtedly the most special one among many basic currencies, so many people will be very surprised when they accidentally drop the Mirror of Kalandra during the battle, and some players It will even consider getting it as a goal.

    Although the Mirror of Kalandra is very rare and expensive, there are some effective ways to get it.

    1. Collect 9 House of Mirrors Divination cards.

    Although players have a certain possibility to get the Mirror of Kalandra dropped by slaying enemies, opening strongboxes and chests after reaching level 35, the drop rate can be said to be very small, so we might as well choose another more secure one The way, and that is through the House of Mirrors Divination cards, and while getting them also requires laborious farming in The Alluring Abyss, at least the results are known.

    2. Collect 5 Emperor's Luck Divination cards.

    The currency items exchanged for collecting Emperor's Luck Divination cards are relatively random. Although Mirror of Kalandra is included, the drop rate is still not high. This requires players to devote their time to farming. However, this method can bring many potential benefits, and it is also a good choice.

    3. Exchange with a currency of lower value.

    While this doesn't change the fact that Mirror of Kalandra is expensive, it does reduce the difficulty accordingly. According to the results of a real-time search, the current Mirror of Kalandra needs to cost about 95k Chaos Orb or about 530 Exalted Orb to get.

    4. Obtained from POECurrency.

    POECurrency is a well-received third-party service provider for Path of Exile in the market. More importantly, we can buy POE Currency like the Mirror of Kalandra at the lowest price in the market, and they are all obtained by hand.

    This way will save you more time and effort, resulting in a smoother progression for your Path of Exile.

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  • Path of Exile: Four Ways to Get Headhunter

    Jul 04, 2022

    The Headhunter is a Leather Belt released for the first time in the Nemesis league. When players have some experience in killing rare enemies, Headhunter can be regarded as the best way to clear Maps, Heists, Grand Heists, Blighted maps, Harbinger encounters and Delirium encounters One of the proper gears.

    Headhunter brings a very bright effect, with a maximum Life bonus of 25-40, a Strength bonus of 40-55 and a Dexterity bonus of 40-55, it also increases the Damage with Hits of Rare monsters by 20-30%. Most importantly, it gives you its Modifiers for 20 seconds when you kill a rare enemy.

    These impressive effects have made it a goal for countless players to obtain, although few achieve it. But whether it's collecting Divination Cards or farming specific bosses, there are some chances to drop this rare piece of equipment, and once you get it, it means that your abilities and your wealth will increase. Here are methods worth trying:

    1. Farming The Doctor card.

    This is a great method for Magic Find builds, and in a way, while it may take extra time and effort, this method provides a guaranteed drop for the Headhunter.

    After collecting all 8 The Doctor cards, players may get rare drops like Headhunter in Burial Chambers and the Spider Forest.

    2. Farming The Fiend card.

    After collecting 11 The Fiend cards, players may get rare drops in at Shrine Map and The Putrid Cloister.

    3. Obtained it from POECurrency.

    Using real money is always the most direct and effective way. If you are still struggling, can provide sufficient POE Items to meet your needs for Headhunter. As a well-known store in the market, POECurrency provides good prices and The service has received many positive reviews.

    4. Use Orb of Chance on Leather Belts or Ancient Orbs.

    This is a very sound strategy on the whole, and it is very suitable for single-player operation. Players may need to try more, but in this way, potential benefits will not be lost in the process, and it is possible to reap surprises.

    POECurrency can not only provide you with a low-price Headhunter but also bring you more POE Currency and useful information. Feel free to contact us at any time, we will bring quality service.

  • Path of Exile: Tips for the Black Star Bossfight

    Jul 01, 2022

    As one of the Eldritch Horrors, the Black Star is a bossfight that every Path of Exile player goes through, not only that, but it's also the 33rd challenge in Sentinel League.

    In the base game, accessing the Black Star bossfight is not difficult. Players need to use Searing Exarch's influence to defeat a map boss of level 12 or above in The Searing Exarch quest to get a quest version Polaric Invitation, put it into the map device to enter the Black Star Arena Polaric Void and start the battle.

    It should be noted that the Black Star has two very powerful attacks: Astral Avalanche and Solar Storm, and mastering strategies to deal with these two abilities will help you defeat it more efficiently

    When the Black Star uses the Astral Avalanche to emit a deadly beam, players hiding behind the red area's pillars in the Polaric Void at the correct angle will effectively avoid its damage, while the blue area's pillars will break.

    There are two strategies for dealing with Solar Storm. First, players need to get a stack of Annihilating Light debuff before the Black Star can launch this attack. The debuff it brings will reduce the damage of the opposite element. Or the opposite of Astral Avalanche's countermeasure, players can hide behind the pillars in the blue section to forbid the damage of Solar Storm.

    In general, in the bossfight of the Black Star, players need to pay attention to the damage caused by the opposite fire and cold elements and find corresponding ways to reduce the damage.

    Whether it's the base game or Challenge Leagues, has your back. You can get more latest Path of Exile information and POE Currency here, we will continue to pay attention to your needs to bring you satisfactory services.

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