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Path Of Exile Harvest Guide: How To Complete All Challenges Quickly?

Coming with Path of Exile: Harvest, it not only brought a new league mechanic, but also a series of challenges. Although the entire update will last for three months, you can reap the in-game rewards quickly faster by completing the quests, from ordinary to extremely rare.The guide is to help you complete all the challenges in Harvest and build wealth.If you are new to Path of Exile, don't rush to fight monsters. You can get Armour, Evasion and Energy Shield as much as possible by completing some basic challenges, which could effectively ward you off damage, and then allocate the Notable Passive Skills on the passive tree to enhance your characters' strength.Harvest is closely related to farm, you need to open a Seed Cache and get the seeds dropped from it, then plant to grow into dangerous monsters. This is the basic quests, and beyond that, you should complete these to receive extra rewards, including:The Great White Beast, which can be killed in Act 2 located in the Old Fields.Fallen from Grace, requiring players to clear all the enemies in Twilight Strand in Act 6.The Wings of Vastiri, providing the Wings of Vastiri after slaying Undying Hector Titucius, Eternal Servant in the Bath House in Act 8.No Love for Old Ghosts, requiring to seek out Elixir of Allure in the Ossuary in Act 10.Fighting against monsters or bosses will run throughout the game, they are easy or difficult to deal with, and in different Acts, you'll encounter not the same ones, it is better to start with low-level monsters and continue to earn XP and level up until you have enough skills to continue to challenges more.Moreover, with the use of POE Currency, you can master the skills faster, buy weapons and equipment and even build wealth, that is, make money with money.POE Currency is one of the indispensable important elements in the game, but some players often buy fake currency and suffer huge losses.On PoeCurrency.com, it never happens, because it is a legal and reliable store to sell all POE-related goods, safe and cheap, and no customer has suffered any losses.If you are preparing for POE trade, you are suggested to visit the store and create a satisfying shopping experience.

Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest Popular Builds

Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest was released on June 19 and became the smoothest update with no major additions or changes, but more about overall balance and a few reworks. In Harvest, it focuses on seed-planting and harvesting, from seeds to monsters.The largest feature of POE is diversity, exiles never play the same content, and who are allowed to customize the game content through various building.Here are recommended POE builds for Harvest league, which can quickly improve the competitiveness and strength of the characters.Essence Drain TricksterThis is a novice build that can offer insane clear speed to kill surrounding enemies. Its core damage comes from Skill gems and passives, each of which is cheap to obtain. Also, in order to increase the damage, the use of Cluster Jewels can craft a +3 bow to make it impeccable.Sunder Two-Handed JuggernautThis build can create high AoE Damage and strong survivability based on Life and Armour Rating, so it can not only cause huge damage, but also have strong defensive ability. Moreover, it is better if you place more defensive equipment to create more powerful effects.Raise Spectre Necromancer Not only in Harvest, it is a popular POE build in almost every expansion to offer amazing damage output and high speed. Also, you can place anything on it, not limited by any specific equipment to increase your defense.Surely, there are some very important things that good POE builds are definitely more than these, and the above three are not suitable for all exiles due to the difference in passive skills and maps. While their biggest feature is that they are both cheap and easy to upgrade, easily defeat all bosses in the game.There is also an important element to POE Build, POE Currency, because many equipment are to be paid for, this is what you want to harvest in POE.When it comes to POE Currency, you are recommended to come to PoeCurrency.com to buy and save a lot of time, which is a professional store that has been certified by multiple agencies, and committed to providing consumers with cheap POE Items.This is even better if you come to the store in person, and use a small amount of money as the first trading to check its service, delivery, goods quality, etc.

How To Maximum POE Harvest Currency in POE Shop?

The latest update of POE, Harvest has been online for nearly a month, but it seems to be not as good as the previous versions. At least, players can't find too much core content through it, it couldn’t provide a reason to let more users play with only planting seeds.However, the advantage and disadvantage coexist, and a large number of loyal fans still insist on playing and having fun in their own way.Path of Exile: Harvest does bring a new series of currency items, each of which is tradable, from ordinary, medium to unique, and even some are extremely difficult to obtain through farming, but only be purchased from POE Shops.There are many shops in the market, except for some scammers, each of which can provide you with a variety of POE Currency, and the huge difference is the price, of course, you are expected to cost less.Suppose you have 10 dollars, it can be spent on POE Currency, and on the site PoeCurrency.com, you could get 8 Exalted Orb, 1,100 Chaos Orb, which is much more than you buy on the market, this is a POE shop that won't make you lose money, and is cheaper than most stores you can find.PoeCurrency is a very cheap store, as it will give consumers coupons, and stick to long-term customers can bring more profits, so here, you can maximize POE Currency you could get with limited cash.Not only the price, shopping here, you don't have to worry about anything, your trading will be protected by a security system, and the delivery will be completed within 30 minutes, etc. Also, this is better you can visit the shop in person, ask the customer service what you want to know.Hopefully, you can create a satisfying shopping and gaming experience for POE Harvest through the site.

Which Hard Bosses You Can Defeat In Path Of Exile: Harvest? - 3 POE Hardest Bosses

When Path of Exile 3.11 came out, it introduced a new league mechanism that allows players to plant seeds autonomously and grow into dangerous monsters and bosses to deal with. Since the seeds are divided into different types, each of those grown monsters is also not the same, simple, medium, as well as extremely hard.This article mainly introduces 3 kinds of POE hardest bosses, along with effective methods for your characters to deal with.Aul, the Crystal KingThe ordinary players couldn't even encounter such bosses, unless you have passed at least 171 levels of the mine, it is so hard to defeat with complex battles in the deepest parts of the Azurite Mine.When dealing with the boss, you need to consider multiple aspects to ensure the victory, including the light, Aul' attacks, the missions and status.Yugul, Reflection of TerrorYou don't have to fight with the boss, because it is too powerful to repel all opponents instantly, or you can skip it directly. If you want to get the loot dropped from it, make sure your level is high enough to maintain more skills.Although the boss is fierce with a Leap Slam skill to duplicate himself, if your dodging skills are prepared well, it is absolutely to defeat it and receive a Pantheon soul.Doedre the VileThis is a hurdle boss that your character couldn't avoid, and it has been granted three phases, Purple, Red and Green, the purple could make its cast, attack and move faster, the red reduces the damage it takes, while the green increased the damage she deals and reduces the damage the opponent deals.You must do well in build-making and understanding of combat mechanics to manage the phases of Doedre the Vile, not only to increase your damage to it, but also to reduce the damage it causes.Obviously, these bosses should be dealt with a lot of time and energy, especially the advanced equipment and weapons, as well as a series of skills to manage.In Harvest, you must attack the boss while avoiding their attacks, if you don't have enough POE Currency, you'll always be mediocre. Not only farming, but you could also engage in POE Trade or buy POE Currency to fight against all bosses quickly.Here is a good place to buy POE Currency, a professional third-party manager in the POE field named PoeCurrency.com, safe and reliable, where you can enjoy excellent service and high-quality goods to play better.
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