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  • Best Divine Orbs Farming Guides In POE 3.21 Crucible Expansion

    Best Divine Orbs Farming Guides In POE 3.21 Crucible Expansion

    Mar 31, 2023

    The arrival of Path of Crucible is a fresh start in a new economy for all Exilers. There’s an unprecedented opportunity to get rich quick. Among all POE Currencies, Divine Orbs can be said to be very important. With enough Divine Orbs, you can exchange on pieces of gear or any items you are interested in. So, how can we farm lots of Divine Orbs? 

    1. Harvest Lifeforce Farming

    Whether it is late league or early league of POE 3.21, Harvest Lifeforce has several uses. Early on in the league, I just sell them for Divine Orbs to get a start. Later on, I use them to re-roll Essences, Scarabs and Fossils. This depends on the selling price of these items and their respective Lifeforce

    In my opinion, at midleague, 5600 yellow is fair enough price for one Divine Orb. In case of an emergency where I need a Divine Orb to get an item on trade, I just sell my Lifeforce.

    In POE 3.21, the value of Essences are at the peak because there is no Essence mod in the map device. I collect all kinds of Essences and then max them. 

    Then, I re-roll them using Harvest to get the most valuable ones, especially the one which gives men a reservation efficiency on helmets. You have to be careful not to spend too much Juice on this. If you get the attribute Essence, that's a fine one, too.

    2. Black Scythe And Knights Expedition

    When you are starting a new league, Tujen is the best source of filling up your currency tab with anything you need. Eventually, he could roll a few Divine Orbs in very unlikely a Mirror Shard. 

    The reason why Burial Medallion is most valuable is because one Denning re-roll can give you multiple other re-rolls of Exotic Coinage and even Expedition Maps. This will always remain the best league mechanic to farm POE Currency.

    3. Collecting Stacked Decks

    Collect Stacked Decks at high levels. Do not buy them and do not sell them. Get it yourself from level 85 plus Tujen, high level Heist or maps. When you open them, have at least 200,  so the chances are very good.

    This has always been one of the best guaranteed currency farming strategies for me personally.

    4. Eldritch Altar Farming

    Make sure to grab all the Eldritch nodes from the Atlas, including the Keystone Passives. This is free Chaos Orbs for an ouch and go strategy. If you are lucky while doing the blue ones, you could even get an Altar, which gives Divine Orbs.

    When choosing which one to do, I recommend doing the one which is opposite to your build type. For example, if your build is Fire or Chaos based, do the blue one. If your build is Cold or Lightning, do the red one. In my opinion, both are equally rewarding.

    5. Jun And Alva Master Missions

    These are the two best Master Missions that can earn you at least for Divine Orbs for every couple of maps you run. Choose one which is good for your build. This requires a basic defense and good clearing speed, too.

    I had a good start in this league because Devouring Diadem was selling for three Divine Orbs and I was farming the Syndicate until it lost its value. 

    A tip to note is that: if you run Jun missions on lower levels, then the Syndicate boss is highly likely to drop this unique helmet, the key things to get from Jun and Aisling and it that fled in research. Provisions in intervention and hillock in either of the other two. The key rooms to get from Alva Temple are the Locus of Corruption and Doryani's Institute. If the selling price is low, just run them yourself.

    6. Current League Mechanic

    GGG will always set the best rewards at the new league mechanic. This time, the league mechanic is very rewarding if you have a build that can run it completely. It's easy once you get used to it, and this is the best opportunity to make a lot of Divine Orbs. 

    An honorable mention here is, the Crucible Challenge League. Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy. Actively participate in the league, you can get enough rewards and collect items and gems with high value. You can sell them later for Divine Orbs.

    7. Double Corrupting Medium Value Items And Gems

    Yes, this is huge. I mean very huge. You can make from 10 to 80 Divine Orbs easily in one good double corrupted chest piece. So, why is this not gambling? You may ask. 

    Because our strategy involves double corrupting items that are less than three Divine Orbs, while we have already made at least 10 Divine Orbs. 

    8. Farming 6-Links - Sextants

    So, the key to this strategy is sextants, specifically these two sextants, the “unique monsters drop corrupted items” and the “beyond” sextant. So the way this farm works is that unique monsters will drop corrupted items, which have a chance of being six linked items, that we can vendor. Beyond spawns tons of unique monsters if you do it on double beyond and on a super juiced map. So, the idea here is we're going to try to spawn as many unique beyond monsters as possible, and then get six links off of them.

    To that end, we are juicing the map up with some really valuable scarabs, some gilded harbinger scarabs, gilded breech, gilded ambush, and then just a rusted blight. Because blight adds so many mobs, you can get tons of unique beyond bosses off of this and we'll be running a map with beyond already on it other than that, the other two sections for me, I'm running mirror of delirium on my sextant so that I can pick some extra juice to add more monsters to the map on the Atlas device itself. 

    You could replace this with some juice and then pick the delirium modifier on the Atlas device. And I'm just running this sextant because I had a bunch of them to add some juice. Any juice sextant that'll add monsters to the map is good here.

    So, this is something I always do from the mid-league till the end of the Crucible League. If you think the above method of farming Divine Orbs is too time-consuming and labor-intensive, you may wish to get some directly from here.

  • Path Of Exile Mechanics Explained - Best Defense!

    Path Of Exile Mechanics Explained - Best Defense!

    Mar 31, 2023

    Today we will explain the best defense mechanics in Path of Exile and introduce the mechanical interactions in Path of Exile in detail.

    The defensive mechanic in Path of Exile will often allow you to switch the type of damage you’re taking into another damage type. However, when you take damage in Path of Exile, it’s important not to confuse this mechanic with a similar attack mechanic called damage conversion.

    You can use modifiers to transfer the type of damage you’re actually taking to Lightning Coil and Body Armor. They transfer damage types before mitigation, so mitigation only happens once.

    For example, when you take physical damage with Lightning Hood and Body Armor equipped, the damage is not mitigated before and after the damage transfer occurs. Instead, use whatever physical damage mitigation you have to mitigate the damage. Your lightning resistance mitigates the remaining physical damage you take and some lightning damage converted from physical damage.

    It is important to note that transferred damage does not retain its original stats. For example, if physical damage hits are overwhelming by a certain percentage in the previous example, it will usually bypass your stated physical damage reduction.

    However, in this case, for the physical damage part that moved to another type, the lightning damage likewise no longer has that property. This also works for Resistance Penetration and Elemental Ailments effects.

    For example, if Shaper hits you with a shaping ball that has cold penetration, but you have Dawnbreaker Shield equipped, then part of the cold damage you take will be converted to fire damage, and you will not suffer Penetration, and will not be cooled or frozen.

    However, this works a bit differently for damage ailments, as they are based on damage hit rather than damage taken. For example, if you have Rack Cage Armor equipped and you take fire damage, even though 100% of the damage is physical, the hit can still ignite you.

    The most common damage modifiers are those that only affect incoming hits. If this is the case, the modifier will state that it only works with that one damage type. However, there are some more rare mods. Such as Cloak of Flame and this one on body armor, which also resists damage over time. Importantly, although the damage cannot be transferred more than once, we can convert it into many types.

    For example, you cannot use Lightning Coil to convert all physical damage you take into lightning damage. Then use Dawnbreaker to convert that same lightning damage to fire damage.

    However, you can use Lightning Coil to convert a portion of physical damage into lightning damage. Also, use Formless Inferno to convert another portion of physical damage into fire damage. You can even use Chieftain to convert another portion of physical damage into fire damage.

    As you can see, Cleansing Water has significant advantages, especially for the damage you take, and can be a very effective defensive tool. Because if you’re able to shift enough damage types into another type of damage, you can basically ignore a specific damage type.

    Therefore, it is very necessary for players to prepare Cleansing Water and other equipment during the adventure, and you can use enough POE Currency to get these.

    The above is the whole content of the defense mechanism part in the mechanical interactions of Path of Exile that I understand. Hope to help you understand the game better. Wish you a happy life.

  • Builds With Suppression In POE 3.21 Need Ancestral Vision!

    Builds With Suppression In POE 3.21 Need Ancestral Vision!

    Mar 30, 2023

    Today, I want to talk about the details and opinions of the third Path of Exile Crucible spoiler and today’s exciting announcement is huge. Genuinely, I’m probably going to use this in at least one build much like the Storm Shroud from POE 3.20. This is another source of Ailment Avoidance. Why do you want an Elemental Avoidance?

    Ailments are pretty dangerous. When you’re frozen, you can’t move at all, then enemies beat you to death. To prevent this, you need to freeze Immunity on your flask, which is a valuable affix to give up or a Pantheon, which is what most people do. Then, Ignite can burn you to death. Shock causes you to take up to 50% of increased damage. You can’t even survive that. Never mind, things like Brittle to make enemies crit you.

    I guess technically, the next one can be fixed with other means. Scorch reduces your resistances, meaning you need to be over capped on those resistances or you could always just be sapped and deal less damage. We all want to do more damage rather than less.

    In short, Ailments are really bad Ancestral Vision causes modifiers to suppress spell damage to also apply. Also, it means that it does not erase the original effect of spell suppression, the chance to avoid Elemental Ailments at 50% of their value. You want a 100% chance to suppress damage to take half damage from enemy spells. This is particularly effective against bosses and will give you a 50% chance to avoid Elemental Ailments. Where do you get the last 50%?

    Related: Are We Getting Archmage or Mana Buffs In The Incoming POE 3.21?

    There are quite a lot of ways to do it. The easiest of which would be boots rolled via the Essence of Loathing that have Eldritch Implicits. You could also be a Raider that clusters got massively buffed as a result of this. There are several nodes on the tree conditionals while you’re holding a shield, some life nodes near a Raider area, chance to avoid plus Maximum Resistances or you can get up to 35% on your chest piece.

    Keep in mind these aren’t the only sources, just some relatively common ones. It wouldn’t shock me if POE 3.21, POE 3.22 or beyond brings an entirely new set of Elemental Ailments that will ultimately have to deal with. Again, Storm Shroud turns targeted avoidance, shock avoid into general avoidance.

    You can run Purity of Elements and there are a few other ways to be immune or otherwise unaffected. However, broad immunity tied to other powerful defensive benefits is great. There is an opportunity cost here. You can’t use a rare Jewel. You can’t use something with double or even triple crit multi and in a high budget build.

    There’s going to be a cost to this. However, this means that other Jewels, like the storm chat, are going to be more economical since people don’t feel like they have to all use the same thing. And in a lower budget build, this could very well be the best option you have available.

    After all, if your Corrupted Blood immunity jewel is just one or two stat, this could be a great choice, assuming that it’s not super rare. Personally, I’m going to guess it’s not rarer than the Storm Shroud. So, we’re looking at a price of between one and four Divine Orbs, probably towards the lower rather than the higher end of that.

    Of course, this is just a very quick TLDR that some of the reasons why Ailment Avoidance is good and where to get it.

    So far, the teasers have included a lot of quality of life updates and some items, which while cool, I didn’t see very much of a practical purpose for. But Ancestral Vision is absolutely something I’m going to use and something you should be using as well.

  • Recent Changes To Anoint Quality Of Life And Seismic Nerf In Path Of Exile 3.21

    Recent Changes To Anoint Quality Of Life And Seismic Nerf In Path Of Exile 3.21

    Mar 30, 2023

    Today is also an analysis of Path Of Exile 3.21 trailer. Today’s Crucible expansion was so quiet, I didn’t think there were any new hot spots at first. But I found another big news, I will introduce to the players about today’s expansion update shortly.

    Since most of today’s initial release is actually related to Storm Secret and the unique Gauntlet gear, I’m not going to break down the general content specifically. However, I received another big news today about a change in the quality of life. In fact, players can easily find this change.

    When you hover over Heartseeker on the passive skill tree, you get anointments that will work normally in Path Of Exile 3.20. It will show you a graphic description about Teal Oil and two Crimson Oils. However, for people who are colorblind, or pretty much anyone, if it’s Teal Oil and Virgin Olive Oil, or if its Opalescent Oil and Silver Oil, or if it’s Clear Oil and Black Oil, then this is another thing Very tricky business.

    What you need to do is actually they have written it clearly below. So in addition to having a graphical representation, you’ll also have a plain text representation, which will help avoid situations where people go and trade Black Oil.

    And when they realize this later, they actually just need to go and use POE Currency to get a Clear Oil again. The quality of life improvement changes are minimal, but it would be a welcome improvement.

    The unique item, Storm Secret, was reintroduced in this patch. It’s not one of those Chase unique items that have super eminent power, but I think there will be players with some financial strength who will be best suited to use it. And if you’re interested in some early initial brainstorming about what these might be. I will also elaborate on this later.

    Finally, there are two other pieces of information that I haven’t covered here yet. These are looks that Seismic Trap might be Nerfing. This is a post from Path Of Exile’s official Twitter account. If you’re planning to watch Crucible expansion’s live announcement, you’ll be able to get the in-game Sphinx Wings for free.

    The exact time is notoriously inconsistent in every time zone. While the exact countdown timer is on the official Path Of Exile website, you will need to connect your Twitch account to your Path Of Exile account information to ensure it will remind you in time. If you haven’t done this, and if you did so more than a year ago, there’s a good chance it has been reset. So go ahead and check that your Path Of Exile and Twitch accounts are linked.

    Of course, you can also confirm the time in other ways to make sure you set it up before going live. Please note that you don’t need to watch any other information before this, except Path Of Exile channel. Please wait patiently for the live broadcast of the new Crucible expansion. I believe this update will bring surprises to players.

    Anyway, that’s all we have for today. It’s been a very quiet day, but from a news standpoint, the improvements to the quality of life for players have also been pleasantly surprised. If you have any ideas, welcome to the game community to discuss together. Wish you a happy life.

  • Can Improvements Be Made To Spellcaster Endgame Weapon Prefix Options In Path Of Exile 3.21?

    Can Improvements Be Made To Spellcaster Endgame Weapon Prefix Options In Path Of Exile 3.21?

    Mar 29, 2023

    Now is the time to discuss Path of Exile. I want to talk about gear in Path of Exile today. And specifically for Spellcasters. Because Spellcasters have always been one of the most important forces in Path of Exile.

    One of the complaints I’ve seen a lot of people make lately is that they don’t feel like build diversity is very high right now. At the same time, despite the excellent performance of Cultists, there is not much room for players to use it.

    If we look at the earlier days of this league, it’s a similar story, with Cults not doing well again. But it’s not like we have 40 guys playing Slayers or something like that in patch 3.18, and there aren’t any skills going back to day 4 of the league. We can roleplay, but there’s still not much to play with.

    You’ll find 10 people playing Seismic Trap and Elementalist Saboteur this time around, and they’re all doing great early on, but there’s really nothing really out of the ordinary except that the underlying mechanics have a few bugs.

    Yet despite this, many people have been complaining that building diversity doesn’t feel good. I think this may be because someone equip similarly most caster builds. This makes players feel like they might still be playing Spark League.

    Then there’s the Righteous Fire build, which players will feel is the same build they’ve played before because their upgrade paths are very similar. Let me explain, there are several mods in the Righteous Fire build that are better than any other prefix you get on Caster weapon. And they’re so much better that they completely outshine any gear you can get.

    Such as Flame Shaper’s Mod plus a mod that reaches all fire spell skill gem levels. If you’re playing a skill like Spark, you’ll add a level to all lightning skill gems and all spell skill gems from universal version magisters.

    These don’t actually remove flat damage during combat. In fact, the flat damage is usually more applicable to you, maybe even better, before you hit Eternal Labyrinth.

    If you can get nearly perfect characters with POE Currency in a mod like Cremation, then Cremation will be the top flat fire damage you can apply to enemies. Once you start stacking all of these plus gem levels, you can get two gears on each weapon, one gear on each shield, and two gears on amulets.

    There are also some other sources, such as Vile Corruption. Players can either use the gem itself or use Awakened Empower to power up a lord’s skin or a loyal skin.

    Now I’ve crunched the numbers so you don’t have to use Cremation roll. If you have a level 26 gem, Rolling Magma will help you increase your damage by about 75, which is equivalent to using only Flame Shaper’s Mod plus all the fire spell skill gem levels. And the higher the gem level, the more damage it does.

    In short, these mods and other prefixes on spellcaster weapons don’t keep up with spell gem levels. And they can’t even come close to it. I’d like to see an increase in the highest level mods like Cremation. So they can actually be competitive so you don’t see people using all the same gear now. If you’re playing a build that doesn’t hit, you might start wanting to increase the level of some fire skill gems.

    But on the other hand, if you’re playing a hit build. Then, all of a sudden, you might be interested in mods that you don’t really need, like Flat damage to spells. This will make the builds feel even more different. I think this increases the perception of build variety, even if it doesn’t change the actual level of build variety in the game.

    I’d also like to see fixed damage mods to spells available for physics and chaos earlier than they do now. But they are in an Elder-influenced mod pool with lower values than elemental damage.

    So that’s also something I’d like to see changed again, which might add more variability in how spellcasters equip without necessarily adding any high-end powers. I don’t think that would be a good thing, but there might be an interesting result. If you have different ideas, welcome to discuss them in the community. Hope you enjoy the game.

  • Are We Getting Archmage or Mana Buffs In The Incoming POE 3.21?

    Are We Getting Archmage or Mana Buffs In The Incoming POE 3.21?

    Mar 29, 2023

    Today, I’ll talk about the second POE spoiler and to express some of my own thoughts.

    Right now, I’m going to be talking about the unique gloves Stormseeker. they seem to be an energy shield mana hybrid item, which makes me wonder if Ivory Tower is getting any changes or is this finally the league of Mind Over Matter and Archmage Buffs.

    But gloves interact with the ailments: Chill and Shock. Chill slows enemy action speed whereas Shock increases their damage taken. It also interacts with leeching both energy shield and mana, meaning the clear intention here is some sort of lightning build where in Call Of the Brotherhood to convert to cold that happens to either use Ivory Tower so that your energy shield with some damage going over to mana or you’re spending a lot of mana, therefore you need to leech it. 

    Maybe even you’re using mind over matter and energy shield as well. There’s a lot of possibilities here, but are they really strong enough to justify? It’s kind of hard to tell just in a vacuum. Right now, mana builds are fairly weak, to be honest, and while Mind Over Matter is still a decent defensive layer. It’s certainly not the best, so I don’t know if they’d see much use without any other changes.

    However, one of the coolest things about Path of Exile is a POE Item doesn’t have to be good on release. If it’s not good right now, it could be good a month from now. When someone discovers a really interesting synergy with another item, people just generally forgot or it could be that three, six or nine months down the line. There’s a skill that’s reworked. Something new is added or a mechanical synergy that players weren’t aware of finally comes to the surface.

    If you like discovering built-in Path of Exile, one of the funnest thought experiments I can think of is just going what if Stormseeker was good? How would I play it and why would I use it? 

    Maybe I’m playing Storm Brand. I’m on either an Inquisitor or an Elementalist, both of which can get away with dealing with hybrid damage. I wanted to go low life, but didn’t want to wear shafts. So, instead, I’m Ivory Tower and because I have that big mana pool. Maybe I’m even doing some sort of Archmade shenanigans. Even though that’s kind of terrible right now, there is an Alt quality Archmage that converts half of a bonus from lightning over to cold. These are just some possibilities. It’s far from a build or far from a surety, but who knows? Stormseeker could be used this way at some point in the future.

    To get the increased effect of Chill, you need to leech mana. To get the increased effect of Shock, you need to leech energy shield. And if you’re hitting fairly hard, both of these would be very effective to fully Chill and Shock bosses. Personally, this makes the Elementalist angle even more interesting to me because that way you can increase the effect of both Chill and Shock beyond its normal cap quite easily.

    Plus, gaining the defensive benefits of unaffected by Chill and unaffected by Shock means as long as you’re able to consistently leech possibly with some sort of over leech effect, you’ll easily be able to make sure that you’re unaffected by two dangerous ailments. 

    And since you’re unaffected, you can also trigger any sort of effect if it happens while you’re chilled or while you’re shocked. Immunity means the element doesn’t apply at all, whereas unaffected means that no negatives from the ailment apply, but any positives could. 

  • How To Choose A Game Mode? - Path of Exile Beginners Guide

    How To Choose A Game Mode? - Path of Exile Beginners Guide

    Mar 28, 2023

    In this article, I’m going to cover all the game modes who they’re right for and what you should be playing as a beginner. 

    When you log in and click create you get presented with a screen that looks like this and this is a lot of options to choose from, but we can make the screen look like this and it will be exactly the same, only simpler.


    So, your first choice: Standard or Challenge League. Standard just happens to be the league where all my characters go to die. I never play them again. There are some exceptions, but that’s only really to retest or build in a new league. Standard is the persistent game mode. In this mode, you never lose anything. It just accumulates forever. 

    Challenge Leagues

    Challenge Leagues on the other hand, last for around three months. So, once they’re done, everything will end up in Standard and then shortly thereafter another Challenge League will pop up in his place. Challenge Leagues are a great place to test out your new characters in a fresh economy. As a new player, there’s no reason you should pick Standard because if you play the Challenge League once it ends, it ends up in Standard, anyway.

    Next, we can go over the three toggles. These are Solo Self-Found, otherwise known as SSF, Hardcore and Ruthless. But first, the absence of toggles, this is also known as Soft Core Trade League. In this mode, you can trade with other players, party with them and even set up guilds. This is, of course, the easiest of all possible game modes.

    Solo Self-Found

    Onto Solo Self-Found now and this is really easy to explain. You’re on your own. You can’t set up guilds. You can’t play with other players. You can’t trade with them. This game mode is right for you if one of the following applies:

    1. You like foraging or fending for yourself or maybe you’re good at other ARPGs and you want a bigger challenge.

    2. You hate people in general.

    3. You hate the shambles that is a Path of Exile trade system or the lack of it.

    4. You’re practicing a league starter and so want something completely fresh.

    Characters in Solo Self-Found can be transferred to the parent league with a touch of a button. So, you can change your mind if you’ve made the wrong choice. 


    Hardcore, in this mode you have one life from one life. Only once you die your character will transfer straight to Standard. This game mode is for people who like abusing the system and logging out frequently to avoid death. 

    This is actually how I started my Path of Exile journey and it was a terrible mistake because I’m terrible at dodging bosses. I wouldn’t suggest starting in this mode even if you’re a pro at other ARPGs and that’s because you really need to learn the boss mechanics to avoid dying.


    And lastly, we have Ruthless but something to mention first. These toggles are not mutually exclusive live, so you can play Hardcore Solo Self-Found or Hardcore Ruthless and you’ll normally see this described as HCSSF. If you see that in a build guide, it means it’s suitable for that kind of gameplay.

    There is only one kind of person in this world that will play Ruthless. You kind of have to like pain in huge quantities to want to play Ruthless. In Ruthless, you can’t buy support gems from vendors. You don’t get a free one in the Twilight Strand and you also can’t buy normal gems from vendors either, only get them as quest rewards.

    Now, as a new player, this probably doesn’t mean much to you right now. But as a general hint, they’re the way that you actually build the powers onto your characters.

    Also, in this mode, everything you buy from a vendor is so overpriced that when you first get to town, unless you’ve been exceptionally lucky, you won’t be able to buy anything at all.

    In addition to this, the drop rates of everything have been reduced massively. The chance of dropping POE Currency is probably about as likely as you winning the lottery.

    In addition to all this evil, you also don’t get your flask refilled when you go back to town and you can’t get a movement skill. Also, you only get scroll shards for selling blue items Unidentified, which is a bit crappy. 

    And if you happen to mix the Hardcore and Ruthless buttons, then you’ll have a problem. When you die you don’t go back to Standards, your character is simply deleted. Although depending on how you feel about cleaning up Standards, this might actually be a benefit.

    The best thing to remember when playing Hardcore or any derivation of it is that your stash becomes a great part of your progression. Things that you put in your stash before you die are passed on to the next character that you start in that mode.

  • Thoughts On Chaos Orb And Trade Quality Of Life In Path Of Exile 3.21

    Thoughts On Chaos Orb And Trade Quality Of Life In Path Of Exile 3.21

    Mar 28, 2023

    Now is the time to discuss Path of Exile. Today I will introduce Chaos Orb and trade quality of life in Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible League.

    It’s going to be a different season than what we’re usually used to. They’re taking a different tack this time around, and the fourth day of the trailer release will be a live announcement. That means we’re potentially getting more information every day.

    Anyway, the first piece of information we got was that Chaos Orb will stack to 20. And there may be additional changes to the stack size of various currency items. There’s a lot of discussion right now on Path of Exile Subreddit and elsewhere.

    This will cause more wild swings in Divine Orb exchange rate over time. Some players have found that the price of Divine Orbs has increased from 200 Chaos to 300 Chaos in this league, and they believe that the limit of 600 Chaos Orb in inventory is the major factor causing the current status quo.

    Now I think there are people who sincerely believe that because it would create a speculative bubble to some extent. But I think it’s worth pointing out that Chaos Orbs have been dropping in value in recent leagues. So if we take a look at one of the most expensive items in Path of Exile, Mirror of Kalandra, and its trade value across multiple leagues, you can see something very interesting.

    In the last couple of leagues, we can put the value of Mirror of Kalandra in terms of Chaos Orb. There are now exactly three leagues with Mirror of Kalandra over 100,000 Chaos Orbs. It’s also one of only three Mirror of Kalandra to exceed 100,000 Chaos Orbs, and it never exceeded 120,000 Chaos Orbs until the end of this league.

    However, on January 31, Mirror of Kalandra broke the league record of 100,000 Chaos Orb for the first time. It then broke through 120,000 Chaos on February 26th, and even hit a staggering 150,000 Chaos Orb on March 19th.

    Still, I don’t think this situation reflects Mirror of Kalandra’s rising intrinsic value. I think this is just the period when Mirror of Kalandra is objectively at its strongest.

    Now this is due to a confluence of several events, and one of the key factors is that Kirac Mods are not as valuable in the current Atlas as they used to be. For example, Kirac offers Delirium for 10 Chaos on this alliance’s map, but it’s not nearly as used as you might expect. That’s because you can force Delirium Mirrors to spawn with very high chances, with or without Kirac Mods.

    At the same time, the marginal utility of Kirac Mods is not that high. So They have less need for Chaos Orbs. Because it’s the powerful gamers who use the most Kirac Mods. So, it’s just more Chaos Orbs flowing through the economy, thus making them less valuable. That’s why Chaos Orbs are a little cheaper than they used to be.

    But you will also find that Divine Orbs are a little rarer than Exalted Orbs in the past. Actually, Divine Orb and Exalted Orb have the same drop rate as dropping directly from monsters. However, there is no comparison between Divine Orb and Exalted Orb, which have many items added together.

    For example, when you loot, you get Exalted Shards in various situations. You also earn Exalted Shards when you fight Harbinger monsters. You also earn Exalted Shards when you fight Atlas’ Conquerors and sell their gear. However, there are no Divine orbs equivalent here.

    Divination Cards for Divine Orbs also have some, but not much impact. Because they can only be obtained from map bosses. So not affected by other events. The exchange rate of Divine Orb is driven by two primary factors: the decrease in the value of Chaos Orb and the increase in scarcity of POE Currency.

    I don’t think Chaos Orb stack change will have any other impact on anything else in Path of Exile, other than being a pure quality of life change. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about Chaos Orb changes in Crucible League. Hope this helps you. Wish you a happy life.

  • Starting Skill Gems In Path Of Exile — Templar

    Starting Skill Gems In Path Of Exile — Templar

    Mar 27, 2023

    Welcome to our Path of Exile Skill Gem series. In this series, we’re exploring Starting Skill Gems, and for each class we’re digging into their strengths, weaknesses, and potential to advance the overall story. Helps you better understand each skill.

    We’ll rate them on four key criteria. Clearance speed, boss damage, Mana usage and play style. Whether you’re new to Path of Exile or a seasoned veteran, our goal is to provide you with valuable insights and tips to enhance your gameplay and help you create powerful unique builds in each chapter. We’ll break down the different skill gems, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses using our rating system.

    Today we’re focusing on Templar class and its Starting Skill Gem Glacial Hammer. So, without further ado, let’s take a thorough analysis into the key mechanics of Glacial Hammer.

    It fully converts physical damage to cold damage, enabling Elemental Scaling and Synergies. This skill can freeze the enemy every three consecutive attacks, and the freezing chance will be increased additionally. It deals with extra damage to cold attribute enemies and enhances the duration and effect of Cold Ailments Glacial.

    Glacial Hammer may not be the most popular PC skill. Because only a few players will use it on Pot Ninja. However, for those looking to experiment with different players, this Off-Meta Nautilus can make it an interesting and unique option. From a Templar perspective in particular, Templar Inquisitor build focused on Glacial Hammer was an enormous success.

    The key items that players need to find when building this character are Frost breath and Heatstrokes. It would be a delightful addition if you could get them at this point, as players need to use a lot of rare items for character builds and Off-Meta Nautilus builds.

    Your character build is relatively inexpensive compared to more popular builds. This makes it an attractive option for players who want to try something unique without using a lot of POE Currency on high-demand items.

    Let’s first evaluate Glacial Hammer based on the four criteria above. Hammer’s reach isn’t particularly impressive without Support Gems. And it doesn’t clear fast enough.

    Second, as far as Boss damage goes, the ability to offer a freeze feature, which can help with certain boss fights, such as Hillock. But overall, its boss damage is mediocre.

    But Glacial Hammer has quite the manageable use of Mana, and even players can maintain basic skills with just one potion at the start of Act One.

    Finally, think of the playstyle as a Melee Skill Glacial. Hammer requires a direct hit to be effective, which limits its range capabilities. At the same time, it doesn’t offer the smoothest experience for melee fans.

    All in all, while Glacial Hammer might have some interesting late-game builds, it’s not the best skill for a campaign. Our recommendation is to switch to Darkly as soon as possible and choose from the six abilities he offers.

    We also recommend Frostbolt or Smite. Especially Ranged Cold spell of Frostbolt will provide players with a better clearing speed. And Smite is a Lightning Melee skill with a nice secondary skill. Provides more flexible options for different play styles.

    Path of Exile offers players a variety of skills and play styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Find the best skills for your preferences and character build.Above, that’s our analysis of Templar class and its Glacial Hammer. I wish you a happy life.

  • First Impressions Of POE 3.20 Krangled Passives Event - Fun But Not For Everyone

    First Impressions Of POE 3.20 Krangled Passives Event - Fun But Not For Everyone

    Mar 27, 2023

    Today, I want to talk about the Krangled Passives Event, which has been one of the March events that GGG has been running lately.

    About Krangled Passives Event

    This has been a fairly unique event where the entire passive tree is scrambled. What does scrambled mean? It means that all the notable passives across the entire tree are swapped with each other.

    For instance, Endurance here is something that would be in a totally different spot on the passive tray normally, but it’s been moved here. All the notables are transposed with other notables. All the small nodes are transposed with other small nodes and all the keystones are transposed with other keystones. So, where iron reflexes on the normal tray would be in the south-south east area. Instead here, it is in the Northwest.

    Possibly of most interest, all of the small nodes and all of the large nodes within all of the ascendancies have been scrambled. So, Avatar of the Slaughter, which normally belongs to the Raider is now an option for the Inquisitor. Instruments of Zeal is also still an option for the Inquisitor.

    Then you have small nodes that would belong to other ascendancies normally and they have been shoved over in this ascendancy cluster for the Inquisitor, as well. Of course, everything that you are not connected to is Veiled, as well. 

    So, in order to try and scout out your passive tree that requires a substantial investment of resources or alternately, it requires cooperation with other players because all players that play this event share the same passive tree.

    Now, this creates an interesting dynamic where the passive tree structure is different, but it also makes the game meaningfully harder because your character will be quite a bit weaker than they would be in the base game. Why is that?

    It’s because there are a lot of nodes that don’t really do very much on the passive tree unless you are playing a build that optimizes for them. For example, I am forced to pass through Wand Attack Speed and Accuracy. My character is a Spellcaster. I get absolutely nothing from this node and there’s quite a number of these notes across the passive tree and you’ll also have to find a bunch of them as you explore.

    Three Ways To Play This Event

    *As I said, there are three main ways that you can play this event: the first one is that you can go in with no foreknowledge at all or with almost no foreknowledge. This is the way that I played it. 

    I deliberately chose to play an Inquisitor because I knew the Occultist was the strongest ascendancy and I thought well. I don’t know anything about the Inquisitor, so I’m just going to force that to work somehow. And I’ve chosen to go with the Inquisitor ascendancy and just play around, find nodes that seem like they’re useful and spec them and then try to force a character to work. 

    This has been a lot of fun, but it has resulted in a low power character. My experience has been that my character has been probably a little weaker than a character of comparable level would be in Ruthless normally and definitely far weaker than a character of comparable level would be in the base game.

    *The second way that you can play it is you can have a look for major things on the tree you want to work towards. If your budget is sufficient, you can directly use POE Currency to obtain them. For instance, you might know that you want to spec a whole bunch of Mana Reservation Efficiency and Aura nodes, so you can look up a cheat sheet and get a sense of exactly where all of these are across the passive tree. These cheat sheets do exist now.

    *The third way you can play it is you can see it as an optimization puzzle where you look at all of the information that’s available across a passive tree that’s been scattered out by other players and you try to build the most powerful character possible within the constraints of the event.

    All these are valid ways to play it. Of course, if you’re trying to win the event, then the correct way to play it is going to be to treat it as an optimization puzzle. But alternately, it’s perfectly fine to just play it for a bit of fun the way that I’ve been doing as well.

    Now, the thing that’s really noticeable in this event is that you are extremely starved for attribute points. Selling players aren’t generally used to being in short supply of in the base game. Now, in the base game, you might sometimes spec a node like Alacrity or one of the other similar nodes like Beef that will provide you with a short-term boost to a particular attribute that you need right then and there.

    But generally, you’re allocating these with an idea: I’m going to allocate this in the short term and then in the medium term. I’m going to get rid of this node because it’s terrible and I want something else in its place.

    Nodes You Want To Look For

    In the Krangled Passives Event, you actually really want to look for these nodes. These nodes are a substantial power boost when you get them and I have Alacrity. I have Expertise and they have been absolutely fantastic nodes that I would not respect for anything. I also have a 20 strength node somewhere.

    Again, one of the best nodes on my entire tree this is very different to the base game where these are filler nodes that you don’t want to take. Why is this?

    It’s because it removes pressure on the rest of your gear. You’ll find that you’ll have a small amount of resistances on the tree because there’ are quite a lot of nodes that provide resistances. But you won’t have very much in the way of attributes on the tree. You’ll then need to gear for attributes. And in fact, I am using an amulet (Extractor Mentis Agate Amulet) that you probably would not use in the base game solely because this amulet is providing me with a total of 80 points of attributes. 

    This is a huge boost for me and all the other effects on this amulet are pretty much neither here nor there. I’m using it because it’s giving me 60 points of Strength. It’s giving me 20 points of Intelligence. This is allowing me to use my gems.

    Only I believe that if you’re playing this event with a goal of winning it, such as the group that does the Searing Exarch and the Eater of Worlds the fastest. You would probably be in a huge advantage if your group had an Astramentis drop for you. Because then you could have set up a situation where you’ve got one dedicated carry, who is able to use all of their gems without fear or favor and then the other players would then combine auras in order to power that character up.


    That’s not the way that I’m playing it, though I’ve just been playing it solo and it has been a lot of fun.

    Anyway, I highly recommend this event. I think that this event will get run again. This is not going to be everyone’s favorite event. In fact, I think a lot of people will give this a shot and decide it’s definitely not for them, but it will be some players’ favorite event and that makes it worth trying and experiencing.

    Maybe it’s one of yours, and maybe it’s not. But either way, you’ll get a bit of experience playing the game in a very different style where you’ve got a lot less character power. But you have a lot of crazy new options.

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