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POE 3.10 Delirium Unique Items Guide- Cluster Jewel Types

Among each expansion of POE, there are a variety of newly added POE items including gems, orbs, divination cards, etc, so did Delirium. After the release of POE 3.10, here is the list of unique POE Items in Delirium league from POE developing team.Keystone JewelsThe Keystone Jewels are more build-specific than normal keystones, which aimed to enhance niche interactions and provide more possibilities for POE Build.In order to clean up the description and prevent potential problems with restricting items slots of Keystone Hollow Palm Technique, it created the “Unencumbered” state which could give the Keystone Jewel a huge amount of power to level up, lower the attack speed and increase the added damage.VoicesWe have mentioned the importance of cluster jewel to passive skill tree several times before, and Voices is just a type of Cluster Jewels revealing with one blank passive and three jewel sockets.It is a very powerful unique and rarest among cluster jewel, moreover, it can reach true power when only using many other Cluster Jewel at the same time.Split PersonalityAnother type of small Cluster Jewels can be placed anywhere in the passive skill tree with attributes, defences, life, mana and accuracy, and that was able to produce a number of interesting items for POE build focusing on stacking those bonuses while leaving space for similar unique designs in the future.MegalomaniacThis is a medium Cluster Jewel to design without any direct bonuses, but buffed the strength of small and large cluster jewel attached to it. That is, Megalomaniac itself does not have much power, and can only rely on its appendages. In Delirium, its random notables have been decreased to three.In addition to these modified jewel types, there are also many unique POE items, and the complete list can be checked on POE's site.These items are all related to POE Currency, as one of the most important features of Delirium league, Cluster Jewel plays an indispensable role. You can get all of them for a better POE build.Here is PoeCurrency.com, it can help you when lacking POE Currency as it is always selling a variety of POE Currency and items. It is believed that this is a good place to get POE Currency, since you always have to get currency items as support, why not find a reliable one like that? Hope that you can get satisfactory shopping here.

POE 3.10 Delirium Magic Find Build Guide

It has been a while since POE 3.10 Delirium release, players have focused more on POE Build, but for veteran players, they have already been creating Magic Find(MF), the build related to running maps and POE Currency making.Magic Find builds can farm currencies as quickly as possible throughout POE, and for a good build, there are two essential ways to balance, an excessive amount of Increased Item Quantity and Item Rarity, allowing to run maps endlessly while increasing the currency profit per hour, the guide is about top MF builds to make more POE Currency for your reference.Vaal Spark Pathfinder Magic Find Build Low Budget Hardcore ViableSpark is one of the best ways to farm quick POE Currency relying on Vaal skill, when you cast the Vaal Spark while killing the enemies, it can expand the range and damage the surrounding monsters with your rapid movement, and loot more dropping from monsters. More importantly, this is a fairly cheap MF build, even if the starters without a strong economic foundation could also create more economic benefits with it.190% Quantity Magic Finder MF Windripper Raider BuildThis is a strong MF build to give a boost for life, damage and movement speed, of which can increase the rarity and quantity of POE items found during the league challenges. The feature of this MF build is to add more damage, especially on Volcano maps, which drop Kaom divination cards quite often, each one is worth around 20-40 chaos.Kinetic Blast Deadeye The MF build is defensive mechanics to prevent you from hitting in a row, lowering the potential of random death, which can give you more time to clear mobs efficiently and gain POE Currency quickly.The exile doesn't need to cost too much for the MF build as its very cheap to start, a properly optimized farmer with KB MF build, it will get around 1 Ex worth of drops and currency per hour with quick movement.There are multiple POE Currency making methods, of which MF build is very efficient, or trading with others can save you more time and energy.PoeCurrency has always been a trusted store to trade, as it has many years of work experience to ensure that the order can be successfully completed. Also, there are a variety of POE items here, almost everything you need in the game, and its price is not expensive changed with the market, it is believed that everyone can enjoy it here.

POE 3.10 Delirium Spectres And Movement Skill Changes

After playing Delirium for a while, we have clearly seen the changes and improvements different from the previous expansions of POE, mainly the league mechanic, POE items, and passive skill tree. But the guide is about the Spectre and Movement Skills in POE Delirium that few players care about while defeating more powerful monsters and bosses.SpectresIn Delirium, it added over 350 types of monsters to use for Spectres, which are from various past expansions, Abyss, Delve, Betrayal, Synthesis, Legion and Conquerors of the Atlas, along with new skills. The monsters can have corpses spawned using Desecrate with a spectre, which can usually be found in the wild.In the past, the Spectre can not use for monsters due to technical reasons, or be impossible to spawn with Desecrate.Movement SkillWhile picking a movement skill, it added more competitive choice in Delirium along with a new Support Gem, Second Wind, which could add additional cooldown count to movement skills, which allows the players to use in rapid succession for skills that usually only have one use.The aim is to improve the travel skills and encourage investment into the skills in Dash, Frostblink, Flame Dash and Lightning Warp.These changes are for better POE build, which is the key factor in obtaining POE Currency in Delirium league, especially for farming.In order to make Delirium more challenging and enjoyable, players can use various methods to gain POE Currency, some of which are actually popular if not taking too much time.Here is a POE store to buy POE Currency, PoeCurrency, as it learns that more than half of players have encountered the currency shortage while playing POE, and it can provide POE Currency anytime, anywhere.It is a sufficiently professional store to engage in virtual currency trading and has received countless buyers from all over the world. Its name can be checked on Google, click and visit the site to get an enjoyable shopping experience there.

Uncommon POE Currency Items Guide Throughout Delirium

In the early days of POE 3.10 Delirium, Cluster Jewel as one newly added item to expand Path, became quickly the players' focus. Meanwhile, there are still some valuable currency items that play an important role in POE's updates, some of which are often used to change the playstyles and POE Build, also, the guide is about how to use these currency items through Delirium League.Tabula RasaIt is a very popular item in almost every POE version, usually being applied to level up and atlas maps, and it also has a higher rate dropping from monsters and chests compared to other rare items.Tabula Rasa can link with any support gems with any skill, and even for starters, they don't know how to use it as there is nothing on it to describe exactly what it does, but in fact, its potential depends on what the players choose to fill it with.Fine Delirium OrbThis is one type of Delirium Orbs throughout POE 3.10, modifying a Map Item adding layers of Delirium. Like other types of Orbs of Delirium added 3.10 league, Fine Delirium Orb is placed on the Passive Skill Tree to expand the Path, and up to five orbs can apply for a single map to modify the map layers of Delirium.HeadhunterIt's too expensive and rare to get, allowing the players to steal mods from Rare monsters or bosses. That is, upon a monster killed, the players can get all of its mods within 20 seconds, which is enough to prove that Headhunter is a very powerful currency item in the game.Regarding how to get and use it, anyway, you need to constantly try various opportunities to get these rare POE Items as they can indeed create a huge boost.Surely, each currency item has unique features and functions, you can get all of them only depending on in-game farming.Smart players know that it is a good choice full of wisdom to buy POE Currency, which could save more time and energy.As you all know, PoeCurrency.com is a pretty good store to sell POE Currency and various POE items, as it always considers the rights and commands of consumers and provides the best service, so it can be trusted by purchasers. To make your game easier, please visit the site directly for more details.
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