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  • These 3 Top AOE Builds In POE 3.24 Necropolis Will Help You Clear Everything Effortlessly!

    These 3 Top AOE Builds In POE 3.24 Necropolis Will Help You Clear Everything Effortlessly!

    Jun 14, 2024

    As POE 3.24 is gradually coming to an end, here we want to talk about the 3 most worthwhile big AOE builds to try in Necropolis League. If you like to wander around the map and challenge some powerful bosses, then these builds must be what you are looking for. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

    Ultimate Sweep Slayer

    The first build we chose is Ultimate Sweep Slayer with Duelist class. Unlike many minor hits like Cyclone, Sweep will deal some big hits and create a huge Area of ​​Effect.

    To understand the advantages of this build, I will start with the boss damage. Sweep really has the killing power and can kill Guardians by just spinning your sword four or five times. I promise you, this will even make you feel like a boss.

    Not only that, this build also has excellent clear speed because of the huge Area of ​​Effect that almost covers the entire screen.

    For the cons, I’ll start with its survivability. Since you need to stay still and close to the enemy to successfully apply skills, this puts you in a vulnerable position. Therefore, I recommend that you always stay a few levels higher than the map you are on and invest in your survivability.

    As for the budget, this build is completely affordable. You only need about 90 Chaos Orbs to destroy the endgame in the early game. But if you want to advance to Yellow Maps easily, investing in Chaos Orbs is necessary. Eventually, to finish our Atlas effortlessly, you also need to invest about 6 Divine Orbs.

    For the clear speed of this build, it must be worth 9 points. You can use a huge Area of ​​Effect to perform devastating blows. I only deducted one point because you need to stand still to attack and the attack speed is not the best.

    Its boss damage is completely incredible and deserves a full 10 points. Even if you only attack a few times per second, they are powerful. Like I said before, they will kill Guardians in less than five attacks.

    For its survivability, I would give it 8 points. This build has many layers of defense, such as Permanent Fortify, Evasion and Spell Suppression. You still need to be careful though, as you are always standing still while attacking, which puts you in a vulnerable position.

    Archmage Ice Nova Hierophant

    Next up, we have the powerful Archmage Ice Nova Hierophant with Templar class. This build works by stacking as much mana as possible and utilizing Archmage Support to convert up to 19% of your mana into additional lightning damage.

    The skill we chose is Transfigured Gem Ice Nova of Frostbolts, which deals more damage when close to Frostbolts. To increase the efficiency of our attacks, we use Kitava’s Thirst Helmet to automatically cast Frostbolts for us.

    To understand the strengths of this build, we'll start with its boss damage. There are countless Ice Nova stacked on Frostbolts here that will cause the boss to die like a simple monster.

    Not only that, but its clear speed is also impressive. With Frostblink of Wintry Blast, we can move across the map quickly while casting Ice Nova in all directions for huge AOE damage.

    Now coming to the downsides, I will start by saying that this build is relatively expensive and you need to invest in at least 10 Divine Orbs to make it work. Another problem is that you must have extra mana in all your gear, which can make the gearing process a bit difficult.

    To complete this build, there are two mandatory unique items that you need to prioritize acquiring.

    The first one is Kitava's Thirst Helmet. When you cast at least 100 mana at a time, it triggers Transfigured Gem, which makes Frostbolts that need to be cast automatically cast, greatly speeding up the clearing.

    Next, we also need Anathema Ring. In this case, it makes our curse limit the same as our maximum Power Charge.

    For the clear speed of the build, it is undoubtedly full marks. Its extraordinary movement speed is accompanied by Ice Nova that is always everywhere, so that you can’t see the enemies before they are eliminated.

    The damage it does to bosses is also amazing, with overlapping Ice Nova casts on countless Frostbolts, the boss doesn't even have a chance to survive for more than two seconds.

    For its survivability, I would give it 9 out of 10. Not only does it have a strong health pool and energy shield, but the unique mechanics of this build ensure that 50% of the damage is absorbed by mana before affecting our health pool.

    As you know, we have a lot of manas in this build, and we also hit the enemy so many times per second that instant leech will make your health full almost 100% of the time.

    Cyclone Of Tumult Slayer

    Finally, we have this amazing Cyclone of Tumult Slayer with Dualist class in the first place.

    Since Affliction league brought Transfigured Gem, an alternative version of Active Skill Gems, Cyclone Skill gained Cyclone of Tumult. This resulted in Cyclone’s Area of ​​Effect being wider and more powerful while also being much slower.

    However, we can eliminate this disadvantage with a simple trick, just have a Cyclone with 33% more damage and 40% more AOE.

    For the pros of this build, I will start with the clear speed. It is always moving and can easily cut down all the low-level enemies on the way. Not only that, its boss damage is incredible. Once the build is completed, we can even kill the big boss in a few seconds. On top of that, this build is very simple and easy to assemble.

    Now to the cons, I will point out some important issues that you should pay close attention to.

    As mentioned before, this build has great survivability once it is completed, but you need to control the progress reasonably when you level up your character because you are always very close to the enemy. If you are not prepared, you will be killed by the enemy in one shot. So before entering the high-level content, it may be a good idea to spend some time to upgrade a few more levels.

    Another useful tip about improving your survivability is how to deal with stuns in this build. You can get Stun Immunity on the closer Jewel, but not everyone can afford it right away. If that’s your case, you can also go for Evasion Mastery, which, after using it, makes it impossible to be stunned if you haven’t been hit recently.

    For this build, you only need one mandatory unique item, which is Stampede Boots. This ensures that your movement speed is always 150% of its base, which means that the drawback of Cyclone of Tumult is meaningless to us.

    For clear speed, we would give it 9 out of 10. Cyclone moves constantly while accompanied by a huge Area of ​​Effect, so you can always farm your map without wasting time stopping to cast spells or doing things like that.

    Its boss damage is just amazing and definitely worth 10 points. Once this build is complete, you will easily achieve over 15 million DPS, which is more than enough to destroy everything in a few seconds.

    Now, for its survivability, I would give it 9 out of 10. This build achieves over 100,000 Effective HP because of multiple layers of defense and a lot of instant life leech. Now with the huge AOE bonus from Cyclone of Tumult, you don’t even need to get close to the enemy at the end of the game, which will give you more survivability.

    That’s all for this guide. What do you think about these AOE builds? Are there any better options that didn’t appear on this list? Have a great day everyone.

  • A Deep Dive Into Witch Class Gameplay In Path Of Exile 2

    A Deep Dive Into Witch Class Gameplay In Path Of Exile 2

    Jun 12, 2024

    Greetings, Exiles! I’m sure you all have received the sad news recently that Path of Exile 2 closed beta, originally scheduled for June 7, 2024, has been postponed, with the developers stating that it will be released “towards the end” in 2024.

    However, this also means that we have more time to prepare for a better gaming experience when we enter POE 2. In this guide, we will reveal the gameplay of Witch. So, Witch main players, please don’t miss this guide.

    Minion Mechanics

    In Path of Exile 2, you can play as Witch, Mistress of Death and Decay, commanding your hordes of the undead and launching attacks on enemies.

    Most classes have access to some kind of minions, but if you want to control an army, Witch may be the ideal class choice for you.

    In POE 2, most minions do not need to be summoned manually. Celebrant Sceptre gives the player a couple of free warriors, as well as another resource called Spirit, which you can use to acquire any minions you want. You can see this Spirit Bar above the mana.

    On the skills screen, you can choose the composition of your army and choose between the various minion variants available. Since this is a level-two area, we can only afford one more minion. However, when minions die, they are automatically resurrected as long as no other minions have died recently. So, before your next battle, all your minions will be resurrected.

    You can also command your minions with a dedicated button, telling them to move to a specific location, attack a specific enemy, or even open a chest or portal for you.

    We also have temporary minions. Besides this, many minions have command skills that depend on the type of minion you summoned.


    Next, let’s talk about the spells available to Witch class.


    First up is Unearth, which creates some bone constructs if it kills a monster or hits the corpse of a monster. They can’t take many hits and have a limited lifespan, but you can build a proper army with them.


    I also use some debuffs with monsters when my minions attack. The first one we can use here is Contagion. If a monster dies with Contagion, it spreads to nearby enemies. And with each spread, the damage increases. So it’s a good idea to try to keep the infection going.

    If any corpse is infected when you summon minions, then the minions will also be infected. Every time they hit an enemy, they will continue to infect the enemy. So it’s great to have an army of infected hordes of the undead.

    Essence Drain

    We can also use another chaos debuff called Essence Drain. This effect has a higher degen on a single target. If the monster is also infected with Contagion, then Essence Drain will spread as well, which can turn into a real disaster.

    Bone Storm

    I can use a channeling skill like Bone Storm, which creates a devastating burst of sharp spikes. Note that the longer you channel this skill, the more damage it will cause.

    Pain Offering

    We also have a skill called Pain Offering. These skills allow you to pierce one of your skeletons with a big spike of bone to buff all of your other minions. It makes all of our other minions faster and do more damage.

    Profane Ritual

    After a battle, we usually have some extra corpses that we don’t want to waste. Profane Ritual can generate Power Charge by consuming corpses, which can buff some of my other spells. If we use it to summon Zombies, we can create more powerful super Zombies that don’t even need corpses to summon them.

    We can also use Power Charge to channel Bone Storm. If I do this, it adds a devastating AoE.

    Minion Types

    Finally, it’s time to focus on the types of minions that Witch can summon.


    The first one that comes to mind must be Zombies, which are extremely tanky minions. Although they require corpses to summon and won’t resurrect if they die, they are quite tough and can increase the number of your minions.

    What’s more, many minions also have command skills. You can command them to deploy Gas Cloud Arrow on the battlefield to deal some sustained damage.

    Skeletal Arsonist

    In addition, we can summon Skeletal Arsonists, who can throw small Fire Grenades. Besides this, they have a command skill that can detonate your minions with low health. When you see the red indicator, use this skill and the minion will explode.

    These bone constructs are especially good because they expire quickly, anyway. So, you can go and farm this area’s boss, Carrion Crone, with all the tools you find to earn a good amount of POE Currency.

    Storm Mages

    That’s the type of minions you can get in the level two area. But let’s see what the higher level minion gameplay is like.

    In a level 30 area, besides still having our trusty warriors, there are many types of minions to choose from, such as Brutes for stunning or Ice Mages for freezing, most of which come with their own special abilities or command skills.

    You can also stun enemies by using multiple Storm Mages: a Cleric to heal and revive my minions, and Reavers for high damage. You can also enrage them before the fight to slowly kill them, but Cleric should be able to keep enemies alive while my minions attack.

    Storm Mages has a useful skill if a lot of your minions die. He can summon a Lightning Storm to hit the location of each Dead Skeleton in your army.

    Monster Corpse

    In POE 2, even non-boss monsters can be very devastating, such as Faridun Impaler. It has a wide variety of abilities and is difficult to defeat. But maybe we can make better use of its corpse.

    By using Bind Spectre gems, we can take the corpse of any enemy and capture its spirit so that I can use it as a minion. Any monster can be captured, but the spirit cost depends on how powerful the monster is.

    Such a powerful enemy requires a lot of spirit, so I have to summon a lot of other minions, but it does seem worth it. If Spectre dies like other minions, it will respawn after a short time.

    All in all, Witch in Path of Exile 2 seems to have received some amazing quality of life updates to cater to her unique play style. Her various minion mechanics and gameplay will bring a lot of fun to the game. Even for those who don’t like minion builds, the diverse gameplay of Witch class will make you shine!

  • Is This Yaomac’s Accord Unique Sceptre Still Worth Trying In POE 3.24 And Beyond?

    Is This Yaomac’s Accord Unique Sceptre Still Worth Trying In POE 3.24 And Beyond?

    Jun 08, 2024

    Here we’ll talk about a unique item that wasn’t used often in POE 3.24, Yaomac’s Accord. We’ll take a look at its unique mechanics and how it will interact with other aspects of the game, perhaps giving you some new ideas for creating your builds.

    Yaomac’s Accord

    Yaomac’s Accord is the first weapon to appear in the series so far. This unique sceptre was added as part of Ultimatum mechanic in Ultimatum league, but it wasn’t until POE 3.19, five leagues later, when Trialmaster’s fight entered the core through Tower of Ordeals Map that it became available again.

    Then in Affliction League, Ultimatum mechanic finally entered the core, and Trialmaster and all his exclusive loot were reunited with Ultimatum. With the retirement of Tower of Ordeals Map, Yaomac’s Accord dropped exclusively from Trialmaster’s fight itself. According to crowdsourced data, it has a drop rate of about 10%.

    Vaal Skill Mechanics Explained

    Now, before we discuss the modifiers of this item, we want to note that this POE item has a high synergy with Vaal Skill. So let’s first quickly go over what Vaal Skill consists of. For example, Vaal Arc is Vaal version of Arc spell, accessible through Corrupted Arc Skill, which will grant both the normal Arc spell and its Vaal version without having to consume mana or health.

    Using a Vaal Skill requires Souls, and the number of Souls is specific to each different Vaal Skill. By default, we can gain Souls by killing enemies or damaging rare and unique enemies. You can gain one Soul after killing a normal enemy. Then, when damaging a rare or unique enemy, you gain one or six Souls (one for rare enemies, six for unique enemies) for every 2% of health lost.

    But this Soul gain has an internal cooldown of 1 second per monster, and Soul will be randomly added to Vaal Skill counter on the character.

    For example, if you only have one Vaal Skill, Soul will always recharge that Skill, but if you have two or more Vaal Skills, Soul will randomly select a Vaal Skill to recharge.

    Once you have enough Souls, your Vaal Skill will glow red to indicate that it can be used. When you use a Vaal Skill, the character will enter Soul and gain Prevention effect, which prevents the character from gaining Souls for a period.

    The duration of Prevention varies for different Vaal Skills, but if the character has multiple Vaal Skills equipped, the duration of Prevention gained by Soul will always be based on Vaal Skill used to trigger Prevention effect of that Soul.


    Next, let’s look at the modifiers on Yaomac’s Accord.

    Increase Critical Strike Chance

    Vaal Skills increase your Critical Strike Chance by 80%-120% for the duration of the effect being applied. So this item is all about getting the most out of your Vaal Skills.

    Even though using 80% to 120% damage increase isn’t as much as the damage increase you get on a crafted weapon, it’s still a big part of this stat, and it’s also universal, so it can be used with any Vaal skill that deals damage.

    Soul Gain Prevention

    Next, we also have: 6%-8% reduced Soul Gain Prevention Duration.

    To be honest, modifiers about Soul Gain Prevention are extremely rare. Since there’s good reason to think Soul Gain Prevention is a barrier that prevents Vaal Skills from being used more often, a modifier specifically reducing Soul Gain Prevention could be very useful for this.

    This is because a Vaal Skill with a modifiable duration also has a Skill Gem. The fact states that modifiers to Skill Effect Duration also apply to Soul Gain Prevention for this Skill. This means that when you combine a reduced Soul Gain Prevention Duration with a reduced Skill Effect Duration, you can significantly reduce the duration of Soul Gain Prevention, or even potentially remove it entirely.

    Soul Catcher unique Flask provides a 10% reduction in Soul Gain Prevention Duration for a Vaal Skill. This also scales with Flask effect while it’s active.

    Also available is Triumvirate Authority, a unique Unset Ring that greatly boosts Vaal Skill in the socket. This ring rolls three or four random modifiers from a unique pool depending on whether the item was obtained from a normal Atziri or Uber Atziri encounter. These modifiers include 150% more damage from Socketed Vaal Skill, which is great for Lightning damage.

    There’s also Hits from Socketed Vaal Skills ignore Enemy Monster Resistances, which is a powerful modifier. In the list of modifiers it can roll, Socketed Vaal Skill reduces Soul Gain Prevention Duration by 30% by combining it with Soul Catcher, with a maximum roll of 8%.

    I should caution you, though, that if your Soul Gain Prevention is reduced by 100% or very close to it, you might consider taking Duration Mastery specifically for the 10% increase in Skill Effect Duration. Since this Mastery barely affects your Soul Gain Prevention when it’s at or near zero, it still increases the duration of Vaal skills.

    Shepherd Of Souls

    Another notable modifier is Shepherd of Souls. Right now it functions basically like a Keystone, and the effects don’t stack. Even if you dual-wield Yaomac’s Accord Sceptre, you can only benefit from this modifier once.

    Shepherd of Souls reduces Soul cost of your Non-Aura Vaal Skills by 80%, but increases their Soul cost by 100% for every Vaal skill you’ve used in the last 8 seconds.

    So mastering Shepherd of Souls mechanic allows for the type of top-tier build we dream of, allowing you to somewhat abuse your Vaal skill of choice.

    Gain Charges

    The last modifier for Yaomac’s Accord is the one we skipped over earlier, Gain an Endurance Charges, Frenzy and Power Charges.

    This means you gain one of each charge every time you use a Vaal skill. And since the charge duration refreshes as you gain new charges, as long as you use your Vaal skills regularly, this modifier will allow you to maintain maximum Frenzy and Power Charges until you run into a monster that will remove your charges.

    Why Is It So Desolate?

    Despite this, Yaomac’s Accord is almost completely unused as a unique item. So far, only four characters have used it in all leagues in Necropolis, throughout the duration of the league.

    So why isn’t it used more often? It’s all because Yaomac’s Accord only fits a very niche build archetype that is specialized and tailored to Vaal skills used, and requires a lot of very specific gear.

    However, this doesn’t mean that Yaomac’s Accord is a bad unique item. As long as you pair it with the right items or mechanics, it can definitely be the key to a strong build!

  • Breaking Down The Underrated Unique In Path Of Exile 3.24 - Brine Crown

    Breaking Down The Underrated Unique In Path Of Exile 3.24 - Brine Crown

    Jun 05, 2024

    Here I’m going to talk about the under-used unique item in Path of Exile, Brine Crown, and talk about how it works and interacts better with other items in the game, especially with the recently added Ascendancies and new unique items.

    Brine Crown is a unique item introduced by POE Kalandra League, and synergizes well with both Melding of the Flesh and Aegis Aurora.

    To be honest, this unique helmet hasn’t been used very well in a few seasons. While it may not be a particularly interesting item overall, it has a lot of great stats that will definitely make it more frequently used in POE 3.24 and beyond!

    Brine Crown

    Although it’s only used by less than 25 characters in Necropolis League, many players don’t consider it a forgotten unique, perhaps because the item doesn’t have any super interesting modifiers, but is just a solid unique item.

    Brine Crown is a core drop unique item. According to crowdsourced drop data for POE 3.23 Affliction League, this item appears to be a Tier 1 Unique, so you won’t see too many of these outside of high-end Magic Finds.


    Let’s take a look at the modifiers on Brine Crown: Increased Armor and Energy Shield by 240% to 300%.

    Armor & Energy Shield

    You’ll immediately notice that this item has unusually high Armor and Energy Shield for a helmet, especially considering it’s a Hybrid Base with a good modifier roll and 30% quality.

    Besides the excellent base, Armor on this helmet can almost go over 1,100, and Energy Shield can go up to about 160, which can greatly increase your survivability.

    Additionally, it has quite a bit of defense, which is exactly the theme of Brine Crown. It’s a completely defense-focused unique item, and it has a lot of advantages in defense.

    Max Life

    Besides the massive Armor and Energy Shield, there is a really nice life roll here, which is an increase of 80 to 100 max life.

    In fact, GGG often talks about creating new unique items that are both powerful and interesting. Sometimes they do something new that we haven’t seen before, but usually these items have no life modifiers at all, however Brine Crown is not one of them.

    Max Cold Resistance

    It then also increases the maximum cold resistance by 3%. This modifier was actually only added to the item in POE 3.19 League patch. It replaces the 5% cold damage reduction modifier that Brine Crown previously had, plus the 3% max cold resistance is a great modifier in itself.

    Cannot Be Frozen

    Next up is there Cannot be Frozen modifier, which is another very useful stat. Ironically, this modifier may save you from using Soul of the Brine King Pantheon Power, which gives you a 100% chance of avoiding being frozen. Once you upgrade it, you can use a different primary Pantheon Power.

    Given the potential use cases for Aegis Aurora mentioned earlier, you might be using Tempest Shield to boost your spell blocking. In this case, you’re already immune to Freeze and Shock, but you can use Betrayal Boost modifier to address Chill issue.

    Chilled Ground

    The last Brine Crown modifier of note is: 15% chance to create Chilled Ground when Hit with an Attack. This is a fairly unreliable modifier, I have to say, mostly because it’s thematic, but it will provide some defense against melee monsters when triggered, slowing their action speed by at least 10%.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Chill inflicted on monsters by Chilled Ground is never considered being inflicted by the character, meaning that even if you use Secrets of Suffering, Leadership’s Price, or other mechanics that prevent you from inflicting Chill, you can technically chill a monster with Chilled Ground created by Brine Crown.

    Melding Of The Flesh & Aegis Aurora

    Surprisingly, Brine Crown has become much more useful thanks to the presence of Melding of the Flesh. This Unique Jewel makes your elemental resistances capped by your highest elemental resistance, allowing you to scale a single maximum elemental resistance to increase your defense against all incoming elemental damage.

    Also, this is a good time to introduce Brine Crown’s best friend, Aegis Aurora. This unique shield pairs perfectly with Brine Crown and Melding of the Flesh, and provides another 5% of maximum cold resistance. When combined with Brine Crown, this gives you 4% of maximum elemental resistance and -4% of maximum resistance.

    You can also continue to scale your maximum cold resistance with something like Purity of Ice or Eldritch Gloves Implicit modifier.

    But the synergy doesn’t stop there. Because Aegis Aurora also provides a decent amount of Armor and Energy Shield, and it will enable both of these stats through its unique modifier, Recover Energy Shield equal to 2% of Armor when you Block.

    Additionally, Brine Crown and Aegis Aurora provide a foundation for armored characters, and their investment in blocking makes your Energy Shield a more powerful defensive layer, especially in the face of incoming blows, where you’ll be blocking more frequently and thus restoring a large amount of Energy Shield.

    This combination is especially powerful for Necromancers using Mistress of Sacrifice Ascendancy. Because these setups enable meaningful attack and spell blocking for a fairly negligible investment in POE Currency, and you get a lot of restoration from Aegis Aurora.

    You may also consider Glancing Blows, a keystone that lets you take 65% more block damage but doubles your chance to block attacks and spells.

    Overall, Glancing Blows will let you take more damage, but it will also make Aegis Aurora’s recovery more consistent, which is especially useful in mapping environments.

    One thing that should be noted about the max resistance modifier of Brine Crown and its use with Melding of the Flesh is that Brine Crown does not provide any actual resistance stats. This is a slight drawback that will put more pressure on your other equipment slots.

    Why Is It Forgotten?

    As I mentioned before, Brine Crown is used by less than 25 characters in Necropolis League. So why isn’t it picked up more often?

    Honestly, I really don’t have anything bad to say about this unique item, the real reason it isn’t used too much is that there are modifiers or other unique items that must be used on the helmet, which simply can’t be replaced in certain builds. And the loss of these stats means the loss of an aura or a significant drop in physical damage reduction.

    There’s also the fact that this helmet does not have any spell suppression, nor any evasion, so it will also prevent you from using Evasion Mastery to get 15% spell suppression.

    But honestly, Brine Crown is still a significant item, especially when paired with Melding of the Flesh and Aegis Aurora, so I will never be surprised to see more builds using this item in the future!

  • How Does This High-Budget Crit Arc Totems Hierophant Build Perform In POE 3.24?

    How Does This High-Budget Crit Arc Totems Hierophant Build Perform In POE 3.24?

    May 29, 2024

    Hello fellow exiles, here I want to show my Crit Arc Totems Hierophant build. What’s really cool is that it’s built entirely with rare gear items! Of course, many of the items in this guide can be used until the mid-game, when better items will be available.

    Therefore, maybe this guide is more suitable for players with a higher POE Currency budget. If you are looking for a top-level build with strong crit damage, don’t miss this guide. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

    Why Soul Mantle Doesn’t Work With This Build?

    First of all, I have to say that I didn’t use Soul Mantle on this build. You may be wondering why I didn’t use Soul Mantle this time.

    While Soul Mantle is a great unique skill that provides pseudo-7-link and powerful corruption, adding a ton of damage, Arc is neither a projectile nor an AoE skill, so Corrupted Implicit Mods like +2 to level of Socketed Projectile or AoE Gems do not benefit Arc.

    Additionally, Soul Mantle Unique Body Armour no longer has +1 max Summoned Totems, so this will also nerf the effectiveness of Arc Totems.


    So, this also brings us to the question: how do we deal with enough damage using only rare items?

    In addition to stacking crit chance and crit multiplier, we also get a portion of our damage from Arcane Cloak buff. It costs a lot of manas and increases lightning damage based on 15% of mana cost. Therefore, getting mana on most of our gears is very important.

    The rest of the damage comes from Wrath Aura, Lightning Penetration Support, Exposure, and Charges. I cleared everything except tier 17 and the uber boss with this build.

    During my run, I took on Feared at 70% quantity. Died a few times, but overall, the fight wasn’t bad. One time was because of a Shaper slam while my Flame Dash was on cooldown. Just keep summoning Totem, moving around, and occasionally throwing Wave of Conviction traps to cause Exposure.

    It’s important to note that as of POE 3.24, instant skills are no longer tied to the left click. Therefore, we have to link Arcane Cloak to the new support gem, Automation, so that it triggers automatically after activation.


    For defense, you will always have at least four Endurance Charges and Power Charges, and have Conviction of Power Ascendancy, which reduces the physical damage you take, increases your Elemental Resistance, and increases your critical strike chance.

    You can also restore 1% of life per second for each summoned totem through Ritual of Awakening. So this build has the high health of Templar tree and a strong defensive advantage of being able to use a shield.

    I ran a lot of 8-mod maps with this build to farm Harvest and Expedition. It’s not the best build for this strategy, but the clearing is still very satisfying.

    I felt very safe because everything died very quickly and had no problems running in maps with multiple dangerous mods like Increased Crit, Vulnerability and Increased AoE.

    Even though my defense only consisted of Mind Over Matter, 100% Spell Suppression and some Block, I could stay away from monsters because of Totem playstyle, which really improved our survivability.

    My only concern was Fire, Rock and Projectiles thrown by Cannibals, which blocked me off the screen many times while mapping.

    Arc Totem vs Shockwave Totem vs Storm Burst Totem

    In terms of clear speed, I think Arc Totem is on par with Shockwave Totem. Even though Storm Burst Totem doesn’t clear very well, it has a very good clear speed.

    As for single target damage, Shockwave Totem and Storm Burst Totem are the clear winners. Arc Totem doesn’t even come close. You can get 3 times the damage of Arc Totem with the same budget. So, if you want to farm Uber bosses, either go to Shockwave Totem or Storm Burst Totem.

    But to be honest, Arc Totem and Storm Burst Totem are easier to build because they require less unique items. Storm Burst Totem requires some league specific unique items, so it’s not very suitable as a league starter.

    Gear & Mods

    Finally, I have to say that upgrading with this Arc Totem build is a breeze. Because it doesn’t require mandatory items. You just need to take the time to grab any Sceptre or Wand with the highest spell or lightning damage and slowly upgrade the weapon once you reach the map.

    You can totally look for these mods when you make your next upgrade. The most important mod for your shield is +1 to maximum number of Totems. I also highly recommend getting +1 to Level of Lightning Spell Skill Gems.

    For the rest of your gear, look for the following mods: Life, Mana, Resistances, Dexterity and Chance to Suppress Spell Damage. Note that Dexterity is important because it helps limit the spell suppression we have because of Magebane Keystone. Of course, you can also try installing some cast speed or damage mods on your Jewellery to get more damage.

    That’s it for this complete guide to Crit Arc Totems Hierophant build made entirely with rare items. Whether you’re new to totem builds or a seasoned player looking for a powerful setup, Arc Totems Hierophant is a pleasant choice for you in POE 3.24.

  • How To Better Build Poison Penance Brand In Path Of Exile 3.24?

    How To Better Build Poison Penance Brand In Path Of Exile 3.24?

    May 27, 2024

    Hello everyone, welcome to this guide. This version of Penance Brand has hits and elements and can deal with a lot of single target damage. If you really like challenging players with Uber bossing and hand-to-hand combat, you will definitely like this. I’ll cover how to use this in this guide.

    Before starting, you can expand the scope of your adventure by obtaining POE Currency, and you can also craft and strengthen your equipment to take your gaming experience to the next level.

    How To Inflict Poison?

    First, let me introduce how to inflict poisons. The reason I want to mention this first is that Original Sin is the most expensive item in the entire build. Even if you may not be interested in participating in the building yourself, don’t rush away. You can also learn a thing or two about the other mechanics in POE 3.24.

    Original Sin will convert all our elemental damage into chaos damage. These two types of damage are the only types of damage that can cause natural poisoning. In this version, we can use Herald Of Agony, Skill Tree and Tattoos to get the chance of poison. And different levels of poison damage can be built from gem links, large cluster joules, weapons, but the major source is stacking double explicit corrupted magic adorning jewels. Considering that your goal is to get 8% chaos damage on magic adorn jewels, it is very important that you get an effective magic adorn jewel.

    Scaling Hit Damage

    Because the more hit points provided by peninsula dissipation will greatly increase your build ability and will also allow you to reach the limit quickly. Never try to jump out of or block the spell’s first damage. Because Pattern Spawn is a kind of physical damage, and it is fixed physical damage in magic adorn jewel.

    But because of Original Sin, this physical damage is of no use to us. To solve this problem, gloves can be used to convert physical damage into cold damage. At least 50% of it will be converted into cold damage, and the other 50% will be converted into lightning damage by the jewel. Another thing to note is that this build can use hatred as its major hit damaging aura and hatred will bring more cold damage to our body. This damage will accumulate with the level of the gem.

    We can become a level 21 hatred through “+1 TO LEVEL OF ALL SPELL SKILL GEMS” button in the game. Or insert a gem with two prefix models into a helmet or gloves, which can further increase head damage by oscillating the scepter’s own elemental overload keystone implicit. This keystone will be 40% more elemental damaged than the bill’s hit damage.

    Defensive Layers

    I’ll break down the defensive layers in this build into five parts. Physical take into elemental conversion, spell suppression, 90% all max resistance, critical immunity, recovery and life recovery.

    Physical Take Into Elemental Conversion

    Converting physical damage to elemental damage allows us to ignore the role of implementing armor and provide more defense in other defensive layers. This can be obtained from lightning coil, helmet prefix craf, and the remaining 10% can be obtained from chaos mastery in the tree. Keep in mind that this defense will become ineffective over time and additional defenses must be acquired through other means.

    Spell Suppression

    Spell suppression is easy to understand, which is why it is so popular among players. It can halve the spell attacks received, which is very useful, especially when facing BOSS whose highest attack is spell attack.

    90% All Maximum Resistance

    This works when combined with the first offensive layer I mentioned. Maximum resistance is capped at 90%, which not only indicates taking most of the elemental damage. It also applies to physical damage taken. This method of absorbing physical damage is much better than reducing physical damage, since armor can only withstand larger hits if your armor level is higher than the damage taken. This simply notifies damage as a percentage of the maximum resistance you have. We can reach 90% of all max resistance from the following, using Flesh Melt along with 23+ Purity. There is also an elemental flask that adds flask effects both explicitly and implicitly, with enchantments paired with the primary blood.

    This works best when combined with the first defensive layer I just mentioned. 90% All maximum resistance is not only used for physical damage but also for spell damage. Compared with reducing physical damage mentioned before, this kind of direct absorption of physical damage will be much better. Because only if your armor level is higher than the damage you take, your armor can withstand greater attacks. In combat, we can use the melting of the flesh alongside a level 23+purity to achieve 90% All max resistance.

    Critical Immunity

    It is very necessary to have critical immunity in battle, especially if you are preparing to cultivate T7 or Uber bossing. Both T7 and Uber bossing will make you take particularly bad damage, but there are two ways to gain critical immunity.

    The first method is simple. When you main poison, you can deal damage to enemies you poison, but this requires you to trade the poison and deal damage 20% faster. The second one requires you to take 50% less critical hit bonus damage, Corruption Hidden in Lightning Coil, and the famous Temple of Thought, which gives you an extra 30% bonus damage reduction, with the remaining 20% being gained from the tattoo. It all depends on whether you want the extra damage.

    Recovery And Life Recovery

    This is the defensive layer that can make you feel you are truly “immortal”. When jewelry is perfectly combined with the tree alongside the fines of destiny, you’ll find that it will not only protect you from smaller heads but also allow your own heads to recover quickly.

    Besides the above, there are some other defensive layers that can be used to build houses and so on. Waiting for your novel exploration!


    Most of the construction speed comes from stacking large cluster jewelry. This is because stacking large cluster jewelry will bring us indescribably powerful chaos damage. In this version, note that we need four jewelry, and be aware of Wicked Powell and dark radiation alongside an unspeakable gift while searching.

    Based on the above guide, I believe you have a great understanding of the construction of Poison Penance Brand of Dissipation Pathfinder. What I’m talking about may be part of the game’s combat. The rest needs to be explored on your own! Happy gaming!

  • Will Apep’s Supremacy Bring Something New To Your Build In POE 3.24?

    Will Apep’s Supremacy Bring Something New To Your Build In POE 3.24?

    May 25, 2024

    In this guide, we’ll talk about a forgotten unique item, Apep’s Supremacy. We’ll discuss the mechanics of this item and look at any synergies or interesting use cases they might have, especially given the many trend-changing or new unique items that have been added to the game recently.

    Apep’s Supremacy is a unique shield introduced in Incursion League, located within Temple of Atzoatl, and is a combination of the predecessor unique Apep’s Slumber on Altar of Sacrifice, as well as Vial of Awakening.

    This shield has unique modifiers that allow you to take physical damage from chaos damage instead of bleeding, while requiring you to be poisoned to benefit from its maximum resistance. This set of modifiers, along with Tainted Pact and other POE items, has some interesting potential.

    This unique shield is exclusively dropped from a chest in Toxic Grove, a level 3 room in Temple of Atzoatl. Apep’s Slumber is a prerequisite to unlock it, and the other component, Vial of Awakening, can be dropped from the last boss of Temple.


    Let’s first look at the modifiers on Apep’s Supremacy. We have a flat added damage modifier that adds (50-55) to (72-80) Chaos Damage. This is equivalent to a level 9 or 10 Added Chaos Damage Support.

    Then there’s a very large flat energy shield modifier that adds 130 to 150 maximum energy shield. With a good base energy shield roll and 30% quality, you can actually get up to 280 energy shield from Apep’s Supremacy, which is pretty good. In addition, you also get 30% to 50% Energy Shield Recharge.

    Chaos Damage From Bleeding

    Now let's look at the special modifier on this shield that makes you take chaos damage instead of physical damage from bleeding.

    Bleeding is a Damaging Ailment that deals physical damage over time, and is generally considered the most dangerous Damaging Ailment in the game. Bleeding deals 70% of the base damage of the blow that inflicted the ailment every second for five seconds, at least from the perspective of the monster that inflicted it on the player. But when the target is moving, the damage dealt is tripled to 210% per second.

    Many characters will choose to use Soul of Ralakesh Pantheon Power to make Bleeding less dangerous. It essentially subverts the bleed mechanics so that it deals less damage to you when you move.

    But now, Apep’s Supremacy will make you take Chaos damage instead of physical damage whenever you have Bleeding. The immediate synergy here is Chaos Inoculation Keystone, which sets your maximum health to 1 and makes you immune to Chaos damage.

    By combining this Keystone with Apep’s Supremacy, you’ll be able to effectively ignore Bleeding. Sure, you may still be affected by Bleeding, but it won’t do any damage to you.

    The modifiers on Apep’s Supremacy don’t just apply to Chaos Inoculation. In fact, it’s so strong that it can also be used on standard setups with capped Chaos Resistance. Because the vast majority of builds won’t have a lot of extra physical damage reduction to help mitigate damage from bleeding.

    Apep’s Supremacy vs Soul Of Ralakesh

    Next, let’s compare the modifiers for a character using Apep’s Supremacy to a character using Soul of Ralakesh Pantheon Power.

    A character using Apep’s Supremacy takes extra damage from bleeding while moving. So they take 210% of the damage from hitting per second while moving. While stationary, they take 70% of the damage from hitting per second with Chaos Resistance at 75%. So they actually take 52.5% of the damage from hitting per second while moving, and only 17.5% of the damage from hitting per second while stationary.

    Meanwhile, a character with Soul of Ralakesh doesn’t take the extra damage from bleeding while moving, and they take 25% less damage from bleeding while moving. So in this comparison, they’re actually taking 52.5% of the damage dealt per second while moving, and 70% of the damage dealt per second while stationary.

    You can see that a character using Apep’s Supremacy with Chaos Resistance capped takes the same amount of bleeding damage as a character using Soul of Ralakesh while moving. But they take much less damage while stationary.

    But one thing to note here is that Soul of Ralakesh reduces all physical damage you take by 25% while moving, not just bleeding. So it can be used to protect against physical damage from other sources as well.

    Something else that might be useful is that the modifier on Apep’s Supremacy lets you take Chaos damage. But physical damage from bleeding is not actually a damage modifier taken. This interaction happens before damage modifiers taken are calculated. This means that technically, you can still shift that portion of damage to another damage type.

    Slow Down The Expiry Time Of Poison

    Now, there’s another potential use case for this modifier, and it takes advantage of another unique item, Tainted Pact Amulet.

    Before discussing this synergy, however, we should first look at the other modifiers on Apep’s Supremacy plus the 25% Poison Chance. This modifier will give all incoming physical or chaos damage a chance to poison you.

    The added Max Resistance modifier will increase all resistances, including Chaos Resistance, as long as you are poisoned. Meanwhile, Poison Expiry Rate modifier will effectively double the duration of poisons on you by slowing down the expiry time by 50%.

    This differs from Poison or Ailment Duration modifiers, which are technically a multiplier of the poison duration, but do not actually increase the duration of the poison. This modifier stacks with other sources of slow expiry rate effects, up to a maximum of 75% slower expiry rate.

    Tainted Pact Amulet

    Now it’s time to discuss the aforementioned Tainted Pact. This unique amulet will make chaos damage heal you over time while leeching life.

    Poison itself deals chaos damage over time and bleeds will also make you take chaos damage over time instead of physical damage. This is thanks to Apep’s Supremacy, and this combination of mechanics will allow you to potentially self-inflict ailment, which actually heals you instead of hurting you.

    Now the interesting thing about Tainted Pact is that the healing benefit gained from Chaos Damage over time is actually based on the damage mitigated, i.e. the damage you take from the source of Chaos Damage over time.

    This creates an interesting balance after it’s been mitigated by things like Chaos Resistance. You want your Chaos Resistance to be high enough so that you don’t die immediately from Chaos Strike Damage, but low enough so that you benefit from the healing over time from Chaos Damage.

    However, using Tainted Pact does have one very important prerequisite. For the healing to work, you must keep leeching life until unreserved life fills up. You will need a way to maintain life leech.

    You can get this effect from some non-Ascendancy mechanics. For example, the Immortal Ambition Keystone can grant this modifier. To keep you from ever reaching full health, you can also use Petrified Blood and make sure you don’t have 50% or more of your life remaining so that the life leech effect isn’t removed at 50% of the maximum recoverable amount of life.

    Divine Flesh

    Finally, I’ll mention Divine Flesh because you might want to use this Keystone with Apep’s Supremacy.

    But if you plan on playing a build with a capped Chaos Resistance, I recommend only using Tainted Pact and Divine Flesh in this setup. Because this Keystone turns 50% of elemental damage into chaos damage.

    If you choose lower chaos resistance to ensure you get a lot of healing over time from chaos damage, you will inevitably die from the upcoming elemental blows. But without Tainted Pact, using this Keystone with Apep’s Supremacy and focusing on scaling your chaos resistance and other means of chaos damage mitigation is a powerful combination.

    Is Apep’s Supremacy Still Worth Using?

    So why isn’t Apep’s Supremacy used more often? Honestly, I think this shield is seriously underrated right now.

    But that being said, it has competitors like Saffell’s Frame, which provides an extra 1% max resistance compared to Apep’s Supremacy and doesn’t require prerequisites like Poison.

    In fact, the need for Poison prerequisite is the biggest downside to this shield. Because it requires an investment elsewhere to really be effective and also makes it less reliable as a defensive mechanic.

    So if you’re using a shield and taking advantage of other synergistic mechanics at the same time, it makes sense to really lean into this mechanic.

    That’s it for our in-depth discussion of all the mechanics of Apep’s Supremacy. Hopefully, this guide will shed some new light on this for you!

  • These Crucial Trade Tricks You May Missed In Path Of Exile 3.24

    These Crucial Trade Tricks You May Missed In Path Of Exile 3.24

    May 22, 2024

    Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you 8 trading tips. Let’s begin with the trade site. Actually, a lot of cool little tricks that you can do here to make your trade experience less awful.

    In fact, Divine Orb plays a very important role in trade, and purchasing it in large quantities can make the transaction go more smoothly.

    1. Fuzzy Search

    First one and most important is using the tilt button. This is when you push shift and then that little button next to your one button on your keyboard. It’ll do this little squiggly line. That will put the search into a fuzzy mode, which means you don’t need to be as specific when naming modifiers and items when searching for them.

    If you don’t have this on, let’s say, for example, I’m looking for a modifier like increase elements of damage with attack skills. If you cannot remember all of that, you type in Elemental weapon. It’s not going to bring it up. But if you type this tiled and then you go “ele attack skill” then it’ll bring it up.

    You can also use this if you do know the name of the mod, but you just are a bit lazy. Like I just did, you can go like elemental attack skill like that and it should bring it up.

    2. Group by Seller

    Another very useful thing is that you can group by seller. This means that you can buy multiple different items from the same person with a single trade. So let’s say I want to do my Uber at Sirus. I need all four fragments.

    So what you might be inclined to do is head over to fragments and then you going to click one of these and then click Chaos or and then search one by one instead. What you can do is click all four. And then let’s say search by Divine Orbs and Chaos Orbs. It’ll bring up listings for both.

    And then you need to do group by seller down at the bottom here. Group by seller. You want to run 50 Uber at Sirus. In a row, you can also adjust the stock count. So this will only show list things with people. Those people who have 10 full sets, so you can go search and then it’ll bring up.

    Now if I want to buy a full set from, let’s say, this person, I can contact and then move these sliders. I want five of these and four of these and five of these and seven of these. You click the direct whisper and it will send a message to them saying. I want to buy this from you for this amount. You can also mix it up with different things.

    Like I want to get Timeless Karui Emblem and a Mortal Grief, you can do it like that but generally best to buy sets or groups of Scarabs you want to run a strategy that you saw someone do. And you need this Scarab. Then you would click see who has 10 of these and you can buy them all like this.

    3. Search by Time Listed

    Something else is very useful, especially when you’re trying to buy a low value item or a low value unique. Quite late into a league, I want a Karui Ward for my new character. That I’m going to level and I need to hit search and you will see these will be many people who have listed these 18 days, 4 days, 6 days and 9 days ago. These people, if you message them they will never ever respond to you. However, what you can do instead is go listed and then anytime and change this to 3 hours ago.

    Depending on the rare, if it was a Karui Ward, I might even do up to an hour ago. There’s going to be people who have just put in their stash and they want to sell it. These might be new players or people are starting the league late and trying to catch up. These people are much more likely to respond, in the same Vein of getting people to respond.

    4. Message the Middle

    I know it’s a pain, but you want to buy Chaos Orbs for your Divine Orbs. And you need 1,000 Chaos Orbs down at the bottom. Usually, these people are right at the top. Do not waste your time messaging these folks. It’s not necessarily that they are mean or price fixing or trying to ignore you.

    Usually the case is that because they’re at the top. These people are getting dozens and dozens of DMs every minute. It is absolute Madness. I’m sure some of you have sold things in bulk and had that happen. It is panic inducing what is better to do is instead scroll further down and message. Let’s say someone from the middle. This might get you fewer Chaos Orbs.

    However, you aren’t going to spend 20 minutes trying to buy it. Sometimes, you will hopefully this gets changed. But at least it is something useful.

    5. Sell Instead Of Buy

    However, another thing you can do if you want to get Chaos for your Divines or in this case Chaos for my Exalted Orb instead of going to the trade side and trying to buy Chaos for my Exalted. What I can do is put my Exalted in a trade tab, check the price on the trade site.

    And then list this for Chaos Orbs and the price is like 15 for an Exalted. If I put it up at 15, it should sell fairly quickly. If you want to sell it really quickly, just undercut everyone, put it up for a little less like one Chaos less your listing will shoot straight to the top. And it will be sold very quickly.

    6. Super Secret Naughty Trick

    Now another very naughty trick. I haven’t seen anyone talk about this, but I do this all the time. The going rate of exhausted Orbs is 15 Chaos. Now I want my listing to show up right at the top, but I still want 15 Chaos Orbs. I don’t want 14. What I usually do is this: I will list it for 14.99 Chaos.

    It’s very cheesy. This does seem to push your thing to the top. It will still show up on the trade site as 15 Chaos Orbs.

    My item will be fractionally more cheap than the other listings, which means that it should show up. I often do this might be a bit naughty, maybe everyone’s going to do it after this and soon. We’re going to be listing things for 14.99. But I like that little trick. I do it to sell things at the going rate quickly.

    7. Bulk Selling

    Now if you want to list items for bulk instead of doing them one by one. What you can do is go over here to trade and then exact price. I want 57 Chaos Orbs for my 20 scarabs. I can go 57, 4, 20. This will show it up on trade in this format, so people will see I want to only sell these in bulk for this amount.

    You can also make it a nice round number like 60 or 20 that will show it as three. But it should still show up on the trade site, as me listing these for 20 or 60 Chaos Orbs. Just remember, its first number is going to be what you want. And then the second number is going to be what you have.

    Yours for mine, you can remember it like that. You can also list things directly from your tabs. You want to make your currency tab public and then you want to list your Vaal Orbs. you want 20 chaos Orbs for 20 Vaal Orbs. You can list it like that.

    8. Reverse Sale Technique

    And then another useful little trick that you can sometimes do. Let’s say I have 500 Grand Eldritch Ichors. Instead of me listing those for Divines or Chaos, what I can do is search for people buying these. For Divine Orbs, so we can say someone who has 10 Divines we can search for these people are buying 17 for one Divine Orb.

    So you can actually sell your Grand Eldritch Ichors directly in this way, just make sure to first check it the other way around to make sure that you’re not getting rips off. Because these are few and far between.

    That you will have these so you can actually see you would be getting undercut a little. These are going for 15 for a Divine, so you would be missing out. Do just check that just in case you’re getting scammed, you can do this with cards.

    You find the doctor early in a league. You want to sell it quickly without getting scammed. What you can do? Click that over here, the doctor, and then say I want Divine orbs for my doctor.

    We can search for Chaos orbs and these people are buying it. Again, just always check it the other way around to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. But a very good way to offload, sometimes, a lot of less commonly purchased items more quickly.

    Master these tricks and you won’t have to worry about trading anymore.

  • Why Do I Strongly Recommend You Play Path Of Exile 3.24?

    Why Do I Strongly Recommend You Play Path Of Exile 3.24?

    May 17, 2024

    If I want to talk about my favorite game and recommend it to everyone, it must be Path of Exile. From the time Path of Exile was released to the present, it has created its own niche of gamers and a unique market.

    In the more than ten years since its release, more and more players have become addicted to its mysterious and complex world. At the same time, the rich content of character customization and innovation has kept players fascinated by it. Entering Path of Exile, you will realize a vast and far-reaching world.

    There, you can use the Divine Orb to modify the attributes of the weapons you own, you can also freely define your characters,and the life journey of these characters is in your hands.

    We all know that Path of Exile has always wanted players to actively accept training and exploration, rather than always relying on Loot Boxes.

    Therefore, this game is very fair to players and does not charge any additional fees. It can be said to be very friendly.

    Here are some reasons why I recommend you play Path of Exile.

    1. Character building

    First of all, Character building is already many games ahead. Its Skill Trees are the most comprehensive and in-depth of any RPG. Not only does it allow you to further choose the game character category, but if you want to enrich your builds of different categories, the game will provide you with build varieties, gear, and spells to help you achieve your goal.

    For example, you can summon an army of Undead Minions, or create a Whirlwind of Blades, and manipulate elements with your build.

    As you progress through the game, Ascendancy classes will enhance your playstyle and the game will provide players with specialized skill sets to help improve the main builds.

    2. Regular content updates

    The content in the game is not static and updates are frequent. Because the game world itself continues to evolve over time. For example, it releases a new patch every three months, which may include items, features, fresh mechanics, and new challenge leagues. Sometimes players will even experience a completely new gameplay experience.

    Although these leagues look like brand new games, the core experience of the game remains intact because fresh content stimulates players all the time. This is the main reason why it is worth playing Path of Exile. Players can be sure that there is always something new in the game worth fighting for, so they can stay excited and continue playing the game.

    3.Deep and rewarding crafting system

    The reason Path of Exile is superior to other RPGs is that gear acquisition relies on player luck and even microtransactions. Path of Exile is intended to encourage players to use this robust crafting system skillfully.

    Not only can players use powerful Orbs to modify the weapon stats they want, but they can also explore the unknown potential of diverse weapons by carefully and deeply exploring the secrets of gem-linking and corruption.

    Therefore, this game's complex and exquisite crafting system is also a good reason to play. In the game, you need to plan your build carefully and in detail, and work hard to make the build have effective and required resources and gear. The more time and knowledge you invest in the game, the more powerful your gear will be.

    4. F2P friendly

    Entire core game for free is one of the main reasons why players enter Path of Exile. You can experience all campaign and endgame content for free. At the same time, you can participate in thrilling challenge leagues without spending a penny. This complete experience right out of the box is amazing.

    Although Microtransaction elements are available in the game, these elements will never affect the core gameplay. You will never encounter the phenomenon of having to spend money to upgrade or unlock essential features.

    This allows players to fully enjoy most of the game content without having to be forced to consume and recharge. Path of Exile is a free and friendly game that makes all the time you invest in the game worth it, rather than the kind of game where only trading can buy you happiness.

    5. Active community

    Each game has its own online community. Path of Exile also has a thriving online community. The community is full of passionate players, and the content creators produce diverse content and are eager to help new players. Whether you encounter a boss that is particularly difficult for you to defeat, or you need advice and ideas on building your character to optimize your potential, there is always someone in this online community to help you.

    In addition to this, the game has a variety of online tools, each of which can help you deal with the complexities of this game. Some experienced players have also produced guides that describe in detail how to craft specific character gear and weapons. Social media is also full of players of all levels showcasing unique builds, sharing strategies, and answering questions from beginners.

    The thriving and helpful community gives you another reason to play Path of Exile.

    In 2024, Path of Exile is still an RPG that can attract many players. It has excellent character customization, fresh league updates, gear and loot system, free-to-play friendly nature, and supportive community. This game can keep you hooked for hundreds of hours without even realizing it.

    After you play Path of Exile, you will really like it.

  • Uncovering The Secrets Of Farming Headhunter Or Mageblood In POE 3.24 SSF League

    Uncovering The Secrets Of Farming Headhunter Or Mageblood In POE 3.24 SSF League

    May 17, 2024

    In this guide, I will share how I get Headhunter or Mageblood in SSF. Because of their powerful effects and extremely low drop rates as tier 0 Uniques, they are usually the most expensive items in each league, traded between players for many Divine Orbs.

    I have gotten Headhunter or Mageblood in almost every SSF league over the past few years. But does that mean I am lucky? Yes, and no. I mean, you are, of course, always a little lucky when you find those chase items, but at some point, the luck should run out. So, it’s not just good luck.

    Today, I will dive into two reasons why I think I get Headhunter or Mageblood in every SSF league. Aside from a little luck factor from time to time, I hope I can tell you some simple tips or strategies.

    Play More Games

    Unfortunately, getting Headhunter or Mageblood or any extremely rare unique item requires a lot of play, which is the first priority. You have to realize that you need to put in the time because Path of Exile 3.24 has a lot of RNG and you can get Path of Exile 3.24 by playing a lot to break the rut.

    This information was put into perspective when a Nameless Seer provided me with it. Currently, my character is at 14 days and 9 hours of playtime, which is 345 hours of league playtime. That is definitely a lot, no doubt.

    And I don’t often stand in my hideout during this process, nor do I open this game while doing other things. Instead, I bomb the map most of the time. I reach similar numbers in other SSF leagues.

    I play Path of Exile frequently. It’s my favorite game and one of the best ARPGs in the market. I always buy a Supporter Pack or two and have a lot of fun playing.

    Every hour you play has a chance to drop that unique belt. But more realistically, you have a chance of something dropping, and those things have a high chance of dropping Headhunter or Mageblood, which brings me to my second reason, there are things you can do even if you can’t play as long as I do.

    League Mechanics

    The second reason to succeed in Path of Exile is that certain items have a much higher chance of dropping from certain mechanics, and this change in each league.

    On the other hand, there are also steady sources of Headhunter and Mageblood here. They don’t change in each league, only the chances of getting these Uniques may change.


    Let’s first look at what you can do in each league to get Headhunter. There are a lot of things in no particular order that you can do to gamble with the materials you get from Expedition. If you do this, just pick up every Heavy and Leather Belts in Gamble, and then focus on using Ancient Orbs on the unique belts.

    Divination Cards

    It’s a slight chance, but you may be lucky enough to run a map that drops Divination Cards, which can give you items and increase the chance of dropping items with Scarabs.

    Each league has different maps where Divination Cards drop, so be sure to look them up ahead of time.

    There’s a reason I run Crimson Temple Map and Burial Chambers Map, especially the last one. I don’t run them for fun, but because I love boss fights.


    Any league mechanic or map mechanic has some gambling element, and I tend to tailor it to get a mid-level Headhunter or Mageblood.

    So in Ritual, I try to look at as many pages as possible for rewards, hoping to get a big reward or high-value Divination Cards, and think about whether there’s a way to reliably get Voidborn Reliquary Keys like I did with Blue Wisps last time.

    These are just a few examples of what I’ve been doing that I can think of right now. But I think you understand that if we want to get Headhunter or Mageblood more easily, it obviously depends on the league mechanic. We have to figure out what’s powerful. In the meantime, you should keep an eye on the trades to see if people are using any destructive strategies to get these chase items.


    In Necropolis league, most people are always happy to combine Divination Scarab of Completion and Curation to get a full stack of Divination Cards from their favorite maps.

    It is important to note that Scarab is very rare. Of course, if you play more, you will occasionally find one in SSF, which is why investing time is so important.

    Nameless Seer

    If you run this strategy in SSF, find some maps, you may get lucky like those people in the trade. Another strategy for this league is all about Nameless Seer. This NPC will sometimes appear on the map and sell a bunch of unique items in tier 16 maps.

    You can get Nameless Seer as a map modifier using Allflame, which is why it helps if you blow up a bunch of maps. Or you can use Reliquary Scarab of Vision to get it. You will find these Scarabs from time to time. They are not extremely rare, and whenever I have about 10 Scarabs, I will batch run them to find Seer as soon as possible.

    Time to conclude. Unfortunately for you there is no silver bullet here, but setting yourself up for success will give you the best chance of getting Headhunter or Mageblood. Ultimately, it’s about putting in the time and for every hour you play, your chances increase a little until the moment you drop what you want. Wish you the best of luck!

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