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  • Path Of Exile: All About Corrupted Gems

    Sep 23, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, when you traverse Wraeclast, you will encounter corrupted gems. They may be confusing, and some players don't know more details about this, so will introduce the information about corrupted gems.

    What are corrupted gems?

    Corrupted gems are gems with a modifier that can increase their quality and strength. When you hover over it, you will see its information and it will display "corrupted". If the gem is corrupted, you will not be able to use crafting orbs to further modify it, except for modifying the sockets and the sockets links.

    However, corrupted gems are better than non-corrupted ones. Because corrupted gems can be made or discovered.

    Corrupting gems with Vaal Orbs

    You can look for corrupted gems or create them yourself. To create this, you need a Vaal Orb. You can get Vaal Orbs by killing monsters, breaking containers, or getting drops from Strongboxes.

    To use the Vaal Orb, right-click on Orb, then left-click on the gem. In this way, it becomes a corrupted gem with some modifiers.

    Corrupting a gem will have some different results:

    * Nothing happens, but the gem still has the corrupted description

    * +1 Gem Level

    * -1 Gem Level

    * +10% Quality (this caps at 23%)

    * -10% Quality

    * The gem skill turns into the Vaal version

    After you corrupting a gem, you will not be able to restore it. So before you act, you need to think carefully.

    What are Vaal Skills?

    The Vaal versions of skills are more powerful, but they need fuel by killing enemies. This means that before you can use the skill, you need to kill a certain number of enemies.

    Vaal skills can be stronger than their normal opponents, but this will cost you a lot. With other powerful skills, you should be able to easily collect enough fuel to use Vaal skills.

    You can buy POE Currency on Because everyone has different needs, you can choose the Orbs you need. Of course, the most popular Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs are also available here.

  • Details About Path Of Exile Mobile and More

    Sep 19, 2021

    As early as 2019, GGG has announced that they were developing a mobile version of Path Of Exile. Given that the PC and console versions of this game are very popular, GGG wanted to develop a mobile version to attract more users. This is also a favorite for fans because the mobile version of POE can provide them with more convenience, they can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere.

    What’s content appearing in POE Mobile?

    Path Of Exile Mobile is a portable version of POE. To enhance the content, POE randomly generated dungeons and other outside areas, but the main camps are permanent. Outside of these central areas, you will fight with enemies to obtain loot or POE Currency to make your character more powerful.

    Every class has a huge skill tree, more than 1000 passive skills can be unlocked. Different classes start in different parts of the tree, but in the end, they have the same skills. GGG said that Path Of Exile Mobile will provide a complete POE experience, so they will consider moving the complete game to the mobile version.

    Path Of Exile Mobile Release Date

    The release date of Path Of Exile Mobile is unknown, because GGG seems to be doing more things at the same time, such as developing POE 2, and regular POE league updates. These all take a lot of time to complete, so fans can only wait.

    Will Path Of Exile Mobile be free-to-play?

    The POE mobile version will be free to play and it does not have a pay-to-win element, which is well known to POE fans.

    Will there be cross-play with different platforms?

    For Path Of Exile, cross-play seems unlikely, because currently, console players cannot play games with PC users. But no matter which platform you are on, you can buy POE Currency you need on

    If there is more POE-related news, will update the article in time. Expedition League is currently underway, but no new content has appeared recently. Players’ interest seems to be exhausted, we are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming league.

  • How Will Path Of Exile 2 Improve Based On POE?

    Sep 17, 2021

    As early as 2019, GGG announced that it would develop Path Of Exile 2, which is a sequel to POE. This makes fans very excited because GGG has promised that POE 2 will be released in 2020. But afterwards, due to various reasons, this plan was repeatedly postponed.

    As the Expedition League gradually enters the later stages, this gradually erodes the players' enthusiasm for the game, so fans desperately need more content, so if POE 2 has been released, players will not have this annoyance. But now this seems to be at a deadlock, and fans can only wait patiently for any new news to be released. collected some news.

    POE 2 is players friendly

    A long time ago, some new features of POE 2 were previewed. Game producer Chris Wilson said that the complexity of POE 2 is a tricky issue. Because he thinks it is good not to do too much hand-holding. POE 2 will provide players with a tutorial. When the game detects that you need additional help, this tutorial will be activated, which seems to be more friendly to novices. For those long-time POE players, they are already familiar with the game mechanics, and tutorials are unnecessary for them.

    Wilson even considered limiting the choices of some players in the early game, because too many choices will dazzle the players and affect their builds.

    Boss battles are challenging

    Players want to know how the boss fight tension in POE 2 will be improved. In many action role-playing games, the sense of combat is repetitive, and all the player needs to do is fight among hordes of enemies. But GGG wants to make a breakthrough in POE 2. They want to make bosses more dynamic and interact with the environment in new ways.

    New weapons are expected

    New weapons are not only a cosmetic change, they can also greatly change the battle and the necessary new strategies and game styles. In POE 2, crossbows and spears are highlights, and crossbows can be equipped with various special abilities. The spear can let you enter the fierce battle through a powerful thrust attack, and gain a stat boost in a limited time.

    In short, fans have high expectations for POE 2, and it has been postponed again, which means that GGG has more time to make this game perfect. But before it is officially released, we can only focus on POE, and will always provide the POE Currency that players need. No matter what currency you need, you can find it here.

  • Will Path Of Exile Be Available On Nintendo Switch?

    Sep 14, 2021

    Fans of Path Of Exile expect to see POE appearing on Switch. This action role-playing game has accumulated a large number of fans because of its interesting gameplay cycle and frequent meaningful content updates. Many people hope that it will be available on Switch.

    Path Of Exile was originally released on Microsoft Windows. After public beta, it was ported to the console for the first time in August 2017 and released on Xbox One. And then it was also available on PS4.

    So fans speculate that Path Of Exile will appear on Nintendo Switch in the future, but there is still official news or announcements regarding a port.

    The Nintendo Switch has improved the relationship between previous Nintendo consoles and third-party developers. It has seen the release of several major title transplantation switches, from major publishers such as Blizzard’s Diablo 3 or ID software’s Doom Eternal and indie developers like Toby Fox’s Deltarune and Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight - Silksong. It can be seen that transplanting Path Of Exile is not a difficult thing, it is still achievable.

    Once Path Of Exile is available on Switch, it will reap a wave of players, so it is beneficial for GGG. Once this is achieved, will also provide POE Switch Currency. If you are a fan of POE, then you should be familiar with this website because it focuses on providing all the news and POE Currency about POE.

    Now many fans are very curious about the next league of POE. The next league is expected to arrive in mid-to-late October. Once there is relevant news, will also be updated in time so that you can know about the new content faster.

  • Path Of Exile Skill Tree Planner

    Sep 09, 2021

    There are many elements in Path Of Exile that need to be mastered by players, it is impossible for players to grasp too much content. Although you can find some POE tips and tricks on, it’s also necessary to have many auxiliary tools. Path Of Exile skill tree planner is a necessary tool for POE players. The complexity of the game itself is beyond imagination, full of interlocking systems and various loot, so it takes a lot of time and energy to plan a new character. In order to reduce the pressure on players, the Path Of Exile skill tree planner will provide some help.

    Path Of Exile Skill Tree Planner

    Path Of Exile Skill Tree Planner is a tool created by POE fans. In order to help players develop the game more smoothly, you can use it to build a brand new character to use as a guide when trying to build the character in the game itself.

    You can choose each step of the passive tree to see the value added by these steps. What will happen if you choose a different fork? In theory, you can choose your perfect equipment landout from every piece of equipment. Choose your auras, and check your final stats of build when all these variables are in place.

    Path Of Exile is not a simple pay-to-win game, it requires you to have enough wisdom and many attempts, so this is one of the reasons why many players love it. So if you like challenging games, then Path Of Exile is worth trying. Now Expedition League is underway, and the corresponding patches are regularly updated, and in the near future, the next league will come, which is also one of the ways GGG keeps players feel fresh., as a service website focusing on POE series games, always pays attention to all the trends of Path Of Exile, whether it is game league updates or game guidance, we not only provide strategic assistance but also provide resources in the game, you can come here to buy POE Currency, which can help make your character more and more powerful so that you can really dive in this game.

  • Path Of Exile 2 Trailer Has Offered Some Information

    Sep 07, 2021

    Path Of Exile 2 will be the next version of GGG hits Dungeon-Crawler Game. As early as 2019, GGG announced the next POE work at the annual ExileCon. This is fascinating, and fans will also pay attention to its related news after the security.

    GGG is quite open to the progress of development, and even hints at the time when the beta version will arrive for fans. Based on this, also learned about some POE 2 related news.

    Path of Exile 2 Trailer

    So far, we have learned about the new character selection. The hero you choose is the only survivor in a mass public hanging. This is the tone that POE is famous for.

    In addition, POE 2 also introduced some new environments, including a stage completely on top of a huge Mad Max, like a vehicle. The release of the second trailer allowed fans to see more about the new world, the Vastiri Desert area, the dungeon, and the enemy, but the full release date was still not given.

    When will POE 2 beta start?

    The exact date is still unknown, but GGG has stated on the POE official website that this beta may start as early as 2022. It seems that the New Year is getting closer and closer, the beta may be available, and fans are willing to pay attention.

    POE 2 is said to be a sequel to POE, but their content is similar. We don’t know if POE 2 will replace the original campaign. The current campaign and sequel will continue in the same game client. You can obtain characters and accounts in any way, and complete any microtransactions., as a site focusing on POE, will always follow the news about POE and POE 2. If you are a big fan of POE, you may already be familiar with this website, because here you can get cheap POE Currency.

    Once POE 2 is released, POE 2 Currency will also be available, and any items you need can be seen here.

  • Path Of Exile Tips and Tricks For Expedition League

    Sep 04, 2021

    Although the Expedition League has been around for a long time, players are still creating more content for good loot or challenging battles. Players expect to get corresponding rewards through their efforts. New POE Currency, new NPCs, and new items are introduced into the game, which provides players with more opportunities to experience expedition.

    Check out the indicators. Sometimes, you will see Unearthed Remnants, which will make it more difficult to deal with enemies from subsequent detonations, which requires you to implement a careful plan in advance. If you want a challenge, you can explode the Remnants first to make the enemies harder to defeat. Otherwise, you can place it at the end so that it will not affect too many enemies.

    You don't need to use up all the explosives. With this, you may accidentally detonate the bombs you have placed in advance. This also allows you to focus on the rewards you want. If you are sure that you have covered all the indicators you want, you can go directly to the detonator to get the loot.

    If you have a full inventory after the encounter, you can talk to the NPC or a merchant to open the expedition locker and store the shards. You can find Expedition logbooks at about level 34. They can be crafted and sold. These open up huge Expedition maps and give you a chance to get more rewards, so you need to be prepared at all times.

    White markers are worthless, but orange and yellow ones are more suitable because they can provide better rewards than white ones.

    In the current situation, Expedition may not let you get some Exalted Orbs. You need to use these artifacts to trade with new merchants to get the best items. In addition, it is necessary to try some of the new skill gems introduced in the Expedition League.

    If these suggestions can make you enjoy Path Of Exile more, it would be better. Although the league has been in the middle of the game, many players may be tired of it, but will look for more interesting gameplay to enrich your game experience.

  • Path Of Exile QA Part

    Sep 01, 2021

    Now the POE Expedition league is underway, and there are still new players joining it. The mechanics of this league are still not well understood. If you are a new POE player, you can view the article about the Expedition league mechanics on

    Now we also viewed some questions that many players are concerned about. We have selected a few and attached the corresponding answers.

    Q: Are there any tips and guides for Expedition league?

    The remnants adding mods and the chests are attractive, but unless he is a good mod, big skulls (runic monsters) are more important. Runic monsters usually drop artifacts to use with expedition NPCs, which are the real rewards.

    You can access the expedition locker on the map by talking to expedition NPCs. If you lack inventory space, then store your artifacts before returning to your hideout.

    When doing logbooks, pay attention to the blue and white crystal node thingy on the map overlay/minimap. Not every logbook has it, but if it does, you can hit it within an explosive and it will become the entrance to another area with many rewards. These areas are very different, but they all have extra loot.

    Q: How to bridge the gap between getting to maps and getting the expensive items on an RF inquisitor build?

    A PoB link would help to solve the question.

    Q: What’s the best way to level up in the late 80s?

    If your build is good enough, high-level Temples of Atzoatl can allow you to gain more experience in the high 80s. The most important thing is to avoid the fire/lightning rooms, because they will cause extra damage to each monster, which can quickly become dangerous. In addition, if you have a T3 Corruption room, you can also sell the temple for an exalt.

    The problems encountered by each player are different, so if you are a novice, you can start the game based on the tips from some professional players. This is especially important in builds. If you don't know enough about the game mechanics, it is helpful to refer to other people's existing builds, which can help you dive into the game faster. will also frequently update POE-related news and guidance, which may also help you to some extent, and you can also get more direct help here - POE Currency. Sufficient POE Currency plus some wise strategies will help you reach your goals more quickly.

  • Path Of Exile: Patch 3.15.3 Adds New Options To Stop Item Renders Hidden By Item Filter

    Aug 30, 2021

    GGG recently released patch 3.15. This new update introduces a notable new option that stops items on the ground from rendering if they are hidden by your item filter.

    This new feature is one of the things players have always wanted, especially those with large graphics cards that cannot handle a large amount of loot in certain activities, such as juiced-up delirium and blight maps.

    Another improvement is that players who have purchased $60 or $90 supporter packs can now propagate weapon effects to their off-hand. To do this, you only need to equip the weapon effect on the main hand of the cosmetic panel.

    For bug fixes, the patch has solved the problem that Heist Rogues are not being affected by the increased job speed modifiers. Rogues will not be stuck on the door from now on.

    If you want to know whether Soul of the Brine King Pantheon Power is being bugged, then the answer is yes, it was, but not entirely. Only the part "You cannot be Frozen if you’ve been Frozen" does not work, but it is now fixed.


    * Opening a Map with an “Area contains a Blight Encounter” Enchantment in an Atlas Region with the same Modifier on a Watchstone will no longer consume a charge of the Watchstones Modifier

    * Updated the description on Blight Scarabs to clarify Areas contain a single Blight Encounter (multiple Blight Encounters per area were never possible)

    Bug fixes

    * Fixed a bug where Modifiers that granted the chance for Breach Splinters to drop as Breachstones instead were not working correctly for Breach Splinters dropped from Breach Bosses.

    * Fixed a bug where Modifiers that granted the chance for Legion Splinters to drop as Legion Emblems instead could cause only a single Legion Emblem to drop.

    * Fixed a bug where Heist Trinket that caused Orbs of Transmutation to drop as Regal Orbs would also have a chance to drop them as Orbs of Alchemy or Chaos Orbs.

    Since some players expressed dissatisfaction with Expedition league, GGG has been trying its best to make up for it, wanting to improve the game experience. will track relevant information and update articles in time.

    And cheap POE Currency is also available at, as long as you need it, no matter when you come here to buy, you will receive your purchased Currency within 10-30 minutes after placing the order.

  • Path Of Exile Leveling Guide

    Aug 26, 2021

    In Path Of Exile, leveling guide will be a useful reference for players. Although the league is always being changed, the basic mechanic will not get changed. When the Expedition league was released, some players expressed their dissatisfaction, because the huge challenges always make them feel frustrated. After that, GGG listened to the opinions of the players and released some patches to fix some bugs.

    In Path Of Exile, leveling up your characters is helpful, allowing you to easily deal with powerful bosses in the game.

    Path Of Exile is mainly based on Blizzard's Diablo II. Its difficulty and complexity are quite high, but its core principles are the same. Characters gain experience by completing quests and defeating enemies, develop their abilities, and get updated and more powerful gear to upgrade. Here are some simple tips to help you to level up more effectively.

    * Choose reliable skills to help you stick to the endgame. Many players want to try to develop their final build from the beginning, which is not recommended.

    * Pay attention to the loot. Many loots are not worth occupying your inventory space. Jewelry and accessories are usually worth keeping, in case they come together for a neat combination, otherwise, save space for real valuable items.

    * Keep Scrolls of Wisdom and Portal Scrolls. Orb of Transmutation is very useful as trade fodder to get these scrolls from the vendors.

    * Prioritize items with links, especially 3-link or 4-link items.

    * Farm gems, you can also use other characters if needed. Use different classes to quickly complete the early quests in the game, and then transfer them to your main character, which will quickly store the required gems for rank up quickly.

    Players have mixed opinions on the Expedition League, but everyone is still looking forward to the next league because the unknown league is always the most attractive. POE has accumulated a large number of fans in the past few years, so the devs will take into account the feelings of fans and design a more popular new league.

    Once GGG releases the latest news, will update relevant articles to let you know. Not only that, but we can also provide the POE Currency you need in the game. Of course, the most popular twos are Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb. As for other POE currencies, they are also available on

    As long as you need, you can come to to buy POE Currency at any time. Our staff is online at any time, and live chat is always available.

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