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  • Significant Notification on POE 3.20 Ruthless Mode

    Dec 06, 2022

    For Path of Exile 3.20 Expansion, Grinding Gear Games hosted a live stream where it revealed The Forbidden Sanctum, which is one of the most important updates for Path of Exile in 2022. The new Ruthless game mode is what drew most of the attention and if you want to try out the new content, it will be available for free to all players.

    Ruthless Mode
    If you have not caught up with the recent live stream, the new Ruthless mode will launch alongside the Forbidden Sanctum update on December 9th. It seeks to offer a challenging experience with additional character flags like Solo Self-Found and Hardcore. The goal of the mode is to reduce your power instead of buffing enemies to oblivion.

    The game will not go out of its way to nerf your stats either. Instead, you will notice that items are difficult to find in the game mode. The drop rates for magic, rare and unique items will be dropped to a minimum so every new drop will be very important for your playthrough. You will also be restricted in terms of gems, and flask usage, and players who have been asking for a truly hardcore experience will finally get to dip their toes in some truly brutal content.

    Significant Things in Ruthless Mode
    Every item that drops in Ruthless mode can be a massive upgrade to your gear thanks to the low drop rates limiting how easily you can boost your power. Rings, Amulets, and Belts will no longer be purchasable from vendors and most league rewards are being tweaked to grant items that are specific to that league only as well as core items.

    Item rarity bonuses are being implemented which means that you still have opportunities to be as strong as possible but you have to earn your power. But the game will steer away from items like Divination Cards or Oni-Goroshi. Bosses that drop powerful items (like Atziri) will still be available but accessing them will be harder.

    Crafting is also being tweaked and the game wants to focus on random drops than crafting. It is much harder to find items and players will quickly realize that making your own items is a luxury in Ruthless mode. The drop rate of crafting currencies will be reduced dramatically in Ruthless, which forces players to rely on random drops instead. Here are some of the ways crafting is being limited:

    *The drop rate of crafting currency items has been reduced

    *The rate at which you receive shards of crafting currency when vendoring items have been reduced

    *Master crafting is not available. The crafting bench cannot be accessed and recipe plinths will be inaccessible

    *Veiled Chaos Orbs, Orbs of Binding, Orbs of Dominance, Influenced Exalted Orbs and Awakener's Orbs will be inaccessible

    *When an Influenced Item is reforged or the Influenced Mod is removed, its influence is lost.

    *Most vendor recipes are not available. A few new Ruthless-specific vendor recipes have been introduced.

  • Some Highlights From POE The Forbidden Sanctum

    Dec 02, 2022

    Just a few hours ago, Grinding Gear Games finally revealed the mystery of the latest roguelike expansion Forbidden Sanctum in a livestream. Next, I will focus on picking some key points to talk about.

    If you enter Forbidden Sanctum, your characters will be thrown into the foreboding depths of its titular dungeons. Specifically, these dungeons will be spread across four floors. All you have to do is run back and forth between the four floors to make sure your characters survives as long as possible.

    *Each of the four floors has a boss waiting for you to defeat. But in reality, they don't cause you too much trouble. While you're running, you'll also inadvertently enter what Grinding Gear Games's CEO Chris Wilson calls an "affected" room. This is your big problem. At first, your characters will likely suffer only minor and major pain when entering these rooms. You just need to find boons of varying strengths to balance or counteract these pains. However, as you keep running, these pains will continue to accumulate on you. Therefore, the further you run, not only will your condition become worse and worse, but the challenges you face will also become more difficult.

    Grinding Gear Games also stated that the expansion was delayed until December because they were influenced by a bunch of different roguelikes when designing Forbidden Sanctum, including The Binding Of Isaac and Rogue itself. Fortunately, they overcame many difficulties and added many new elements to Forbidden Sanctum.

    *For example, every time you travel through the Sanctum is different. In order to prevent your characters' resolve level from being reduced by enemy attacks and environmental hazards, you must keep a close eye on your characters' resolve level at all times. Therefore, in order to facilitate your characters to replenish the resolve level, some rooms in Forbidden Sanctum will specially provide you with a resolve-refilling fountain. You also happen to have afflicted fountains in some rooms. Here, you can add more resolve levels and even other things. But here, too, you're sure to run into more trouble.

    *When you run the dungeons, you also face choices. That is, do you accept the reward directly, or do you wait until you defeat a floor boss and win to get a better reward. In order to maintain the roguelike experience for players, Grinding Gear Games has decided to link the powerful relics you encounter in the game to your account and make them untradeable. There is also a special altar that your characters will encounter while exploring the Sanctum. You can put one of the relics you got earlier on top of it so the altar won't disappear when you crash out of a run. In all previous Path of Exile expansions, the final bosses you've encountered have been terrifying, and Forbidden Sanctum is no exception. However, as long as you can beat it, you have a chance to get a lot of unique items.

    *In addition to the content mentioned above, Forbidden Sanctum has also rebalanced some endgames and redesigned the Atlas passive skill tree. When this new expansion is officially released, Grinding Gear Games will also launch an alpha version of the Ruthless mode designed for veterans.

    In a few days, December 9th to be exact, Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum will be officially released. If you want to continue to stand out in the new expansion, then you can prepare some POE Currency in advance. With sufficient POE Currency, you can quickly level up, fight monsters, challenge bosses, and complete tasks. All in all, POE Currency is your good choice!

  • What You Need To Do Before POE The Forbidden Sanctum Livestream Starts?

    Dec 01, 2022

    In a few days, Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum will officially meet with you. In the past few days, Grinding Gear Games has been promoting the livestream of the new expansion. In order to allow players to better welcome the livestream, Grinding Gear Games also released a post today. This post mainly contains everything you need to know before the livestream begins. Next, let us take a look together!

    When Does The Livestream Start?

    Beginning December 1 at 11 AM PST, Grinding Gear Games will be streaming the Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum Livestream on Twitch. For players with GMT+8, it should be at 3:00 am on December 2, 2022, their local time.

    Since players playing this game come from all over the world, the exact time must be in accordance with your local time zone. Here's a good way to determine your local time. You can log in to the official forum of Path of Exile first. There you can see the countdown to the livestream. Then you need to log into your account with the correct settings. In this way, you can know the livestream time in your local area.

    What Can You Expect From This Livestream?

    At the start of this stream, Grinding Gear Games will kick off the stream with a Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum trailer for all viewers watching. This purpose is mainly to take everyone to review the content of the trailer first. After the trailer is over, Grinding Gear Games will reveal in detail all the new content and features introduced by the new expansion.

    Once the mystery of the Forbidden Sanctum expansion is revealed, ZiggyD will join Chris Wilson for a Q&A session. The questions they answered were primarily from the Twitch chat. This livesteam, from the trailer, the announcement of the content of the new expansion, and the Q&A session, is estimated to last for more than an hour.

    Will Twitch Drops Be Enabled?

    The answer is yes. Just yesterday Grinding Gear Games had revealed all the details on Twitch Drops. The Twitch Drops this time are the Blood Guard Wings.

    The Blood Guard Wings will be enabled from the time the stream officially begins until 8 PM PST. All channels streaming Path of Exile will have Twitch Drops during this period.

    You can get the Blood Guard Wings as long as you choose any channel to watch the live broadcast during this event and watch it for a total of 45 minutes. This also means that everyone who has watched any Path of Exile stream during this time is guaranteed a drop. This promotion is valid for all accounts.

    In addition to the above requirements, you must also ensure that your Path of Exile account is connected to your Twitch account. Only in this way, you will not miss the opportunity to drop. If you don't know what to do, click here How To Earn Twitch Drops In Path Of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum Livestream?

    What Should You Do If You Miss The Livestream?

    Once Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum announces all the information about the new expansion, Grinding Gear Games will unlock the regular announcement page on the official Path of Exile forums. Keep an eye on the news forum as well for additional information following the livestream. The announcement will also be made on Path of Exile's YouTube channel following the livestream.

    In a few hours, the livestream will begin. Once the livestream is over, we will immediately update the news on this website and bring you details on the new expansion. If you want to show off in the new expansion, then you must prepare some POE Currency in advance. With sufficient POE Currency, you can quickly level up, fight monsters, get equipment and weapons, and complete tasks quickly. No matter what you want to do, POE Currency will be your best choice!

  • How To Earn Twitch Drops In Path Of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum Livestream?

    Nov 30, 2022

    In order to allow players to familiarize themselves with the specific content of the new expansion in advance, Grinding Gear Games, the development team of Path of Exile, will reveal all the details about Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum in a livestream on December 1st PST.

    While players are still looking forward to the livestream, Grinding Gear Games announced another good news today. That is, all players will be able to earn Blood Guard Wings through Twitch Drops as long as they link their Path of Exile account with their Twitch account during the official livestream.

    Blood Guard Wings is an armor attachment, which can be used by upgrade paths or vendor recipes to create the Oriath Wings. Normally, Blood Guard Wings is available in the Oriath Mystery Box valued at 320 points. This time you just watch the livestream, and get this item for free. So, what exactly do you have to do to get Blood Guard Wings?

    How to Participate In This Event

    The first thing you need to do is link your Path of Exile account to Twitch (see below if you don't know how to do). Wait until December 1st, which is this Thursday, and you can choose the following two ways to qualify for this event.

    For the first method, you can choose to watch the Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum Livestream on The second way, you can watch any Path of Exile stream on any channel. What you need to pay attention to here is that no matter what method you choose, your viewing time must be at least 45 minutes. This means that everyone who has watched any Path of Exile stream during this time is guaranteed the drop. At the same time, this also means that this promotion applies to all accounts. The Twitch drops will be enabled from 11am PST until 8pm PST.

    If you want to start your own Path of Exile stream during the Grinding Gear Games stream and want to enable Twitch drops for your viewers, you can do so through your very own Twitch Creator Dashboard.

    How To Link Your Path Of Exile Account To Twitch

    If you don't know how to add your Path of Exile account to Twitch, read on.

    First, of course, you log into your own Twitch. After you log in successfully, you need to find the Twitch Settings page. At this time, you may face two situations. The first case is to show that your account is not connected. You just click the "Connect" button for Twitch under "Other Connections" and you will be redirected back to your Twitch settings page. The second case is when it says "Your Path of Exile account is currently linked to your Twitch account". In this case, it means that your Path of Exile account has been connected to Twitch.

    Once you've fulfilled all the requirements and earned your Blood Guard Wings, there's one more thing to keep in mind. That said, you should definitely redeem them from your Twitch inventory in good time. Only then will the Blood Guard Wings appear in Path of Exile's list of microtransactions. Otherwise, your Blood Guard Wings will disappear with the end of the promotional period.

    Now let's wait for the Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum Livestream. It doesn't matter if you don't want to watch the live broadcast, we will update the live broadcast content on this website as soon as possible. If you want to make a splash in the upcoming new expansion, it is a good choice to buy POE Currency a lot here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our 24-hour online customer service!

  • Hexes Will Be Reworked And Adjusted In Path Of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum

    Nov 29, 2022

    By convention, Grinding Gear Games, the development team of Path of Exile, releases a balance declaration about new content in advance every time before the release of new expansion. This time, with the release of Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum looming, Grinding Gear Games has released three balance manifestos covered Jewels and Ailment Mitigation, the replacement of Archnemesis modifiers and Eldritch Altars.

    Yet just yesterday, November 28, Grinding Gear Games released the final 3.20 manifesto. It mainly talks about changes to Curses and the goal of making their effects more balanced on different rarities of monsters. In this balance manifesto, it highlights everything for Hexes, from changes, to new balance tweaks, and reworks.

    Overall, the changes to Curses revolve around making some big changes around the game, the meta shifts that have occurred, and other changes that Grinding Gear Games has been working on. In addition to highlighting the changes in Curses, the balance manifesto also more or less revealed in the process of describing that Hexes will be a new content introduced in the upcoming Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum.

    To further simplify the Hex system, Grinding Gear Games has removed the Doom mechanic. However, this action does not mean that all content related to Doom mechanics will be deleted. Instead, the team will be redesigning anything related to Doom to retain some of its good features. Of course, the reason why Hexes were introduced in the new expansion is also because of their uniqueness. Compared to Doom mechanics, Hexes will be more effective against unique monsters or bosses, and at least twice as strong against pinnacle bosses, but are weaker against regular monsters.

    In addition to the Doom mechanic, some other mechanics such as Enfeeble and Temporary chains have also been reworked or buffed. At the same time, Hex Gems are being reworked to keep their self-cast viability.

    As we mentioned before, Hexes actually have different effects for different monster levels. The reason why Grinding Gear Games designed Hexes in this way is actually to offset hidden penalties. When you're fighting unique monsters or bosses, hidden penalties are actually unleashed as well. However, the hidden penalties they unleash are mainly to increase the difficulty as needed. The introduction of Hexes is mainly to reduce the effect of hidden penalties released during unique monsters or bosses battles. Since Hexes are equally effective against all types of monsters, this will actually balance the difficulty of the game more effectively.

    The reason why the Doom mechanism was removed was also to ensure the effectiveness of the game. One of the important reasons is that it adds a lot of unnecessary complexity to hex-related mechanics.

    All in all, the changes to Curses mentioned above are hoping that the introduced Hexes can be adapted to the various playstyles in the new expansion.

    That's all for this article. With the release of the final 3.20 manifesto, it means that the release of Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum is approaching. If you want to continue to stand out in the new expansion, then preparing POE Currency in advance will be your best choice. Luckily, you can buy POE Currency a lot with cheap price right here. Come and buy now!

  • Quick Guides on Curses Manifesto in Path of Exile 3.20 Expansion

    Nov 29, 2022

    Before 3.20 expansion,The Forbidden Sanctum comes out, the Path of Exile team has released a final manifesto ahead of the new content, this time on Curses. The manifesto covers all things Hexes, from changes, to new balance tweaks, and reworks.

    When it comes to Curses, there will be some significant changes made in response to how the game and meta shifts happened, as well as due to other changes that Grinding Gear Games has been making. The manifesto emphasizes changes to Curses, but more or less, Hexes, going forward into the new 3.20 content.

    In order to simplify the Hex system, they're removing the Doom mechanic. This won't leave a gap since, in making this decision, they'll be reworking anything related to Doom to preserve comparable functionality. Hexes will also work a bit differently in that they'll be weaker against regular monsters, but stronger against unique monsters and bosses. Some other mechanics are also getting reworked or buffed, like Enfeeble and Temporary chains. Hex Gems are getting reworked too, in order to preserve the viability of self-cast.

    When it comes to Hexes getting different effectiveness when it comes to monster tiers, the purpose of the changes is to offset hidden penalties that were reducing their effectiveness when you fight unique monsters or bosses. Unique monsters and bosses do have hidden penalties when you fight them, which helps increase the difficulty as needed, but the way HExes work has been particularly significant. These changes will effectively balance so that they'll be equally effective against all monster types.

    Doom being removed is also coming down to effectiveness. One of the reasons behind removing it was that it added a lot of unnecessary complexity to hex-related mechanics.

    Overall, these changes are intended to refine Hexes and make them viable for all kinds of playstyles. You can read the full details in the Path of Exile manifesto on Curses.

    Path of Exile is a loot-based action RPG that had the very lofty goal of building upon its inspiration and going beyond the Diablo series in terms of role-playing flexibility. It did more than achieve this by introducing deep lore, competitive PvP, interesting POE Currency system and a unique passive skill tree system that allowed for diverse build variety and a huge amount of replayability.

    Since its release, it has had a whole host of new story content, skills, gear, and expansions added to keep you busy for years to come. As a free-to-play experience, the game is still enjoyed daily by players around the world, often outnumbering the likes of the Diablo series with its concurrent players.

    We'll be sure to keep you up to date on all the Path of Exile 3.20 news ahead of the next expansion as the game rolls slowly towards becoming Path of Exile 2. GGG also recently announced its new Path of Exile Ruthless mode, an extremely hard difficulty modifier for hardcore players. If you want to know more, make sure following for the latest news and updates.

  • A Complete Guide For Crafting In Path Of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum

    Nov 28, 2022

    Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum is nearing release. With the gradual disclosure of the content of the new expansion, most players are actively planning the new expansion while waiting anxiously. This article is mainly a guide about crafting. This is something you will definitely experience when you start a new expansion, and I hope it can help you.

    Even if it is a new expansion, I think the advancement of the content of Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum is still inseparable from the support of gear. If you are an old player of Path of Exile, you should know that the gear in this game can be found or crafted by yourself.

    In the process of crafting it yourself, every non-unique item can be modified. Specifically, Magic items have a prefix and suffix mod. Rare items can have up to three mods. The bases of items like Rings and Amulets also have an implicit mod. Depending on how well you know how to craft them, these items can be better or worse.

    Although, sometimes you may encounter some Unique items in the process of the game that are very powerful in themselves, but if you continue to spend time building them, they can become Rare items and are stronger than Unique items. Therefore, crafting the best possible gear is much more expensive and luck-dependent than finding gear. However, crafting gear also has advantages. Not only will it help you get acquainted with how crafting works, but it will also give you a better idea of what an item is good for and what to look for in the market.

    In Path of Exile, some currencies also improve the quality of items. For example, it increases the base physical damage of weapons. It can increase the base defense value of Armours. It can increase the recovery volume of recovery Flasks. It increases the duration of Utility Flasks. It can also enhance Gems' skills in various ways.

    Methods To Craft

    Below is a list of common currencies used for crafting:

    • Orb of Transmutation

    • Orb of Alteration

    • Orb of Augmentation

    • Orb of Alchemy

    • Orb of Binding

    • Regal Orb

    • Orb of Chance

    • Chaos Orb

    • Exalted Orb

    • Orb of Annulment

    • Blessed Orb

    • Divine Orb

    • Blacksmith's Whetstone

    • Armourer's Scrap

    • Glassblower's Bauble

    • Gemcutter's Prism

    In addition to using basic currency to make, you can also choose Extra Content to provide other production methods.

    1. While essencing reroll item mods, you need to make sure the listed mods appear in it.

    2. Use Fossils. They can help you find specific types of modifiers or prevent a type of modifier from being rolled.

    3. Use some Beastcrafting recipes.

    4. Some Immortal Syndicate members have crafting tables in their Safehouses that can modify items.

    5. There are many Harvest recipes that allow you to reroll, add or swap various types of mods.

    How To Craft Mods

    If you come across an item you're not familiar with, you can first hold down "Alt" to view the item's details, including a list of affixes and what each affix provides.

    If you want to roll some mods on an item, the first thing you want to look at is the level of the item itself. Specifically, the higher the item level, the greater the number of mods you can roll. This case does not include ordinary jewelry.

    If you don't know the crafting recipe, you can find it in Acts and Maps, or just look for Jun. While the mods you make aren't the most powerful, they can be quite useful once you pick the mods you want along the way. As long as there is an open affix on an item, you can make a mod on that item. You need to be aware that you cannot craft mods from the same group onto an item, so check ahead of time if the stats of the mod you are adding are provided by a hybrid mod.

    For more guides and news about Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum, follow this website. If you want to quickly level up, fight monsters, complete tasks, and get excellent equipment in the new expansion, you can also prepare some POE Currency in advance. Fortunately, you can buy POE Currency at a preferential price here. Have a look!

  • Adjustments To Eldritch Altars In Path Of Exile 3.20 Expansion

    Nov 25, 2022

    Along with the arrival of Path of Exile 3.20 expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum, Grinding Gear Games announced another major adjustment in the new expansion in advance on November 22. That is, the way Eldritch Altars work in the new expansion will be very different than before.

    First, the rewards players get from Eldritch Altars, maps, gems, unique items and influenced items being removed entirely from its reward pool will be less and less. According to this, Grinding Gear Games explains it like this. They believe that, for now, the Eldritch Altars are too rewarding. And Eldritch Altars will act as a disincentive to any out-of-map play unless they are comparatively rewarding. Therefore, the team has slightly nerfed the total rewards for Eldritch Altars.

    Second, Grinding Gear Games also plans to adjust Eldritch Altar rewards. They said that there is a very bad atmosphere in Path of Exile now. That is, in order to obtain more valuable rewards, most players often choose to kill the map boss first and skip all regular map monsters. Their goal with this adjustment is to prevent boss rushing and encourage players to spend some time taking down regular mobs as well. Another reason is that Altars which offer rewards affecting the map boss are less desirable. So, in the new expansion, as long as the player kills the boss first, these options in the map altars can be eliminated, making the map altars more rewarding.

    The above mentioned situations are generally caused by players focusing too much on the most effective and most valuable game strategy, which destroys the expected game loop. That's why Grinding Gear Games is encouraging players to do things that aren't really fun in the new expansion.

    Of course, in order to achieve the effect of encouragement, they are making some numerical changes to Altar rewards. In this way, players will get more valuable rewards for choosing Boss Drops or Influenced Monster Drops in the new expansion. Although Boss Drop rewards are on average slightly higher than Eldritch Minion rewards.

    In addition to the tweaks above, Grinding Gear Games will reduce the number of Influence Packs spawned in the Eldritch map and plan to redesign the Wrath of Cosmos keystone to be more challenging, but less rewarding.

    All of the aforementioned changes are designed to force players to play the Eldritch-influenced map the way they were intended, and will be deployed alongside The Forbidden Sanctum expansion, which will launch on PC/Mac on December 9 and on console on December 14.

    That's all for this article. If you want to level up quickly in Path of Exile 3.20 expansion or want to kill monsters quickly, then your wisest choice is to buy POE Currency here. Here, you can not only enjoy the best price, but also experience the best quality services. Come and buy now!

  • Path of Exile's Third Event in November 2022: Delirium Everywhere

    Nov 23, 2022

    Not long ago, Grinding Gear Games just released a brief trailer. The trailer reveals the name of the Path of Exile 3.20 expansion as The Forbidden Sanctum. At the same time, it also revealed that the new expansion will be released on PC/Mac on December 9th and on consoles later on December 14th.

    Grinding Gear Games will also host a livestream on their Twitch channel on December 1st at 1:00PM PT ahead of the official release of the new expansion. In this live stream, they will reveal the full details of the new expansion. However, while the players were excited about the release of the new expansion, Delirium Everywhere, the third event in the November events, had already started unknowingly.

    The event will run from November 21st at 12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST until November 28th. Throughout the seven-day event, players will be on a map completely shrouded in fog. This fog is not simple. It will produce a Delirium effect from 10% to 100%, and the effect will be scaled by area. Specifically, the minimum and maximum levels of the Delirium effect vary with the level of the zone. That way, some lower-level encounters won't be incredibly difficult, and higher-level encounters won't be super easy.

    There are the following four versions in Delirium Everywhere, and each version has its own ladder, you can challenge different versions according to your own strength or preference.

    • Delirium Everywhere

    • Delirium Everywhere Hardcore

    • Delirium Everywhere Solo Self-Found

    • Delirium Everywhere Hardcore Solo Self-Found

    In order to increase the maximum amount of Delirium that can be released in different regions, this event has some content changes compared to the previous ones. Early in the campaign, for example, there will be fewer things at your disposal. At the same time, each of your acts will have a cap. The purpose of this adjustment is to avoid making certain encounters unpassable due to Delirium.

    There are three events in November this year: Mayhem, Endless Delve and Delirium Everywhere. As long as you reach level fifty in two of these events, you're entitled to the Kalandra Mystery Box, which contains shop items guaranteed not to be duplicated. However, you should pay attention that you can only get two Kalandra Mystery Boxes from these three events.

    That's all for Delirium Everywhere. If you want to know more about Path of Exile 3.20 expansion, you can follow this website. We'll update news as soon as Grinding Gear Games reveals something about it during a live stream. In addition, you can also buy POE Currency a lot with cheap price here. Sufficient POE Currency can help you buy excellent equipment and items in the upcoming PoE 3.20 expansion, and can also help you level up and battle monsters. In short, it is a wise choice to prepare POE Currency in advance.

  • Controversial Archnemesis System Will Be Removed From Path of Exile 3.20

    Nov 21, 2022

    On November 18th, Grinding Gear Games announced the second balance manifesto for Path of Exile 3.20. In addition to briefly introducing content adjustments that may appear in the new expansion, the balance manifesto mainly addresses an issue that has been very controversial.

    The theme of this balance manifesto is: Monster Mods and Archnemesis. From the title, we can clearly see that the content changes in the new expansion are mainly about these aspects. Among them, the most surprising thing for players is that there will be new monster mods in Path of Exile 3.20 to replace the controversial Archnemesis system.

    Grinding Gear Games explained in the article that since players have been disappointed with the "MF culling" build requirements, they are introducing new monster mods this time, with the purpose of creating clearer new mods and related reward system. Grinding Gear Games mainly introduced the goals of the new mods from four aspects.

    *The previous Archnemesis mods were bound with many kinds of large or small effects, making it difficult for players to understand what these mods do. Therefore, Grinding Gear Games plans to design each new mod to only do one specific thing.

    *Previously keyworded mod names did not specifically describe what they did. According to this issue, Grinding Gear Games plans to flesh out what the new mods will do. That way you'll know exactly what they're for and don't have to pay too much attention to their themes or names. For example, "incendiary" names will be replaced with clearer, simpler titles such as 'Ignites' or 'Fire and Ignite Resistant'. This will make it easier for players to understand the effects of these mods.

    *Encounters are also more complex due to the number of effects included in a single mod. In response to this problem, Grinding Gear Games has simplified encounters on average but still retains interesting combat. This means that interesting and challenging encounters caused by overlapping mods (like spawning volatiles or ground effects on death) will still happen, just not as often as before.

    *Archnemesis rewards are set up in such a way that many players feel they can't just kill one monster, they have to consider whether to bring a magic find character to maximize the reward. And in the new expansion, Grinding Gear Games added a ton of new rewards for rare POE Items. But you have to be aware that the rewards for those given monsters are hidden. Only when you kill these monsters, you will know what will drop from them. This also means that rare monsters with more mods are more likely to have these special hidden bonus mods.

    Grinding Gear Games concludes at the end of the article that rare monsters in the new expansion will likely have 2-4 mods and each additional mod will reward the player with life, experience, item rarity, and item count accordingly. Overall, the new system is more modern and fun than the old monster mod/nemesis system, and clearer and easier to understand than Archnemesis in the heat of battle.

    To learn more about Path of Exile 3.20, please follow this website. Once any new news is released, we will update it on this website in time. Besides, to offer you convenience, we also have POE 3.20 Currency for sale here. Looking forward to your arrival!

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