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  • Path Of Exile Scourge: The Detailed Introduction Of The Blood Crucible

    Oct 25, 2021

    The Path Of Exile Scourge league is in full swing. It introduces a new mechanic - the Blood Crucible. You can find it close to your inventory, and then you give it an item. After killing the enemies, you will be teleported into another realm, and it will be gradually upgraded.

    You are about to participate in the act of blood sacrifices, and you need to complete this act by playing the game and killing the inhabitants of the island where you are destined to grind on. will introduce more specific information about this system.

    The Scourge league will run for about 3 months, so now is the time to collect blood from the enemies you killed to make those boots shiny.

    When you leave The Lioneye’s Watch, which is your first ‘town’ after beating the tutorial, you will be able to obtain Blood Crucible from The Last to Die and then equip it.

    When you kill the enemies, you will get blood, and then you can enter another dimension, which will allow you to start more killings and all murders that happen in the world, you can earn more points to upgrade the items you choose.

    Blood Crucible Skills

    A new skill system has also been added to the Scourge league, which is fully linked with Blood Crucible. With it, you can upgrade Crucible itself to bring you more things in the game, just like absorbing more corruption to better upgrade your gear.

    There are a total of 15 skills in the game that need to be upgraded, and each skill requires additional points, which means that a total of 63 points are required to maximize these skills. You can only unlock additional skills by dumping points to other skills, so to unlock the bottom row, you need to add 40 points before reaching them.

    Since the new league has started, you can come to to find more POE guides in the days to come, and now you can come here to buy POE Scourge Currency. And the price is not fixed, it will change as the market price changes, so you can pay more attention to it. Once the POE Currency price on drops, you can take the opportunity to buy more, so that cheap POE Currency will be available.

  • Path Of Exile: How Do Link Gems Work?

    Oct 21, 2021

    The Scourge League will bring a new type of gems - link gems. There are 6 in total, which brings new mechanics to the game, will introduce it in detail.

    POE Link Gems List

    The first link gems will appear when the Scourge League goes live, including 6:

    * Soul Link: When linked, your energy shield will block some damage that the linked player may receive

    * Protective Link: When linked, the linked player will copy your block chance to recover life when blocked

    * Intuitive Link: When linked, the hits of the linked player can trigger your supported spells

    * Vampiric Link: When linked, your life leech will recovery the linked player

    * Flame Link: When linked, the linked player will deal extra fire damage based on your life

    * Destructive Link: When linked, the linked player uses your critical strike chance for main hand hits

    But these link gems also have some things in common:

    * Gems can link only with ONE player.

    * If a linked player dies you also die.

    * Link breaks if the target leaves range or line of sight for 4 seconds.

    * Link gems cannot be used by Totems, Traps, or Mines.

    When you decide to use gems, you need to remember that you will play as an assistive role to provide extra benefits to other team members. You need to choose what benefits best suit the build. Based on this, you need to make a build that will give the link gem the most profit. In the process, if you need POE Currency, you can buy it here.

    How to get link gems?

    You only need at least what vendor to sell link gems. Also, after unlocking from the required quest, buy level 1 gems from Siosa, or you can buy level 1 gems from Lily Roth in Lion Eye’s Watch of Chapter 6. Listed below are the levels and stats required to use connected gems, as well as the corresponding vendors.

    * Soul Link - Level 34,79 Int

    It is provided to Scion to complete Breaking the Seal. You can buy it from Petarus and Vanja by Templar, Shadow and Witch.

    * Protective Link - Level 34,50 Str, 35 Int

    After completing Breaking the Seal, you can go to Petarus and Vanja by Marauder, Templar and Scion to make purchases.

    * Intuitive Lin - Level 34,79 Dex

    It is provided to Scion to complete Breaking the Seal, and you can buy it from Petarus and Vanja by Duelist, Ranger and Shadow.

    * Vampiric Link - Level 34, 35 Str, 50 Dex

    After completing Breaking the Seal, buy it from Petarus and Vanja by the Duelist, Ranger and Scion.

    * Flame Link - Level 34,79 Str

    It is provided to Scion to complete Breaking the Seal. You can buy it from Petarus and Vanja by Marauder, Duelist and Templar.

    * Destructive Link - Level 34,35 Dex,50 Int

    After completing Breaking the Seal, you can buy it from Petarus and Vanja by the Shadow, Witch and Scion.

    Through this, we can see that not all classes can buy all gems, but all classes can use any one of them. After breaking the seal in Highgate at Act 4, all link gems will unlock. Scion will get some gems, others can be purchased from Petarus and Vanja.

    This is some relevant information about Link Gems. Once the Scourge league is officially released, will provide more game guides to help you quickly master the new game mechanics. In addition, you can also come here to buy POE Currency as soon as possible. We will offer POE Scourge Currency in the shortest time to help you gain advantages in the early stage of the game.

  • Path Of Exile: New Features Of Upcoming Scourge League

    Oct 19, 2021

    Path Of Exile’s new league is coming on October 22, which is the Scourge League. The new league will bring more new content. listed important upcoming features.

    The Blood Crucible

    If you want to join the new challenge league, you will get a Blood Crucible. This rusty device can be implanted on yourself, and it can collect the blood of the monsters you kill. This also means that once you have collected enough monster blood, you can activate this device, and then it will send you to another Wraeclast, where an apocalyptic event will occur. You can only stay in a parallel universe for a short time.

    The advantage of this new mechanism is that you can place maps and items in Blood Crucible. By having enough kills in the alternate Wraeclast, you will gain two unique modifiers that are not available elsewhere.

    The Scourge challenge is available in Standard, Solo Self-Found, and Hardcore modes. If you join the Scourge league, you can complete 40 new challenges.


    The 3.15 update will become a core part of the game, so you will be able to interact with Kalguuran Merchants and have the opportunity to bargain and gamble for the items for what you want for the builds.

    Although Expedition will appear in the standard version, Cadiro Peradus will be removed from the game. So some of the items he provided and Perandus Coins will not be available in 3.16.

    Passive Skill Tree

    As we all know, the passive skill tree in Path Of Exile is very complicated, and many new players will even leave the game because of it. Based on this, developers will completely rework the passive skill tree and they will add masteries into the mix. Passive masteries are scattered in the skill tree, but giving them points will make your character stronger.

    Now stay tuned for the arrival of the Scourge league, new content is always exciting. Once the new expansion is online, you can also come here to buy POE Currency, because as a game service website that focuses on POE, we will always provide what players need most at the first time.

  • POE Scourge: Welcome To The Demonic, Alternate Wraeclast

    Oct 15, 2021

    Path Of Exile's upcoming Scourge expansion will introduce a new challenge league, you need to hunt demons on their home turf, which is an alternative, evil-infested version of Wrarclast. You will visit it by spilling the blood of monsters. Although the journey is dangerous, the rewards will be substantial, and you can expect the best rewards in Path Of Exile.

    GGG revealed the details of the Scourge expansion in the Livestream, and also explained some of the upcoming changes in the endgame content, the rework of the passive skill tree, the brand new skills coming to the game, the balance changes, and the improvement of the guilds. lists some important information.

    NPC in Scourge

    Scourge will start when you leave Lioneye’e Watch, where you will meet an NPC who appears suddenly and seems to be chased by an unseen tormentor.

    She will give you a Blood Crucible and tell you how to implant it in your body. You may be confused by the request made by the person you just met, but what she said is useful to you. Because Blood Crucible is your ticket to an alternate dimension that is crawling with demons named Scourge, you need to use the blood collected from the killed enemies to pay them a visit.

    Blood Crucible

    The more blood you collect in Crucible, the longer you stay in the demonic version of Wraeclast. You can put an item in the Crucible, and when you are busy bludgeoning Scourge, it can absorb corruption. Collect enough corruption, the item itself will be corrupted, get a pair of Scourged Modifiers, which add a positive and negative trait to your items. You can do this up to 3 times, so if you encounter a mod you don't like the first time, you won't be trapped by them.

    In the endgame, you can place Atlas of Worlds maps into Blood Crucible, making them more dangerous and valuable. GGG said that this system is for you to determine the level of challenge you want to accept in the endgame of Scourge. In fact, transforming maps too many times can make them too dangerous to complete, so you need to be careful when transforming them.

    New endgame content

    Endgame activities like Breach, Blight, Legion, and Delirium have uber versions, which can upgrade the difficulty level and the potential rewards gained for completing them.

    Passive skill tree

    GGG also reworks the complex passive skill tree of POE, so that players who invested a lot of time were familiar enough with it while reducing less used skills or distractions. The idea is to give you build options without having to enter particular paths to obtain specific niche skills you want.

    When Scourge is officially launched on October 22, will also provide more corresponding game guides and suggestions, and POE Scourge Currency will also come as promised. As long as you need it, you can come here to buy it at any time. So, if you are a POE player, then subscribing to will be helpful to you, including POE Currency support and game strategies.

  • Path Of Exile Scourge Will Have Major Balance Overhauls

    Oct 14, 2021

    The Path Of Exile team will hold a special stream today to discuss the upcoming Scourge expansion, and it will be available later this month.

    This Stream will happen when POE Twitch starts at 3 pm on October 14, when related content will be leaked. Scourge will start live streaming at noon Pacific on October 22, and the team will announce several new supporter packs and Twitch Drops for Dragonfly Wings at the same time.

    Recently, has also learned about some balance changes of POE, including how to prevent or mitigate ailments. Instead of the old flask system, there will now be more options, such as spells, skills, different types of flasks, and even the modifiers of items and passive skills to be the solution. The entire flask system has been completely revised, which not only brings more choices, but also brings different flask types, tiers for modifiers, and even by letting the life flask heal the same amount in half the time, this also means faster healing will be available.

    The core role defense and recovery system will be completely changed, dodge will be removed, and other forms of expandable defense will be strengthened. Something like armor does not provide sufficient defense to be implemented. The armor will be more powerful, but it will not be enough to protect you from elemental damage, so GGG needs to overhaul the passives in the tree to help you.

    The aura, curse, and elemental damage over time are getting revamped to promote these more balanced. As for more news about Scourge, we can only wait until Stream starts.

    Perhaps the new league will be worth looking forward to, because a more balanced game can bring players the best possible gaming experience.

    Once Scourge is available, will provide the corresponding POE Currency. As a game service website focusing on the POE series, we always know what the items most players most need when a new league starts, so we will also launch POE Scourge Currency in a short time, as long as you need it, you can rush over to buy it as soon as possible.

  • Path Of Exile: You Need To Make Some Preparations For The Scourge Expansion

    Oct 11, 2021

    POE Expedition will end on PC at 2 pm PDT on Monday, October 18th, so this is your last time to complete any unfinished challenges. On the consoles, the Expedition league will end when the 3.16 expansion will be released on October 27th PDT.

    After the Expedition League ends, the 3.16 league will become available soon, so you can prepare for its arrival in advance. The exclusive Expedition Brimmed Hat will leave the store forever, if you haven’t got it yet, take the time to get it.

    Make sure to tune in to the Livestream announcement of the Path Of Exile: Scourge expansion on Twitch at 8 pm (GMT+1) on October 14th. During the announcement, they will also announce a new set of supporter packs to replace the Ultimatum supporter pack. You need to ensure to grab the Sun and Crescent packs before they disappear.

    Note that Twitch Drops will enable Livestream to obtain a set of Dragonfly Wings. However, due to recent issues with Twitch, you will need to relink your Twitch and Path Of Exile accounts to comply with Twitch Drop.

    How to participate in Twitch Drops?

    You only need to connect your POE account to Twitch, and watch Path Of Exile: Scourge Livestream or any POE Stream here for 45 minutes, then you can get Dragonfly Wings. Drops will be available from noon ODT until 6 pm PDT. This means that everyone who has watched POE Stream during this time can get this reward. 

    When you have accumulated enough watch time to get your Dragonfly Wings, you need to redeem them from your Twitch inventory before they appear in the POE microtransactions list.

    Once the Livestream starts, will also track related news and list some important content so that you can quickly know the relevant information.

    Now Expedition is about to end, if you still have unfinished quests, then hurry up, now you can also buy POE Currency here, which can speed up your completion progress. Once the new league starts, will provide the corresponding POE Currency.

  • Path Of Exile: Scourge Expansion Will Go Live On October 22

    Oct 07, 2021

    For Path Of Exile, Expedition is about to enter the late stage of the game. It is not the best league. The peak concurrent players in the 3.15 expansion are 23% lower than its all-time total and have been declining since then. Nevertheless, GGG is still committed to the development of the next league, and now the next league has been determined, that is Scourge.

    Scourge will be launched on PC on October 22 (PDT), and the trailer that has been released also shows that you can directly slot some strange new items into your inventory screen. This may differ from character-specific modifiers that can affect the entire game. Its reveal Livestream release will start at 12 PM PDT on October 14th, and more detailed information will be revealed by then. will also update the news in time.

    When Expedition started, GGG made changes in mana costs, flasks, support gems, etc. Some of them will change over time. Scourge may herald the return of free-to-play action RPG games. During the release of POE 2, its large-scale update added new stories and advantages, so in the next few weeks, POE fans can pay more attention to related news., as a game service site focusing on Path of Exile, can always provide cheap POE Currency. Now POE Expedition Currency is also on sale. When Scourge is released soon, you can also come here to buy POE Currency you need. Whenever you need it, you can come here to buy it, because our staff is online 24/7, as long as you successfully place an order, we will guarantee fast delivery.

  • Path Of Exile 3.16 Expansion Timeline

    Sep 27, 2021

    The Path Of Exile Expedition League is underway, and it seems to be getting into the late stage in the game. Players can't wait to welcome new content.

    The official site announced the latest news, and GGG stated that they plan to launch the 3.16 expansion at the end of October. And this week, they will also share some follow-up news to confirm the exact release date of the 3.16 expansion. The announcement will be made through Twitch, if you are interested, you can click here to view it. They previously disclosed some details of 3.16 in the POE community, but there are still many unknown things, and more information needs to be officially released. Like all Path Of Exile expansions, it includes a new challenge league, skills, items, balance changes, and more.

    Next week, GGG will begin to share some of the minor teasers that will appear in this expansion, such as items and divination cards to stimulate your preferences for upcoming things. In addition, before the release, they will also share many balance changes, including changes in ailments, defenses, flasks, and more.

    GGG has previously mentioned plans to reduce maps and areas in the Atlas. If this plan is confirmed, then it will affect existing Atlases for players in the permanent leagues. If you play in these leagues, then you don’t want to miss the upcoming news, which will indicate what will happen to your watchstones, sextants, etc. will also follow the relevant news. Once GGG is released more details, we will update the news in time to let you know the first time.

    Once the new league is released, you can also come here to buy POE Currency as soon as possible. We are always able to provide players with the resources they need most as soon as possible. As a game service website with a history of several years, there is nothing to doubt, is trustworthy and 100% legit. If you need POE Currency, don't hesitate to buy it here!

  • Path Of Exile: All About Corrupted Gems

    Sep 23, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, when you traverse Wraeclast, you will encounter corrupted gems. They may be confusing, and some players don't know more details about this, so will introduce the information about corrupted gems.

    What are corrupted gems?

    Corrupted gems are gems with a modifier that can increase their quality and strength. When you hover over it, you will see its information and it will display "corrupted". If the gem is corrupted, you will not be able to use crafting orbs to further modify it, except for modifying the sockets and the sockets links.

    However, corrupted gems are better than non-corrupted ones. Because corrupted gems can be made or discovered.

    Corrupting gems with Vaal Orbs

    You can look for corrupted gems or create them yourself. To create this, you need a Vaal Orb. You can get Vaal Orbs by killing monsters, breaking containers, or getting drops from Strongboxes.

    To use the Vaal Orb, right-click on Orb, then left-click on the gem. In this way, it becomes a corrupted gem with some modifiers.

    Corrupting a gem will have some different results:

    * Nothing happens, but the gem still has the corrupted description

    * +1 Gem Level

    * -1 Gem Level

    * +10% Quality (this caps at 23%)

    * -10% Quality

    * The gem skill turns into the Vaal version

    After you corrupting a gem, you will not be able to restore it. So before you act, you need to think carefully.

    What are Vaal Skills?

    The Vaal versions of skills are more powerful, but they need fuel by killing enemies. This means that before you can use the skill, you need to kill a certain number of enemies.

    Vaal skills can be stronger than their normal opponents, but this will cost you a lot. With other powerful skills, you should be able to easily collect enough fuel to use Vaal skills.

    You can buy POE Currency on Because everyone has different needs, you can choose the Orbs you need. Of course, the most popular Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs are also available here.

  • Details About Path Of Exile Mobile and More

    Sep 19, 2021

    As early as 2019, GGG has announced that they were developing a mobile version of Path Of Exile. Given that the PC and console versions of this game are very popular, GGG wanted to develop a mobile version to attract more users. This is also a favorite for fans because the mobile version of POE can provide them with more convenience, they can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere.

    What’s content appearing in POE Mobile?

    Path Of Exile Mobile is a portable version of POE. To enhance the content, POE randomly generated dungeons and other outside areas, but the main camps are permanent. Outside of these central areas, you will fight with enemies to obtain loot or POE Currency to make your character more powerful.

    Every class has a huge skill tree, more than 1000 passive skills can be unlocked. Different classes start in different parts of the tree, but in the end, they have the same skills. GGG said that Path Of Exile Mobile will provide a complete POE experience, so they will consider moving the complete game to the mobile version.

    Path Of Exile Mobile Release Date

    The release date of Path Of Exile Mobile is unknown, because GGG seems to be doing more things at the same time, such as developing POE 2, and regular POE league updates. These all take a lot of time to complete, so fans can only wait.

    Will Path Of Exile Mobile be free-to-play?

    The POE mobile version will be free to play and it does not have a pay-to-win element, which is well known to POE fans.

    Will there be cross-play with different platforms?

    For Path Of Exile, cross-play seems unlikely, because currently, console players cannot play games with PC users. But no matter which platform you are on, you can buy POE Currency you need on

    If there is more POE-related news, will update the article in time. Expedition League is currently underway, but no new content has appeared recently. Players’ interest seems to be exhausted, we are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming league.

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