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Exsanguinate Chieftain - Goodlike Map Clearing and Good Defense Build in Path of Exile

Hey guys, after 3.19 version on Path of Exile releasing, Exsanguinate Chieftain becomes more and more popular because of its amazing map clearing capable and tanky ability. So today I would like to show you guys the build of Chieftain.

I'm going to start with a defense, because I hate dying. In this build I use Leadership's Price, Saffell's Frame and the Brass Dome. Along with some passive skills, we have 90 percent max resistance, in addition we have Determination and some Spell Block. According to the POB this character has 70,000 Effective Hit Pool, and that's without flask and molten shell, so you will very rarely die with this build.

In addition to the previously shown unique items you will need The Devouring Diadem, Bottled Faith, Gloom Grinder and etc.

And of course several Clusters.

For damage, this build perfectly clears maps, you just press a button and everything on the screen is annihilated. Unfortunately this is not a well-rounded and single target damage is less than ideal, but you can still easily kill all the bosses in the game and even some Uber bosses. If you want to farm high quantity Invitations or Uber bosses, then you should look for another build, for example Reap, which is much better because it has more damage. But the main purpose of Exsanguinate Chieftain is not to die and fast maps clearing, with the last point, Reap is much worse because you can't kill mobs off screen.

Lastly a couple of words about the cost of this build and the possible improvements you can make, as I said before it's not a cheap build, and you need about 30 divine orbs. But if that's too much for you then don't worry because you can find different POE items in in cheap price. Fast delivery speed and quick online responds, please click the link and buy POE Currency now and enjoy your new adventures in POE 3.19.

Sep 27, 2022


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