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  • Path Of Exile 3.15 Expedition Merchants

    Jul 29, 2021

    In the Expedition League, you will meet many merchants, all of whom have specific inventory and trading mechanics. For more details, please continue to read this article!

    Gwennen - the Gambler

    Gwennen is the first member of the Kalguuran expedition you encounter in Path Of Exile 3.15. She is a gambler, which means you don't know what you will get from trade with her. Each item she provides has a different cost, and you can see the base of the item that you gamble on, in return, you can get any items related to this base. It can be magic, rare, or even unique items, everything depends on your luck and level.

    You will gamble from the relevant item level to the character level. Some items require items that are 1-2 levels higher than you, but you can't expect to gamble on low-level items.

    All merchants have different items, which will not be reset automatically. To re-roll items from Gwennen’s inventory, you need a special artifact that can only be used to re-roll her inventory - Astragali.

    Gwennen will need the Broke Circle Artifact type:

    * Lesser Broken Circle Artifact

    * Common Broken Circle Artifact

    * Greater Broken Circle Artifact

    * Grand Broken Circle Artifact

    Tujen - the Haggler

    After killing Brutus, you will see him in the first area. Tujen’s encounters are the same, but can be harder because of the progression of the game.

    Tujen is a currency merchant and you will find high-quality gems in his inventory. The general principles of trading are similar to Gwennen, you need different artifacts to trade with Tujen and different re-rolling items. In addition, you can see the exact quantity of things you buy and you can bargain with him.

    Haggler artifact types:

    * Lesser Black Scythe Artifact

    * Common Black Scythe Artifact

    * Greater Black Scythe Artifact

    * Grand Black Scythe Artifact

    Those Black Scythe types need to be purchased from his inventory. You can bargain with him, and the best way is to provide Tujen with something in the middle so that you can activate the real bargaining mode. If he is interested in you, you will see two red lines that edge possible costs, choose a location with the highest range and complete the trade.

    Rog - the Dealer

    Rog is one of the most profitable merchants because he can upgrade the items you buy from him. All items in Rog's inventory have been confirmed, and you can pick the items you need. When you buy it, you can upgrade it. Rog got some upgrades similar to the effects of different Orbs.

    Trading artifacts:

    * Lesser Order Artifact

    * Common Order Artifact

    * Greater Order Artifact

    * Grand Order Artifact

    You need Scrap Metal special items to refresh the items he provides.

    Dannig - Warrior Skald

    Dannig is the last merchant and the leader of the Kalgurran expedition. You will see him for the first time in the area between Act 2 and Act 3, which is the City of Sarn.

    His artifact type in exchange:

    * Lesser Sun Artifact

    * Common Sun Artifact

    * Greater Sun Artifact

    * Grand Sun Artifact

    Even if the items in Dannig's inventory cannot be refreshed, you can change the exchange price. To do this, you need Burial Medallion artifact.

    This is the information about all the merchants in the Expedition League, you need to provide the corresponding artifacts according to their needs! will update more details of Path Of Exile 3.15 later.

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  • Path Of Exile: Expedition League Basic Mechanics Guide

    Jul 27, 2021

    The Kalguuran expedition will challenge you through their maps. Unlike the previous leagues, Path Of Exile 3.15 is more complex and has more content and gameplay. You will find that the new NPCs have different items, which can be upgraded to help your gather gear to upgrade faster. will introduce the basics of Expedition.

    When you enter Lioneye’s Watch, you will see the trace of Expedition content, where you will see the expedition locker waiting for you. You can also put it in your hideout, enter the editing mode, and scroll to the "Hideout Item" part in decorations. The expedition locker will contain all the artifacts needed to trade with the new expedition merchants and expedition maps. The great thing is that you can use it all automatically from your stash tab to the expedition locker. To do this, you need to tick it in the right bottom corner.

    When activate, you will no longer need to manually open and place expedition items. Just go to your stash and click on all the items, they automatically get when you want them. By the way, the same thing happened to Heist locker.

    If you tick there, when you put all the contracts in your locker, they will automatically be sorted into the Heist locker.

    The next step is to go to the next area and find your first ex[edition encounter. You can meet 4 different merchants in the game, but they will not affect the encounter itself. As for the encounters, you will meet a merchant next to detonators and sticks with skulls around them.

    If you detonate it, these sticks will tell you what will happen. Some indicators will be yellow or red, which means better loot and harder monsters. You will also see pillars named "Unearthed Remnant" with different modes on them. Read them, especially the yellow ones, because they may add reflects or immune to certain sources of your damage. When you are done, you can check all active modifiers by hovering over the icon next to the number of explosions left.

    Unearthed ruins can also enhance your rewards, and it's worth detonating under them. You will see 4 Unearthed Remnants in each encounter, with only 3 charges of the explosives, but as the game progresses, the number will increase. This means you will be able to excavate all 4 Unearthed Remnants.

    Run around the expedition indicators, decide which part you are most interested in, press V and place an explosive charge. All indicators marked as green are detonated and you will be able to loot them.

    Note that you can't put the explosive too far, if you see the red circle marked, it means you can't put it there. You need to move it closer to the detonator. You can undo the placement by clicking on the reversing arrow next to the mana on the screen. If everything is in place, you can detonate the explosives. All the explosives will be detonated one by one in the order they are placed and the chests and enemies will be excavated.

    If you haven't used the Unearthed Remnant modifier to enhance the loot, there is basic loot in the unearthed chest.

    In addition, you will also get merchant-specific artifacts needed for trading. Regarding this, will also make a detailed introduction later.

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  • Path Of Exile: Expedition Is Out!

    Jul 24, 2021

    Things in Path Of Exile are now explosive, and now the latest update of RPG games is in the wild. Path Of Exile: Expedition has already begun, which means it's time to meet with the artifact-hunting Kalguur people.

    This update introduces new characters, a new challenge league, new skill gems, and gives you the chance to blow things up. To help the Kalguur people find the lost relics of their settler ancestors, you need to rig up sites with strings of explosives. You have to detonate these explosives strategically to find precious antiquities from the expedition sites. But at the same time, the bad news is that these artifacts are still held by the fallen Kalguur warriors. Once you disrupt their resting place, they will become undead soldiers.

    If you carefully set your demolition charges, these expeditions can generate treasure chests that have the opportunity to hold ancient runed artifacts, and then you can trade to Path Of Exile's new merchant characters. The four of them have their particular spin on making deals, so you need to know them and keep an eye on your purse.

    Developer GGG has made a major update to the Path Of Exile: Royale game mode, which was originally introduced as an April Fool’s gag in 2018. It will open again on the weekend and will pop up every weekend after that until the end of the new Expedition league.

    Now is just the beginning of Expedition league, more things are waiting for you to complete later. For more details about the game content, please pay more attention to, because we will update the POE guides frequently.

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  • Path Of Exile: GGG Summarized The Significant Balance Changes

    Jul 22, 2021

    The Path Of Exile Expedition League is coming soon, but the leaked information shows that this will be a unique league, and some important balance changes will appear. To let players know something in advance, GGG has released a longer explanation explaining the factors behind these changes and their purpose.

    In general, these changes are due to the continuous power creep during the game life span, which makes many bosses fights insignificant, something only takes a short time, and there is no interesting interaction yet, which is frustrating. So in Expedition, the low-level monster life levels will be increased, and several key aspects of player builds will also be changed.

    Most of the new manifesto is the same as those discussed last week, including support gem reduction, flask system rework, and player ailment mitigation. Generally speaking, the damage of the support gems will be reduced, the recharge of the flask will be slower, and there are new ways to mitigate ailments that are not dependent on the flasks.

    The three movement skills will also be less effective, including Flame Dash, Dash, and Smoke Mine, which require greater specialization to fully utilize.

    In addition, there are more in the manifesto, changes to Arcane Surge, Fortify, damage multipliers over time, veiled mods, some are just a point worth discussing, and even some actual buffs.

    If you are a hardcore POE player, you don't want to miss the Expedition League. Now there is about one day away from the arrival of the new league, so players seem to be waiting eagerly. Once Expedition Expansion is released, will also pay attention to the latest trend and will update some POE guides in time to provide some useful tips.

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  • Path Of Exile: Expedition Expansion Will Rebalance The Game

    Jul 20, 2021

    Path Of Exile has a gameplay loop, which makes fans who are keen on dark games feel that this is a panacea. They want to find more content and incorporate some old-school design concepts. Path Of Exile adopts the difficulty setting of the old ARPG and is also considering introducing new content to attract more players. With the announcement of its latest expansion - Expedition, POE may hope to attract both experienced players and new players.

    GGG said that the new expansion will introduce more excitement and they want to help reorganize and challenge Path Of Exile into the future of ARPG.

    It is very important to balance the initial learning curve of any game with an online or multiplayer component. Combat games are a typical example. As the community expands, games with a higher learning curve can help new players quickly master the game mechanics. POE and other RPGs with PvP and endgame PvE, is no exception. GGG seems to be aware of this, so they want to completely change the POE through its latest expansion content.

    The brutal difficulty is not something new, it can even make players more excited, and the intensive skill development stage will even attract potential players. Path Of Exile is in a unique position by rebalancing the key factors of gameplay, such as resource management, core movement speed, and new defense mechanics.

    Fans are already excited about the content of POE Expedition, but changing some key concepts and adding some new content may be effective. The developers mentioned a system that would restrict the usage of flasks in an exploitative way while maximizing their usage. The new Livestream will be embedded below, showcasing a new management system for the flask, which will enable them to use more tactical options than before.

    Expedition will take a new look at player and enemy base speed. In order to make it easier for new players to accept the game, many enemies will slow down in the first few acts of POE. This means surviving an encounter and a certain respawn. In addition, players will also get a new defense attribute alongside blocking, energy shielding and dodging.

    The ward mechanic is a change to the core attributes of POE and will also appear in Expedition. Ward is an instant defensive stat and will not fight against anything else. If something causes 100 damage to your character with a ward of 100, then the first damage will be negated. This is a seemingly small element that can shake POE meta.

    Again, Expedition will be released on PC and MAC OS on July 23, and on Xbox One and PS4 on July 28, so get ready! will frequently update POE-related guides and good news.

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  • Path Of Exile: Royale Will Be Live For 48 Hours, and Then Every Weekend Through The Expedition League

    Jul 16, 2021

    Breaking News! Path Of Exile: Royale is back. This Royale mode started in 2018, and now it is back in the game again and will go live for 48 hours. This mode will continue to appear in the new Expedition League of Path Of Exile over the weekends.

    Royale is a battle royale mode set in the long-running action game. You can pick up loot, upgrade your skills and fight on an island specially designed for Royale. The 2021 version of this mode is more polished than the previous version.

    The new version of Path Of Exile: Royale brings a custom version of the ridiculous skill tree of Path Of Exile, designed specifically for this mode. It is designed for fast and safe use, because it does not occupy your entire screen, so you can see your character, and there are more than 90 new skills. It is also class agnostic. In addition, GGG also specially reproduced some popular skills into low-level versions for Royale.

    In the next few weeks, GGG will roll out this mode every weekend and fix any obvious balance issues during the week. If POE fans like this mode, the team will eventually add new features.

    If you win Path Of Exile: Royale, then you will receive a feast and add it to a hideout in the game. Although this feast is cosmetic, as you win more games, its size and shape will grow.

    In addition, GGG also announced the latest expansion of POE - Expedition. And a series of changes in the game include nearly 20 Skill and Support gems, a Flask rework, and new items. GGG will launch POE: Expedition on July 23.

    The new Expedition expansion adds a new event, you can bomb the artifact sites to get gear. Commissioned by Kalguur, you will place traps along the ground to unearth loot and other artifacts. But these explosions also caused the ancient Kalguur to rise from their graves and fight back. You can also use explosives to blow up walls, find secrets, or get even better loot by unearthing treasure chests.

    Once you have these artifacts, you can bargain with Kalguur to get more loot. You need to find a balance getting a deal without pissing of the NPC they’re trading with.

    Now POE fans will be busy again, and the most attractive will always be the next League of POE. Now will frequently update the relevant news of POE to ensure that you can understand the relevant information in time.

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  • Do You Want To Buy The Cheapest POE Currency, Then Don't Miss

    Jul 13, 2021

    As one of the most popular free-to-play games, Path Of Exile is very worthwhile. As a dark game, Path Of Exile is very similar to Diablo, but it magnifies everything that Diablo does by almost 10 times. Some people even think that it is a true sequel to the popular action RPG, and you can experience the game for free and provide all the content.

    And Path Of Exile has regular updates, they will strengthen your character or create a good opportunity for new builds. The expanded content will not only add new bosses, areas, skills, and items, but also rework the old content. By reworking, it means nerfing or strengthening. It is easy for us to feel dissatisfied with the nerfing of certain items and skills by the developers, but this is a way to keep the game fresh. It is very challenging to constantly create new and suitable builds, so this also means that POE Currency plays an important role in every league.

    In addition, the customized system in Path Of Exile is also a factor that attracts a large number of players. Players will get a shared passive skill tree, which means that each class starts from a different point in the tree. At this point, classes first obtain passive skills that are traditionally related to that class. For example, Marauders gain passive skills that increase physical damage, strength, and life, while the witch gains skills that increase mana, mana regeneration, and energy shield.

    In addition, classes do not learn active skills. You will get skill gems, allowing the character to get skill gems by socketing them in weapons and armor. So this also means that even if you buy POE Currency, you can still enjoy the process of obtaining good weapons and armor.

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  • Is Legit?

    Jul 09, 2021

    At present, GGG has released information about Path Of Exile 3.15, and we have also gotten some news from a teaser previously released. There seems to be some new content. has also updated related articles featuring new content. You can click here to view it.

    As a dark game, POE has attracted a large number of fans since it was first released, and GGG has been updating it regularly, so this can also attract new players who love different elements. Based on this, we can predict that this game seems to last a long time.

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  • Path Of Exile 3.15: Besides Gameplay Improvements, Engine Will Receive Improvements

    Jul 07, 2021

    Path Of Exile 3.15 Expansion recently received a small teaser, and a larger live stream will be released later this month. The live stream is scheduled to take place on their official Twitch channel at 1 pm PDT on July 15th. In addition to a Q&A part, players will see some new content. This 3.15 expansion is expected to be released on the PC on July 23th and on the consoles on July 28th. As always, Path Of Exile 3.15 Expansion is still free to play.

    In preparation for the 3.15 expansion, GGG released some patch notes, which also brought improvements and optimizations to the Path Of Exile engine. The 3.14.3 patch is expected to be released this week. In addition to bringing some general gameplay improvements, there will also be some changes and improvements to the engine.

    They have replaced the old performance Metrics graphs with new ones that show more information. And they graph several different metrics on the same graph and use bars to show the relative load on different systems (CPU, GPU, system memory, VRAM, Drive, Shader Compilation, latency, and instance server). If one of these bars is maxing out, then this is the current bottleneck you should consider upgrading. If critical issues such as insufficient VRAM, the display will remind you of this.

    If you encounter performance problems, you can have the performance Metrics graphs on, because that has a lot of information about what is bottlenecking your performance.

    If the shaders bar warns you that the shader is very slow to load/save, consider changing what the drive that shader cache is stored on to a faster one. In the [GENERAL] section of the settings file, you can set cache_directory=x:\path\to\preferred\location to a folder on a faster drive.

    Now everyone is expecting the content of this 3.15. Given that a teaser has been released before, has analyzed the new content that will appear and updated related articles. You can click here to view it.

    As for now, you can only focus on Ultimatum League. If you need some items, you can buy POE Currency directly from, and POE Currency is consumable, which you will need throughout the game, find as cheap as possible POE Currency is necessary. will hold some discount events from time to time, so cheap POE Currency is also available here.

  • Path Of Exile: What Can We Expect In 3.15 Expansion?

    Jul 05, 2021

    GGG Path Of Exile’s Ultimatum League is coming to an end, which means that a new expansion will soon be announced at a live streaming session. And the release date of 3.15 Expansion is July 23 on the PC and July 28 on the consoles.

    As a league, Ultimatum League also has its moments, because of the great community engagement in the first few weeks. This is shown through the successful gambles with Trialmaster and the wrong ones. With the 3.15 expansion, the update may come in three weeks. Now that the 3.15 teaser has been released, although there is not much information about the next league, it is enough to arouse the curiosity of fans and fans focus more on new skills. found some new content from the teaser, so we plan to share the things.

    A terrain patch

    In the new teaser for the upcoming Path Of Exile league, a terrain patch appeared, which was filled with skulls with glowing symbols and mounted on spikes. Whether in terms of motif or color, these skulls are reminiscent of Fairgraves and various microtransactions related to this theme.

    New NPCs

    Then, at the end of the teaser, several new NPCs stand in the snowy terrain, looking like a mixture of pirates and Night Watch warriors in Game of Thrones. One of these NPCs seems to be a peg leg and is accompanied by an entire pirate-esque theme of the teaser, so when Heist was first released, many loyal fans became obsessed with the "boat League" meme.

    Ships and sea action

    The boat league meme is not the only community that still insists, with others including the toucan and fishing secrets, but with Heist, the possibility of ships and sea action seems feasible. For this reason, the pirate theme that appeared in the more detailed 3.15 is a big deal, although the official Twitter account of Path Of Exile stated that ships will not appear in the 3.15 expansion.

    Four new active skills

    As for the new elements, it seems that at least 4 new active skills will appear in the 3.15 expansion, one of which looks like the love child of popular skill gems, like Cyclone, Reap, and Bladestorm. The others seem to spell, two of them look like Chaos-based abilities because of their purple glows. The other proved to be a lightning skill similar to Doryani’s Touch, with a more squared pattern for its AOE.

    In the coming days, will continue to track new info about the next league so that you can keep up to date with the latest developments.

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