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Path Of Exile: The Problems Inquisitor, And Here Are Some Solutions

If you are a new player of POE, you should also know Inquisitor, and many novices will think that the ascendancy of Inquisitor focuses on elemental damage, elemental penetration and critical strikes. Most of his nodes can give some buffs, so many people think that he can play a role with the main critical strike and ele focused ascendancy. But he has some QoL buffs, such as mana regen, ES regen and elemental ailment immunity. Because of this, becoming an Inquisitor at the beginning will indeed bring you a good gaming experience, but as time goes by, his problems have gradually emerged.Inquisitor partly pays attention to element penetration in the form of an inevitable judgment node. It gives 10% element penetration for non-critical hits, and it can completely ignore element resistance when performing critical strikes. And now you can get elemental penetration skill gems, unique gears, passive tree nodes more easily. You might think that this will definitely make your Inquisitor indestructible, but the fact is the opposite.ProblemsEvery time a new source of elemental penetration is added, the Inquisitor's living space becomes smaller, because it will be replaced by other ascendancies. The main reason is that Inquisitor does not get extra non-buff from these elemental penetrations. So Inquisitor is not a class that can't be stacked with elements, so if you prefer element stacking and critical strikes, then Assassin is more recommended. The Assassin gains buff to power charges, which are very helpful for critical builds.Another problem is that he enters the consecrated ground. Of course, his QoL buffs can even deal an additional 10% elemental damage to the enemies, but for further buffs on consecrated ground, there are no nodes on the tree to give additional effects.SolutionsTo allow Inquisitor to get a certain bounce from stacking element penetration, you can add a line to one of his nodes: Gain x% increased elemental damage for each x% of elemental penetration of that same element. You can also change the inevitable judgment to allow the penetration element resistance to be lower than 0%. In this way, element penetration will become a huge source of damage.You can also create certain buffs to consecrated ground, which can be obtained through the nodes on the tree or gears.If you are worried about your Inquisitor, you may wish to refer to this guide, it may be helpful.If you need the help of POE Currency, you can also buy it from PoeCurrency.com.PoeCurrency.com is a professional supplier, all POE Currency for sale are made by real people and are completely legal. You don't have to worry about any risks.

GGG Will Release 3 Events In This December For Making Up For The Delay Of 3.13

After the delay of POE 3.13  was announced, GGG has no news to reveal. This makes everyone think that there will be no new events before 3.13 is released, but recently GGG announced that there will be 3 new events in December. This undoubtedly gives fans new hope.Three EventsThese events will last 5 weeks and include the following events:                              Mayhem Event: last for one week                                Endless Delve Event: last for one week                              Heist Flashback Event: last for three weeksStart time & End timeIt will start on December 4th, at 12:00 PT/ 20:00 GMT/ 15:00 ET.So if you want to participate, you need to pay attention to the start time in your area.When the Mayhem Event begins, throughout the process, you will encounter enemies, scenes of league Anarchy, Invasion, Torment, Ambush and Breach, and more, as well as hourly mods switching. It will be super cool. The Mayhem event will end on the morning of December 11.But at 12:00 PT/10:00 GMT/15:00 ET on December 11, you can get into the Endless Delve. At the very beginning, you will be groping in the dark. You will not have anything other than starter gear. When you enter the hideouts, you can only rely on yourself. Fortunately, in certain levels, you can still access the passive points obtained from quests, and your character level can be improved through the Altar of Ascendancy. You can also find Lily Roth and Niko around the encampment.The last event will start on December 18th, and you will be able to start looting. The specific time is 12:00 PT/ 20:00 GMT/ 15:00 ET. Note that this is a separate event of the Heist league, so you need to create a new role to participate in.If you can win, you will get massive rewards. So, if you are interested in participating in these events, be sure to pay attention to when they start. If you need POE Currency, you can buy it on PoeCurrency.com at any time.PoeCurrency.com will also frequently update game-related news and guides. I don't know if those are useful to you, but you can check them out during the purchase process to kill time.

Better And Better? POE's Stash Tab Affinities & Folders Are Improved

Patch 3.12.5 of Path of Exile introduced many improvements, which bring players a better game experience. Two of them are stash tab affinities and folders.These two functions first appeared in the 2.14 patch, aiming to provide players with better stash management, which can optimize operation steps and save you time in the process of looting and grinding. The 3.12.5 patch this time has made improvements to it, including UI tweaks. You can even move the create new folder button, all those are to ensure your gaming experience.And there are some fixes:* Fixed an issue where stash tabs could be placed into an invisible stash folder if that folder only contained remove-only tabs.* Fixed an issue where the displayed order of stash tabs within a folder could vary when in different areas.* Fixed an issue where, when enabling an Affinity on a stash tab, if you had no characters at level 25 or above on your account, an error would be displayed.In addition to some improvements to the overall game, Heist League has also been adjusted accordingly.So before the next league is launched, do we have no new content to play at all? All we can do is only face these boring patches all day?If anyone can persist in the Heist League, then you are definitely a person with perseverance, because most of the fans have looking for other games or some people have made up their minds to welcome the arrival of cyberpunk 2077.As a free-to-play game, if regular updates cannot be guaranteed, then the loss of fans is inevitable. As for GGG, it may has already planned to lose some fans, which is... fine.This is for the fans who are still attracted by POE: If you need cheap POE Currency, come here - PoeCurrency.com! Although most players' interest in POE is fading, the service attitude of PoeCurrency.com staff will not change, as always thoughtful, and 24/7 online, please contact us at any time if necessary.

Path Of Exile Skill Gems Tiers Guide

For the old players of Path of Exile, POE is not just a game for entertainment, there are many things worth thinking about, similar to the terms of POE Currency, POE Orbs, POE Trade, all because POE provides players a lot of customization options. One of the important features is gems, especially skill gems, which is difficult to understand. So this guide will tell you how they tiered.Skill Gem TiersThere are different tiers of skill gems, and players want to make the most of the skill gems and find the most effective skills. From S+ to C, this represents the decline of these gems' effectiveness.S+ Tier - GodlikeThis is the best skill gem tier, and it is also desired by many players. This god-like tier is only suitable for the most powerful gems in the game. With S+ tier gems, you will be invincible. You can clear any map at any time.A good example is Arc. This skill is necessary if you want to destroy everything in front of you. As for another powerful skill, that is Blade Vortex, which is a powerful skill for leveling up.S Tier - PowerfulS Tier is second only to S+ Tier. It is very powerful and especially suitable for beginners. With Blade Flurry as the center, you can have multiple choices to design a build. Another advantage is that it does not cost you a lot of POE Currency.If you prefer bow skills, then you definitely like Blast Rain. If your bow is good enough, Tornado Shot is also possible.A Tier - StrongYou can still find some powerful gems on this tier, but it may cost you more investments than investing in the above tiers.If you are a wander or bow build is Barrage, when you use it correctly, you can earn a lot of POE Currency.As for Fire Trap, this is good for your skills and experience in POE, because it is a gem that focuses on upgrading skills. If you prefer mid-range combat, then Frost Blades is recommended.B Tier - BalancedIt is the penultimate level, which is relatively low, but you can find some interesting gems here, such as Sweep, which is good for clearing and causing certain damage. As for melee combat, Ice Shot and Lacerate are also very good.C Tier - UselessIn fact, C-Tier skill gems are useless, because you need to spend a lot of POE Currency to invest in it. Here, you can find Flicker Strike, Freeze Mine, Explosive Trap, Bear Trap, Puncture, etc. But these will not bring you long-term benefits, so we recommend that you try not to spend POE Currency on this.This is all the information about the skill gem tiers. For more information and game guides, please stay tuned to PoeCurrency.com.
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