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  • Dual Strike Of Ambidexterity Bleed Slayer In POE 3.23 Can Kill Everything With Ease!

    Dual Strike Of Ambidexterity Bleed Slayer In POE 3.23 Can Kill Everything With Ease!

    Feb 21, 2024

    Greetings Exile, here we will bring a powerful Dual Strike of Ambidexterity Bleed Slayer, which can help you kill everyone on the field easily. If you are interested in this build, then be sure not to miss this guide.

    POE 3.23 introduces a number of amazing gems, including Dual Strike of Ambidexterity. This is a Transfigured version of Dual Strike, requiring you to dual-wield two different weapon types. Your primary hand deals more damage, while your off-hand determines attack speed.

    My original plan was to dual wield Axe and Sword. The off-hand has a high attack speed sword and the primary hand has a high damage axe. But there was a problem with one support. Trauma Support I want to use does not work with the sword. So I re-selected Varunastra and we can now stack Trauma with it.

    Pros & Cons

    Now let’s move on to the gear used in this build. But before that, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this setup.

    This build boasts impressive defenses: 100% Spell Suppression, a powerful 70,000 Armor, and maximum resistances, including the oft-overlooked Chaos resistance.

    This character is both a powerful boss and a reliable mapper. Its high adaptability makes it an excellent choice for a variety of gaming challenges.

    This build has a whopping 66% maximum health, making it effortless to maintain its survivability against Relentless enemies.

    Additionally, harnessing the power of 10 Endurance Charges and 10 Frenzy Charges, this build achieves superior physical damage reduction and a massive increase in overall damage output.

    Its shortcomings are also obvious. The melee nature of this build also brings inherent risks and challenges of close combat. And achieving optimal performance may require a significant POE Currency investment in high-end gear, making it harder for players on a budget to obtain it.

    And the build faces difficulties with specific map modifiers. For example, without leech or reduced life regeneration, too many stacks of Trauma can be fatal to your character.


    Let’s start by discussing our main hand arsenal. We are equipped with the sword Varunastra. Like all one-handed melee weapon types, it can benefit from modifiers.

    As with all one-handed weapons, it is Double Corruption, with the opportunity to Resolute Technique and Fortify implicit skills, giving us a 100% hit rate and the means to fortify ourselves.

    For the off-hand, we immediately equipped Siege Axe, which has the highest base attack speed among axes.

    Its prefixes include Bleed’s physical damage overtime multiplier and mods that increase physical damage over time and increase attack speed by 4%.

    As for suffixes, we increased the attack speed by 27%. Physical damage is multiplied over time and attack speed is increased when close to unique or rare enemies.

    Additionally, we’ve enchanted the axe to increase attack speed by 1% for every 8% increase in Harvest Bench quality.

    The rest of POE items you need to know about this build include:

    • Body Armor: Triumphant Lamellar
    • Helmet: Nightmare Bascinet
    • Gloves: Apothecary’s Gloves
    • Boots: Ralakesh’s Impatience
    • Belt: Corrupted Ryslatha’s Coil Studded Belt
    • Amulet: Stranglegasp
    • Rings: Synthesizing Ring & Kalandra’s Touch


    Now let’s dive into the gems in our gear, which include:

    • Dual Strike of Ambidexterity: Main hand weapon damage increased by 50%, attack time with off-hand weapon.
    • Awakened Brutality: Increases our damage output.
    • Ruthless: Every third attack deals with 100% increased damage
    • Bleed Chance: Increases blood damage, with a 25% chance to cause blood and additional physical damage.
    • Volatility: Provides greater maximum physical attack damage. We can replace it with Awakened Melee Splash Support, while mapping for improved clearing capabilities.
    • Trauma: Grants flat physical damage per Trauma stack, while dual-wielding provides twice the flat physical damage per Trauma stack.


    For Ascendancy, we chose Warden of the Maji. I chose this Ascendancy to get the attack range from Tincture. Without enough range, attacks can feel underwhelming.

    Starting with Coated Blade, this allows us to use Oakbranch Tincture. This gives Culling Strike, increasing our strike range and causing enemies to take extra damage when they are low on health.

    Next, we will use Intensifying Suffusion, which will amplify Tincture effect of each flask slot.

    Then there’s Nature’s Concoction, which causes flasks in the socket near Tincture to gain Flask Charges and enhance the effect after hitting an enemy with the weapon.

    Finally, we choose Detect Evil, which prevents marked enemies from blocking or suppressing your attacks and marks notable enemies on your mini-map.

    That’s it for our Dual Strike of Ambidexterity Trauma Stacker Bleed Slayer build. I do realize that this build is quite expensive and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with an SSF or budget. But if you have enough budget, it will easily help you clear everything.

  • The Best Strategies To Master This Corpse Explode Poison Pathfinder In POE 3.23

    The Best Strategies To Master This Corpse Explode Poison Pathfinder In POE 3.23

    Feb 19, 2024

    Welcome to our Path of Exile 3.23 build guide, where we’ll be sharing my Corpse Explode Poison Pathfinder build. With this guide, you’ll find the best tips, strategies, and techniques for mastering this absolutely unique and explosive build.

    Build Concepts

    It all starts with Affliction League’s charms. We pay special attention to this delightful mod.

    When you cast Warcry, nearby corpses explode. The damage done by this explosion depends on the monster’s health. If we stack three charms, each corpse we detonate will deal 18% of its health as physical damage.

    At this point, we have a build. Cast Desecrate first to create a pile of corpses, then detonate them with Warcry. This is a good beginning. Of course, more POE Currency is essential if you are interested in making this build.

    How To Create An Automated Build?

    Let’s see how to create an engine to automate the build. Eternal Apple is an unusual shield built around Warcry. When you hold this thing and lose any Endurance Charges, you trigger the socketed Warcry skill.

    We can make sure we lose Endurance Charges with Replica Fragility Crimson Jewel, which pops up every second.

    What we need now is a way to continuously obtain charges. To do this, we need Enduring Composure Cluster Jewel Passive. With this, if we’ve been hit recently, we’ll definitely gain Endurance Charges every second.

    So, how do we make sure we always get hit so that we can consistently trigger Enduring Composure? You need a unique helm, Scold’s Bridle, which deals with physical damage to you based on the mana you spend.

    This build only has a few mana-consuming abilities, which are enough to deal with negligible self-damage and trigger Enduring Composure.

    Now we’re ready to use Unearth, a spell that fires projectiles to create corpses. It is linked to Cast when Stunned Support.

    So how do we make sure the hit is enough to stun us and automatically cast Unearth? The most effective method is Energy Shield Mastery. This will adjust our Stun Threshold so that it is based on our Energy Shield rather than health. This works very well as long as our Energy Shield is as small as possible.

    This setup also requires the use of Immutable Force, a gem that greatly increases our stun recovery.

    Warcry Cooldown Reduced

    The engine starts running! The first concern is our Warcry cooldown recovery rate. If our Warcrys are too slow, they trigger less than once per second and the build will feel anemic.

    However, Eternal Apple has some Warcry cooldown reduction built in. We can get more damage buffs with this combo.

    Also, we need to increase the quality of Warcry gems to 23%, which again increases our cooldown recovery rate to where it needs to be.


    Regarding corpses, we will also self-cast Desecrate when encountering difficult content such as bosses. The corpse limits for Unearth and Desecrate are separate, so it makes sense to have both.

    To get the most out of Desecrate, there’s a neat trick you may not know about. We actually get to choose what kind of corpse we want to create. If we pick up a Raise Specter gem and use it once, we can continue to summon corpses.

    We recommend that you find the corpse of Kitava’s Herald monster first, as it has high health and is perfect for our corpse explosion.

    How To Scale Damage?

    To amplify our damage, we’ve also built in poisons, implementing a 100% chance of being poisoned from these sources.

    Poison is a good choice here because multiple poison instances stack up when an object is hit by multiple explosions. With this setup, we can also take full advantage of Chaos damage scaling on the tree and debuffs like Wither.

    Build Defense

    This build of defense is tricky because we have some unique problems to solve.

    We didn’t invest in evasion because getting hit more often means more bodies. We also cannot use Energy Shield as we are trying to keep Stun Threshold as low as possible via the associated ES Mastery.

    However, there is an elegant solution, Bloodnotch. This gem restores life from stunning hits, and since we are often stunned, this is very effective.

    Otherwise, the focus is on mitigation. Our body armor, Lightning Coil, converts some of the physical damage we take into lightning damage, which is easier to mitigate. Our Taste of Hate also has similar properties, converting damage caused by physical attacks into cold damage. Defiance of Destiny provides life before each enemy attacks us.

    Bleed Immunity

    You’ll also notice that the fact that we don’t have a huge health pool, combined with the amount of self-damage we take, makes damage over time effects like Bleed especially dangerous. So we also went to great lengths to get Bleed immunity.

    Overall, Corpse Explode Poison Pathfinder build is smooth and effective, combining a variety of creative mechanics into one powerful machine. Depending on the budget, it excels at clearing difficult content, such as juiced maps and Simulacrums. It’s a little crazy, but it’s fun, and it’s very effective.

  • Key Information About The Potent Hexblast Mines Saboteur Build In POE 3.23

    Key Information About The Potent Hexblast Mines Saboteur Build In POE 3.23

    Feb 18, 2024

    Greetings and welcome to this Path of Exile 3.23 build review. Today, we'll be examining the explosive and formidable Hexblast Mines Saboteur with the Shadow class. So, without any more delay, let's begin our exploration.


    Hexblast proves to be an interesting skill, demonstrating its efficacy by inflicting substantial additional damage upon enemies already afflicted with curses. Moreover, it unleashes a formidable burst of energy capable of annihilating all surrounding monsters. Hence, maintaining a state of curse upon our adversaries becomes paramount in maximizing the skill's potential impact.


    As for the budget, this build is exceptionally budget-friendly. You can get it to destroy early endgame maps with only around 70 chaos. To comfortably advance to yellow maps, I recommend investing around 150 chaos orbs. And for easily completing Atlas maps, I recommend investing around 4 divine orbs.

    You only need 1 mandatory unique POE Item for this build: the Profane Proxy ring that causes one of your Skitterbots to have a curse aura. In this way, the enemies you hit with your Hexblast are always going to trigger the big area damage, increasing your clear speed.

    About The Build

    Pros: To list the pros of this build, I would start with how powerful it gets with low investment. You don't have to invest a substantial amount of POE Currency to execute this build effectively. With cheap and easy-to-find items, we’re going to make bosses disappear with chain reactions.

    Part of that is because Hexblast can naturally shock, freeze, and ignite enemies. And if that wasn’t good enough, it also considers the lowest resistance the enemy has before calculating the damage. This build is also very fast and deals a lot of area damage. It’s super satisfying to clear maps this way. Above all, you can throw your mines from a long distance and stay far from danger.

    Cons: Now, let’s discuss the cons. Some players just can’t get used to the detonation mechanic, but it’s worth to give it a try because I think mine builds have huge potential. Another downside is that this character is not very tanky. Because of that, you need to always mind your position, or you might die.

    Clear Speed: For clear speed, I’ll give this build 9 out of 10. The speed at which you maneuver is exceptional, and the explosive of your mines covers a wide area, swiftly dispatching multiple foes simultaneously. Navigating maps with this character feels remarkably seamless and effortless, making it a highly enjoyable experience for clearing out swathes of monsters.

    Boss Damage: The boss damage is also amazing, deserving 9 out of 10. Its ability to stack numerous mines and obliterate bosses with a monumental detonation is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Even with a low budget, the build exhibits an astonishing capacity for dealing immense single-target damage, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness in taking down formidable adversaries.

    Survivability: For survivability, I’ll give it 8 out of 10. Even though you have armor, evasion, spell suppression, and can throw your mines from a big distance, this build is still not very tanky and needs to stay still from time to time to deploy the mines.

  • An OP Build For Dominating Guardian Maps & Invitations In Path Of Exile 3.23 - Ignite Death Wish Elementalist

    An OP Build For Dominating Guardian Maps & Invitations In Path Of Exile 3.23 - Ignite Death Wish Elementalist

    Feb 17, 2024

    Do you want to blast guardian maps and invitations in Path of Exile 3.23? Here, I would like to highly recommend Ignite Death Wish Elementalist build. If you're interested in making this build, you'd better have plenty of POE Currency.

    About The Build

    The central item in this build is the Maw of Mischief, a unique bone helmet. This item provides a level 20 Death Wish ability that triggers the detonation of the character’s minions, inflicting 19% of their maximum life as fire damage.

    The Perfect Dark Marionette, acquired from the Breaker of Oaths in The Vidian Wildwood, is another crucial component. In addition to exploding for an extra 15% of its maximum life upon death, it also scorches enemies in the vicinity, further weakening their elemental resistances.

    With a level 83 Dark Marionette boasting over 92,000 life, it forms the foundation for amplifying the build’s ignite damage.

    Ways To Increase Minion Life

    To attain a level 83 Dark Marionette, the strategy involves elevating the gem level of Raise Spectre to 32. This is achieved through the utilization of Pragmatism and the incorporation of a level 21 Raise Spectre gem linked with a level 20 Minion Life Support and a level 4 Empower Support.

    Through an Elegant Hubris commission to Caspiro, the build gains the ability to allocate 3 Axiom Warden nodes, resulting in a significant 240% increase in minion life. This commission also enables the build to ignore stat attribute requirements by allocating Supreme Ostentation.

    Cluster jewels play a crucial role in acquiring additional passives like Raze and Pillage, Feasting Fiends, Hulking Corpses, Life from Death, and Blessed Rebirth. The collective effect of these passives further bolsters the life pool of the specters.

    Ways To Increase Ignite Damage

    The Scourge is used to allow increased minion damage to affect the character at 150% of their value. 

    This allows the build to benefit from passives, such as Redemption and Righteous Army. Bitterbind Point increases the life pool of the Dark Marionet and also grants Arcane Surge, as well as high crit chance to sustain Elemental Overload

    A “That Which Was Taken” Jewel grants the build more exposure effects as well as the ability to cover unique enemies in ash because the highest damage type dealt by Death Wish is also fire damage. 

    The build can take full advantage of the Shaper of Flames ascendancy. Mastermind of Discord increases any fire exposure inflicted by another 25%. And Heart of Destruction gives a free 30% more multiplier when fighting unique monsters.

    Clear Speed & Single Target

    Berek’s Respite is a unique ring that spreads ignites from slain enemies.

    This allows the build to achieve screen wide clears from a single Death Wish. This is typically used when clearing maps or farming high mob density mechanics, such as Abyss, Expedition or Legion.

    For boss fights, the build will swap out Berek’s Respite for a Replica Emberwake. This ring will significantly increase ignite DPS at the cost of a greatly reduced ignite duration.

    Defiled Forces allows the build to infinitely sustain ignites on enemies, which bypasses the downside of using Replica Emberwake.

    To automate the process of continuous curse application, an Arcanist Brand is used to cast Elemental Weakness, Flammability, and Flame Surge on any mob of interest.


    This build doesn’t have many layers of defense and is effectively a glass cannon. It has a low physical max hit and succeeds mainly by slaying enemies before they can react or respond. 

    However, to alleviate some of the pain involved with the build that constantly dies, this setup uses a Defiance of Destiny to regain a portion of missing life before every hit is calculated allocating.

    The nodes around Instinct running 3 suppression based charms (Pathfinder’s Lupine Charm of the Raider, Saboteur’s Lupine Charm of the Raider & Lupine Charm of the Raider) and rolling suppression on the boots (Gloom Slippers) and gloves (Foe Fingers) allow the character to reach a 90% chance to suppress all spell damage.

    This build makes use of the Bloodnotch and Immutable Force combo, which allows for tremendous recovery from stunning hits.

    To guarantee that enemy hits stun the character, the build combines Eldrich Battery with Energy Shield Mastery that makes stun thresholds scale with energy shield.


    For the flask setup, this build uses a Granite Flask (Flagellant’s Granite Flask of the Impala) and a Jade Flask (Flagellant’s Jade Flask of the Armadillo) with the prefix that gains charges when the character is hit for maximum uptime.

    A Taste of Hate is also leveraged for a bit of physical damage shift that can slightly improve the physical max hit of the build.

  • Uncover The Secrets Of The Ball Lightning Of Static Totem Hierophant Build In POE 3.23

    Uncover The Secrets Of The Ball Lightning Of Static Totem Hierophant Build In POE 3.23

    Feb 16, 2024

    Hello, Builders! Allow me to present a comprehensive guide to the Ball Lightning of Static Totem build in Path of Exile 3.23. This build is powerful but budget-friendly, making it an excellent choice for all players to explore.

    How It Works

    The Ball Lightning of Static is a fresh iteration of a fundamental Lightning spell. It inflicts lightning hit damage to nearby enemies. True to its name, this version remains static, enabling it to strike the same stationary target repeatedly. It has shed its classification as a projectile. A clever strategy to maintain swift clear speed is by employing totems. Each totem has the capability to unleash its own static ball lightning at the nearest enemy, each with its individual cooldown. Similar to Flame Dash, this rendition of Ball Lightning operates with cooldowns and charges.

    You’re allowed to have as many Ball Lightning of Static as you can conjure, as they do have a fixed duration and hit frequency. And the best way to increase your DPS is by placing more totems or by reducing your cooldown recovery rate. Your defensive layers are Mana, armor, evasion, spell suppression, block chance, and life. Mana regeneration energy shield is somewhat high. It can struggle with life and mana recovery after an injury, especially a physical one, as the armor rating is lacking. Clear speed is as good as any other totem build after getting some cooldown recovery rate.

    The obvious choice for most spell totem builds is a Hierophant. Your totems aim for the enemy automatically, so killing bosses requires no skill at all. The damage is high, and the build will work perfectly fine with little POE Currency. The more you spend on it, the better it gets.

    Unique Items

    The build does not need any unique items. You can assemble it in an SSF environment. However, I also recommend Mark of the Shaper ring, Algar Mortis gloves, and Ashes of the Stars amulet. These are the best in slot items, at least for a regular player. If you feel like your damage is not enough, even after acquiring a good weapon, get the Soul Mantle body armor. Viridi’s Veil helmet can be used with one magic ring to be Hexproof.

    Consider it only if you’re wearing Soul Mantle. Use Soul Mantle for the built-in Spell Totem Support gems. A good rare body armor is still better unless you have a corrupted Soul Mantle with +2 or even +3 if twice corrupted to level of socketed AOE gems. Be sure you’re Hexproof if wearing it.

    Algar Mortis gloves are the best and Ashes is the best amulet. The extra skill gem level improves damage whilst the quality upgrades all your skill gems, which is particularly great in Ball Lightning of Static, Flame Dash and many others. Only the finest rare amulet can outclass it.

    Mark of the Shaper adds lightning damage to spells and increases spell damage by 80%. If your other rare ring is influenced by Elder, it has maximum life, some energy shield, and a Volatile Anomaly, which is not really that good. The Self-Flagellation jewel is good only with Soul Mantle and while Hexproof. It increases your damage by a lot. Look for crit chance and Elemental Penetration mods on your Watcher’s Eye.

    Rare Items

    Focus on cooldown recovery rate, spell damage, and critical strike chance to maximize your DPS. If you want to be even more tanky, seek physical damage reduction, chaos resistance, and spell suppression chance. You can even reach a 100% spell suppression chance with the right POE Items.

    Use the rare helmet for maximum life, maximum Mana, resistances, and spell suppression chance. It’s also an opportunity to reduce physical damage taken. Seek physical damage taken as fire damage as Eldritch Implicit. The other one may increase your crit chance for spells. A +1/+2 wand for lightning spells with additional maximum Mana, spell damage, and critical strike chance for spells is what you should look for. Cast speed is not needed.

    Get a Shaper shield for +1 maximum totem. There are tons of other modifiers a spell shield has to offer. Maximum life, crit chance, spell damage, maximum Mana, and spell suppression are the most important. A basic armor with a lot of maximum life, resistances, spell suppression, and maximum Mana will be perfect. Remember to craft a prefix that shifts a portion of physical damage to fire and lightning for the eldritch mods.

    The Scintillating Idea notable from a Large Cluster Jewel is the most important. It grants maximum Mana and lightning penetration. Supercharge is better the lower your crit chance is, which we don’t expect to be capped. Medium Cluster Jewels, Sleepless Sentries, is used for Onslaught, while Ancestral Reach increases totem damage, placement speed, and placement range.


    Use Bottled Faith for consecrated ground, which grants more damage and increased crit chance against enemies on it. Use it during boss fights. You should also implement one life flask that stops bleeding, a diamond granite, and Quicksilver Flasks with suffixes for increased crit chance, movement speed, and armor.


    Ball Lightning of Static, a stationary ball with fixed hit frequency and duration. It stores charges that are regained over time. It has no limit on how many balls you can have. The only restriction is your cooldown recovery rate. Improved with gem quality and totem limit. Link it with awakened lightning penetration, cruelty, increased critical strikes, increased critical damage, and Spell Totem Support gems.

    Place Searing Bond totems to benefit from the Ironwood notable and Ritual of Awakening passive. With multiple totems, Ashes, and Level 4 enhance, you will summon 14 totems. Link them to multiple totems, enhance, and make space for Flame Dash too. It lets you dash around. Quality improves its cooldown recovery rate.

    Arcanist Brand casts linked spells with each activation while being attached to an enemy. These spells are Creeping Frost, which conjures chilled ground beneath the target so that you can benefit from Algar Mortis and Assassin’s Mark, which increases your Critical Strike chance and Critical Strike multiplier against marked enemies. Support them with a faster casting gem.

    Arcane Cloak sacrifices a portion of your actual Mana, which is mostly unreserved, to create a protective barrier around you. It’s a potent defensive layer in this build. As you spend Mana inside the sigil of power, you gain additional lightning damage and you take less damage. Link these 2 with increased duration and Arcane Surge support to gain powerful and long-lasting buffs. Wrath simply grants you more lightning damage with spells.

    With Divine Blessing, Wrath is now a temporary spell aura that you can activate when you need more damage. It costs a lot of Mana, so link it to Inspiration support. Vitality regenerates a fixed amount of Life over time. Clarity regenerates Mana over time. As you activate Righteous Fire, you deal more spell damage for the next few seconds. It consumes your life and ES.

    Bandits & Pantheon

    Kill all the bandits in the second act and be rewarded with 2 additional skill points. For a major God, we recommend Brine King for freeze immunity and some resistance to stuns. Soul of Solaris can be used instead if you plan to fight a pinnacle boss. Soul of Garukhan for 60% reduced effect of shock on you to prevent getting one-tapped is a good choice, but so are other minor Gods.

    Skill Tree

    The passive skill tree will supply you with maximum life, maximum Mana, totem damage, critical passives, lightning and elemental damage. Pick up Ancestral Bond, Magebane, Mind Over Matter, and Iron Will keystones.

    For masteries, get 50 extra life as Life Mastery, 25% chance to treat enemy resistance as inverted for Elemental Mastery, reservation efficiency, and Mana recovery on guard skill use as 2 Mana masteries, 5% of damage taken from totems first, and 60% increased totem crit chance have summoned a totem recently as 2 totem masteries plus 25% crit multiplier against unique enemies is Critical Mastery, maximum Mana to affect shock effect is Lightning Mastery, and increased charge duration is Charge Mastery, but only if you have the frenzy charge every 15 seconds implicit on your body armor and additional 15% spell suppression chance is Evasion Mastery if you meet the condition.

  • How About This Poison Tornado Shot Pathfinder In POE 3.23? - Mapping Showcase & Build Guide

    How About This Poison Tornado Shot Pathfinder In POE 3.23? - Mapping Showcase & Build Guide

    Feb 16, 2024

    Hello, Exiles! Here we are going to bring a powerful mapper. But if you’re looking for a boss killer, then this guide may not be for you. That is, this build can deal with all normal bosses, but not the uber ones.

    Here we’re going to try Tornado Shot and Poison, and with the help of new technology Tinctures, combine these things into Poison Tornado Shot Pathfinder that I’m showing you now.

    Core Concept

    This build is an Elemental Poison build. The core items of this build are Tinctures, which increase all damage from poisons. And with this, I can use Elemental Thicket Bow. Without the use of such Tinctures, poisons only deal physical damage and chaos damage.

    This build uses Pathfinder Ascendancy because it has crazy synergy with Poison Tornado Shot and the new Ascendancy, Warden of the Maji.

    Pathfinder provides an enormous boost to poison damage, while Warden of the Maji provides more Flask Charges and the ability to use Tinctures.


    Tinctures only grant elemental damage the ability to poison, so you still need to stack the chance of poisoning.

    We could achieve 100% poison chance with weapons, Passive Tree and Herald of Agony. Besides elemental damage, we also need to stack DoT multipliers and skill effect durations as much as possible.

    Attack speed is also very important, as you need to inflict as much poison as possible on your enemy in a short amount of time.

    This build uses double curses - Despair and Temporal Chains to further amplify poison damage. Our damage can be much higher, so I sacrificed some damage equipment and replaced it with MF equipment. Still, I think the damage is enough for tier 16 maps, unless you want more than 8k Wisps.

    How To Improve Clear Speed?

    Tornado Shot can only fire 7 projectiles because I’m not Deadeye and I don’t use Dying Sun. Therefore, there are only 4 additional ones from GMP and 2 additional ones from Passive Tree.

    However, I got the extra Pierce from Passive Tree and my Eldritch Gloves Implicit, so the clear speed is still pretty good.

    Another way to increase clear speed is to spend POE Currency to invest in some projectile speed. When the projectile speed is sufficient, the range of the secondary projectile can cover the entire screen, and standing in the middle can clear the entire screen.


    Defensively, I’d say this build is very tanky because I purposely built it that way to handle Affliction mechanic.

    First, this build has 100% spell suppression and about 70% chaos resistance. Basically, I can ignore most of the chaos damage when mapping.

    We currently have 73% physical damage reduction from Lightning Coil, Taste of Hate, and Watcher’s Eye.

    Leech is useless for this build, but with Nature’s Adrenaline, I can basically spam my Life Flasks and have about 2000 life regeneration all the time.


    Continue with gear settings. I actually had POB planned two weeks ago, but the build process was more difficult than I thought, especially the crafting part. Here are some of the unique items needed to complete this build:

    • Weapon: Woe Mark Thicket Bow
    • Helmet: Soul Star Sinner Tricorne
    • Quiver: Golem Quill
    • Rings: Ventor’s Gamble & Cataclysm Loop
    • Amulet: Defiance of Destiny
    • Body Armor: Lightning Coil
    • Gloves: Brimstone Grasp
    • Belt: Invasion Buckle
    • Boots: Goldwyrm


    As for flasks, you can only use 4 since the last slot must be reserved for Poisonberry Tincture.

    Among them, Rage is very good because it provides more attack speed, damage and movement speed. Taste of Hate is also a good choice. Since I have Master Surgeon, I just have to spam my Life Flasks while I’m drawing the map to get decent life regeneration.

    How To Solve The Mana Problem?

    It’s worth noting that this build has slight mana issues, but nothing major. Divination Distillate works like a mana flask. My ring gained a negative mana cost and also reduced the mana cost of my helm.

    In addition, it is important to improve the efficiency of mana reservation. I got it from my Helmet, Passive Tree and Enlighten Support. If that’s not enough, you can grab Life Mastery “skill consumes life instead of 30% mana” and you should be fine.


    We’ve put about 170 Divine Orbs into this build so far. I was trying to build something with decent damage, tanking abilities, and some MF on a reasonable budget. But of course, Tornado Shot builds are always expensive, not to mention everything in this league is extra expensive.

    If you want to focus on a specific aspect, say, pure boss killer or pure MF build, you can always find something better and cheaper elsewhere.

    I tried to fit everything into this build. Even though this isn’t the best build, however, I had a lot of fun with this build. Hope you like it. See you next time.

  • How To Craft This Unique Popcorn Specters Build In POE 3.23 With Dark Marionette?

    How To Craft This Unique Popcorn Specters Build In POE 3.23 With Dark Marionette?

    Feb 07, 2024

    In this guide, we’ll focus on BalorMage’s Popcorn Specters build. This build also showcases his clever use of the newly introduced Dark Marionette Specters in Affliction League. His entire purpose is to burn, explode, reform, and repeat.

    If you’re interested in this Popcorn Specters build, don’t miss this guide. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    How Does It Work?

    Affliction League introduces Breaker of Oaths, a strange corpse-selling NPC. These corpses can be animated using Raise Specter.

    Many of the people here have unique abilities not found elsewhere, and one in particular caught BalorMage’s attention, and that’s Dark Marionette. It can reorganize after death - unlike normal spectres who must be resurrected from a new body.

    At higher corpse levels, the monster also gains the ability to explode on death. This is because BalorMage is using Minion Instability Keystone, which will detonate the minions when they are low on health.

    Also, he supports these spectres by using Infernal Legion, which burns them to death and causes explosions. After a few moments, each minion will regroup and unleash a never-ending cycle of pain on the enemy!

    How To Use Dark Marionettes?

    All of our damage comes from these Exploding Dark Marionettes, so how do we make the most of them?

    Obviously, the more we have, the better. We need more spectra from different sources. To reach seven, we must also spend Divine Orbs to roll Raise Specter gem to level 25.

    Dark Marionettes itself are divided into three tiers. The top tiers are ideal because they apply Scorch, a handy debuff that reduces an enemy’s elemental resistances. Having said that, this grade is the rarest and most expensive. So BalorMage explains that you can get away with just having a few Perfect Dark Marionettes in your retinue.

    Besides, we can direct spectres by casting spells in the direction we want them to move. Here, we can use Arcanist Brand. This skill is convenient because it allows us to automatically trigger more debuffs: Flammability and Wave of Conviction.

    How To Balance Minion Speed?

    The fluidity of the game is at the core of the build design. So the one problem with this setup is that we have to balance the speed of our minions with the speed at which our minions die so that they get to their destination before exploding.

    Here, one technique Balor uses is Maligaro’s Lens. This shield reduces your elemental resistance. However, when combined with Necromantic Aegis Keystone, the shield’s effect is applied to our minions instead. Our minions explode faster because of lower resistance.

    In this regard, it is important to note that Minion Elemental Resistance blocks the build. It is important that our Raise Specter gems are of 0% quality, otherwise they will be more resistant than needed.

    Overall, our damage output is impeccable and the build’s biggest strengths are its consistency and automation. No matter how we move, dodge, lag or whatever, spectres continue to spawn and explode.

    How To Get More Block Chance?

    Since we can duck as much as we want, this is a defensive aid in itself. But we’re also squeezing in as many other layers of defense as our POE currency budget allows.

    It is worth noting our significant block chance. How do we achieve these numbers without statistics for shields? The answer is Bone Offering.

    This skill consumes corpses to gain a block chance, usually for our minions. But since we are Necromancers, we can use this Ascendancy node to direct some of these rewards to ourselves.

    By using Wildwood Primalist Ascendancy available in Affliction League, we can further increase the effectiveness of Bone Offering. In the meantime, the skill tree allows us to stack charms, thereby increasing the effectiveness of Bone Offering and gaining more block chances.

    We can also automate it by putting Bone Offering into the wand and the mod will automatically trigger the skill.

    The version we are showing today is actually a budget version developed by BalorMage in the private league. The build is smooth, easy to follow, and the theme is scary, which we loved.

  • Is Venom Gyre Deadeye In Path Of Exile 3.23 Worth Trying? - My Personal Opinion

    Is Venom Gyre Deadeye In Path Of Exile 3.23 Worth Trying? - My Personal Opinion

    Feb 06, 2024

    Fellow Exiles, welcome to another exciting POE 3.23 build review. I’ll show you all the information you need to decide if this Venom Gyre Deadeye build is right for you in just a few minutes.

    This is a short Venom Gyre Deadeye build guide outlining how to craft and use Venom Gyre Deadeye in Path of Exile 3.23. This guide covers important aspects of the build, including its pros and cons, unique mechanics, endgame scaling potential and gear requirement strategies, and more.

    Venom Gyre Deadeye

    Today’s build is for those of you who like to destroy the game with a cheap yet powerful build, Venom Gyre Deadeye with Ranger class.

    Venom Gyre is a very interesting skill that fires projectiles that hit enemies and come back to you. When the projectile returns, it also deals with damage to everything in its path. You can keep and stack up to 30 times. When you use Whirling Blades movement skill, they will all be released.

    Pros & Cons

    I don’t even know where to start listing the pros of this build. It has amazing clear speed, boss damage and huge effective HP. Best of all, it’s cheap and easy to assemble and doesn’t even require any mandatory unique items. This means that you only need to spend very little POE Currency to easily complete the endgame.

    Now for the cons list, the real challenge here is that it’s hard to find something not to like on this build. However, I would say that like most builds, it is also vulnerable to Chaos damage unless you invest in Chaos Resistance gear.


    As for budget, this build is cheap. You only need about 90 Chaos Orbs to destroy early endgame maps. To easily advance to Yellow Maps, you need to invest around 120 Chaos Orbs. If you want to complete Atlas easily, I recommend investing in about 4 Divine Orbs.

    And like I said before, there aren’t even any mandatory unique items required to complete this Venom Gyre Deadeye build. Therefore, this is definitely the best build option for low-budget players to challenge difficult content.

    Clear Speed

    I would give this build a 10 out of 10 for clear speed. The damage Venom Gyre projectile does on screen is already powerful. But now with Deadeye, it can provide a lot of speed and many buffs to projectiles. The result is what you see, this build easily melts everything in the tier-16 endgame.

    Boss Damage

    Its boss damage is also 10 out of 10. You can use Vaal Venom Gyre to instantly have 50 stacking projectiles, and use Whirling Blades to take down bosses with amazing shotgun effects. This is so unreal and I can’t believe it hasn’t been nerfed again.


    I would give this build a 9 for its survivability. This build has an effective HP of over 80,000 thanks to High Armor, High Evasion, Spell Suppression and Block Chance. Therefore, this build also has certain advantages when facing some powerful bosses.

    Overall, this build is a powerful build in Path of Exile 3.23 that is great for mapping and has low gear level efficiency. So, what do you think of this Venom Gyre Deadeye build? Have a great day and don’t forget to keep building!

  • How About This Tornado Shot Deadeye Build In Path Of Exile 3.23?

    How About This Tornado Shot Deadeye Build In Path Of Exile 3.23?

    Feb 05, 2024

    Welcome to another exciting Path of Exile 3.23 build review. I’ll show you all the information you need to decide if this Tornado Shot Deadeye build is right for you in just a few minutes. If that’s it, then you shouldn’t miss this build guide. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Tornado Shot Deadeye

    In my opinion, today’s build is the strongest Archer build, Tornado Shot Deadeye with Ranger class. Tornado Shot is so powerful that it doesn’t even require Returning Projectiles Support Gem. This way you can keep your Mirage Archer at a smoother clear speed, like I did with my Lightning Arrow build.

    The complete guide to this build also includes two versions, budget and complete, each with its own PoB and passive tree. So even if your POE Currency budget is low, you can start this build and upgrade it later.

    Pros & Cons

    To list the pros of this version, I have to start talking about Tornado Shot’s play through speed and boss damage. You’ll clear the map in less than a minute and kill the boss in less than a second. And the build isn’t complicated to assemble. I totally recommend it to everyone.

    Now to list the cons, I would say that this build is not very tanky even if you have some layers of defense. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of ranged attacks and stay out of danger when using this build. If you don’t keep an eye on your location, you might die.


    Regarding budget, you only need about 80 Chaos Orbs to destroy early endgame maps. To easily advance to Yellow Maps, I recommend investing around 150 Chaos Orbs. You can also go ahead and invest in about 4 Divine Orbs to easily complete your Atlas. But if it is the complete version, at least 4 Divine Orbs need to be invested.

    In the budget version, you only need to add one mandatory unique item to this build, Yoke of Suffering Amulet. This will cause all your elemental damage to shock the enemy, so our enemy will take more damage.

    On the other hand, in the complete version, besides Yoke of Suffering, you will also need Lioneye’s Fall and Thread of Hope Unique Jewels. They’re expensive, but can greatly increase your damage.

    Clear Speed

    For clear speed, I would give this build a 10 out of 10. You can fire many projectiles at a high attack speed, which explode into more projectiles and chain-attack enemies, making them bounce off walls. Then you can also go wherever you go and kill enemies you never had the chance to see.

    Boss Damage

    Of course, its boss damage is also amazing and deserves a full 10 points. Tornado Shot is powerful, and with the help of your Ballistas, you’ll kill bosses so quickly they won’t even be noticed.


    I would give this build an 8 out of 10 for its survivability. Even if you have Armor, Evasion, Spell Suppression and it can kill enemies from a long distance, this build is not very tanky. If you don’t pay attention to your position on time, you will die at any time.

    That’s it for today. What do you think of this Tornado Shot Deadeye build? Have a great day and don’t forget to keep building!

  • A Detailed Guide On How To Craft The Golembrand Witch In Path Of Exile 3.23

    A Detailed Guide On How To Craft The Golembrand Witch In Path Of Exile 3.23

    Feb 05, 2024

    I'll guide you through the process of crafting a Golembrand Witch - a remarkably adaptable and straightforward minion build in Path of Exile 3.23. With no prerequisite gear necessary, it serves as an excellent choice for a league starter or as a foundational build for those eager to experiment with the latest transfigured spell gems.

    Stock up on plenty of POE Currency to successfully finish this captivating build.

    How It Works

    You’ll have 4 Golems. However, they’re just buff bots and get automatically resummoned if they die. That’s what I meant earlier when I said it was a minion build. Originally, I was going to use Storm Brand of Indecision. If you do choose to use that, just know that your damage will struggle to push deep into the endgame. Instead, you can swap over to Penance Brand, particularly the new Penance Brand of Dissipation, and immediately steamroll Elder Slayers and Pinnacle bosses. In fact, you could even make a fire or a cold variant of this build, but this guide is only going to focus on the primary lightning version.

    Damage & Resistance

    The key to your damage is having a gigantically overpowered lightning exposure and applying it easily on every single cast with Wave of Conviction. Not only do you get the inherent exposure from Wave of Conviction, but your ascendancy Mastermind of Discord will further lower enemy resistances by another 25%.

    You can head to the Wildwood and pick up Charms that will push another 7% per Charm. As you’re also using lightning skills, you can toss down an Orb of Storms with Hextouch to apply conductivity without ever having to cast it yourself. Basically, nothing will ever be able to resist your lightning damage with this build.

    Defensively, this build has far more toughness and sustain than it has any business having. You will have immediate mediocre armor total, but the massively added physical damage reduction from your Chaos Golem buff will make you a very tanky caster.


    Then we will discuss POE Items. You’re going to be wearing Templar armor with a caster shield and either using Wand or Scepter. You’re still going to want to find all the traditional caster stats like increased spell gem level, added lightning damage, and increased damage. However, the main stat that you’re going to want to chase is increased cast speed. Your brands are your primary source of damage, and you want them firing as often as possible.

    Swiftbrand Support

    If you’re using Penance Brand of Dissipation, this actually brings up a very weird conflict with the Swiftbrand Support. If you were using Storm Brand or Armageddon Brand, Swiftbrand is an automatic include because it simply equates to more damage at the cost of needing to recast the brand more often. Penance Brand of Dissipation is different, because of the innate energy mechanic.

    The vast majority of your Penance Brand damage is going to come from pulses at 20 energy. Swiftbrand will get you to 20 energy faster, but it has a disproportionately harsher penalty on the duration of your brand. Your damage ramps up much faster, but you get proportionally fewer activations at 20 energy.

    The key to understanding Swiftbrand with Penance Brand of Dissipation is knowing your damage uptime. If you are in any situation where you can just sit mostly still and cast your rotation, then Swiftbrand is a great choice and it will significantly increase your damage. On the other hand, if you’re doing something like a long boss fight that requires a lot of movement, then it’s best to drop Swiftbrand because you’re not going to maintain the necessary uptime to make it worth using.

    Support Gems & Auras

    Besides Swift brand, which you will want to use, you will also use the physical to Lightning, faster casting, lightning penetration, and Spellblade Support on Wave of Conviction. You’re going to use physical to Lightning, Arcane Surge, and Innervate on Orb of Storms. You’ll use Hextouch and Conductivity. You also have an optional fourth link here that honestly doesn’t really matter. You could put something like a minion support on your Golem or something on Orb of Storms, or leave it empty. It honestly doesn’t make much of a difference, so I just use increased AOE on there.

    You also get to aura stack, though you won’t get to add in your final aura until you’ve gotten an Enlightened gem. You’ll use Clarity, Zealotry, Determination, and Herald of Thunder. The reason that you’re using Zealotry instead of Wrath is because the added crit helps smooth out Elemental Overload, and the consecrated ground is just great to passively generate.

    Early Gameplay & Level Up

    If you want to play a Golembrand Witch, all you really need to do is just make a Witch and start playing. Early on, you can use pretty much whatever Lightning spell you want, whether it’s Lightning Tendrils or Spark. Whatever you’re going to want to get, Orb of Storms after you finish the Breaking Some Eggs quest. Once you hit the Cavern of Wrath, swap out your original Lightning spell so that you have Arc, Storm Brand, and Orb of Storms.

    But one thing that’s a little unfortunate in this build is that you don’t get Wave of Conviction until Act 2, Penance Brand until Act 3, or your Golems until Act 4. Early on, this build feels like a very generic and honestly pretty mediocre caster. But then, it just turns on right as you head into Act 5. Because of that, you do kind of want to focus on your damage early, because your damage can be quite mediocre.

    Passive Tree

    To level up your passive tree, take the left-hand path out of the witch starting area and then cut in to take Arcanist’s Dominion. Go up to take Lightning Walker, then head across to the left and down to the Templar area to take Discipline and Training, Holy Dominion, and Light of Divinity. Cut over to take the Runebinder keystone, as well as the Runesmith cluster. Take Quick Recovery, Heart and Soul, and Practical Application. Before you develop upward, you’re going to want to go all the way to take Commander.

    As soon as you get those Golem skill gems at the end of Act 4, you want to summon 3 Golems right away. Once you have that Golem Commander, then you’re going to want to develop the left-hand side and go up to take Spiritual Aid. Then cut in on this side to take Elemental Overload. Once you have Spiritual Aid, Elemental Overload, and your Golems, now is the time to focus on your defense. You can take Faith in Steel, Sanctum of Thought, and then cut down to take Combat Stamina and the less crit damage taken Mastery. Then cut in to take Constitution and Iron Will.

    Now, you’re going to want to get your auras going. Develop up and take the Sovereignty cluster. Then develop and take Deep Thought. But more importantly, take the Mastery, which gives you 12% increased mana reservation efficiency.

    The build is fully set up, so you can choose to simply fill in the rest of the build as you’d want.

    Ascendancies & Wildwood

    For your ascendancies, you’re going to want to take Liege of the Primordial first to get that third Golem. Then, Elements are second so that you can summon all 4. Whether you take Bastion of Elements or Mastermind of Discord for the third is actually up to you. The choice is just whether you want defense or offense first.

    For the Wildwood, you’re going to want to head in and follow blue wisps to get to the Primal Huntress so that you can use Charms. I haven’t had enough experience using all the different charm effects to fully test this, but I regret focusing on the increased effect of golem buff Charms.

    You’re going to want to get at least one charm that has Power Charge on critical. But then you’re also going to want to push and find Charms that further empower your exposure. This is the stat that I should have been seeking out when I started finding charm arms. Also, note that these Charm effects stack with your ascendancy Mastermind of Discord.

    Final Thought

    The beauty of this build is just how much borrowed power level you get from having those 4 Golems active. You get a giant boatload of free stats, and because of that, you just dive right into the endgame.

    For anyone looking to test out the new transfigured brands or other transfigured spell gems, anyone who’s starting Affliction League late, or anyone who’s just looking for a nice comfy easy build with zero required pre-farm, this Golem brand Witch is perfect for you.

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