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Path Of Exile 3.12 Expansion Details: Announcing, Release Date And Farming

Path of Exile has always maintained the rule of releasing an update/expansion every three months, also about 13 weeks, and now it has developed to POE 3.12, which has not been named yet, it will bring a lot of new content, at least it will subvert the current Harvest. As far as I am concerned, I prefer it to be an ups-and-downs update, rather than as smooth as the 3.11, because I want to see something exciting in it.Starting from the 3.11 Harvest, it has not set up a very complicated league mechanic, causing no one to complain about it or give a high evaluation to it. During these three months, players' task are to find seeds, plant, grow into monsters, harvest, kill them and gain Lifeforce. From the feedback of players, it seems incredible that everyone is required to kill their own results, not vegetables or crops, but evil and dangerous monsters.Both seeds and monsters are divided into different types based on their difficulty, and you can customize your own combats according to the character level and ability, which is one of the features of POE, you are playing just for yourself, not anyone else.It's turn to the 3.12 expansion, shortly after the launch of Harvest, the development team has already worked on the release of the next update, and by now, it has scheduled the announcement and launch of the 3.12 expansion.Grinding Gear Games spent about 13 weeks developing the 3.12 expansion, and then it plans to announce on September 1, with its launch happening on September 18 for PC and September 23 for console. Also, the current situation may be changed at any time, with this in mind, these dates are still subject to some change. We still don’t know the content of the 3.12, except that its core content will be very different from Harvest.As a result, there are still a few weeks left for you to complete the challenges of Harvest league and prepare for the next update. Path of Exile has always been a game worth playing, because it will not have duplicate content in each update, and for each time, it brings players different game experience.Needless to say, it is the key to success surviving longer throughout Path of Exile, and the opponent you have to face is not other players, but monsters in the game. You have to deal more damage and defeat them, so you need to constantly upgrade your equipment, weapons, etc, where POE Currency plays a role.Farming is your daily task, whether it is POE build, map, or passive skill tree, each of which needs to be upgraded, which takes time and energy to complete. While farming, you can find a lot of resources, such as gems, scrolls and orbs, you can keep some for yourself, or trade with others in exchange for more valuable POE items. Because you can't get all by your own in it, especially the rare ones. If you want to make the character a boost, the help from others is also needed. Such as PoeCurrency.com, it is a very excellent POE shop to provide POE products, which can make you have fun and get twice result with half the effort.

POE 3.11 Harvest: Atlas Of World And Map Guide

Since 2013, the release of Path of Exile's first league, Onslaught, its complex mechanism system is always creating new content and chapters, where the exiles encountered the simplest and most dangerous monsters and received rewards. In order to start the journey, the exiles must traverse the Atlas of Worlds through maps, looking for every opportunity to build wealth.Up to today, Path of Exile has the 3.11 expansion, Harvest, in which the map still plays an important role. In the mysterious and ancient garden, you kill the monsters planted by yourself, each of which was grown with seeds, so you must find the seeds in different areas and locations on the map and keep them for yourself.What's Atlas of Worlds?The Atlas of Worlds is an end-game map system throughout Path of Exile, also the sum of all maps. Atlas of Worlds is like a rich network full of maps, so the Map Quantity, the Item Quantity placed on the map, and the investment of POE Currency on the map are all points that newcomers and even experienced players care about. This guide would help you understand all of these.What's the Map?A map is a class of one-time use items to open portals in a new area, where players will encounter different quests and monsters. Surely, the maps are also divided into different types, just like standard items with the monster level, area tileset and final boss. For each of which, their Map tier, Item quantity, Item rarity and Monster Pack Size would be different.In each expansion of POE, the types and attributes of the map can be made and modified with POE Currency, which is specifically shown on some Orbs and Scrolls.Simply put, you can change the map rarity by placing items on them, which can be judged by the item color:White/CommonBlue/MagicYellow/RareOrange/UniqueWith the rare map, you'll face greater difficulty, and receive more generous rewards and experience. In the latest update of POE, the 3.11 Harvest league, it leads players to dive into the Sacred Grove, where they can plant seeds and grow into dangerous monsters to collect the Lifeforce and loot.It seems to be a stable update, since its initial release, there have not been too many bugs to fix, or too many controversial topics to keep the game hot.Before planting seeds, you must first find them. It is possible to find a Seed Cache in every area on the map you experience, so the map will become a critical factor to determine the types of the seeds you find and the monsters you deal with.Running the map correctly can maximize your rewards and loot, in order to reach the map and end-game, you must complete the 10 Acts throughout Path of Exile.The first map will drop as early as Act VIII, but this is the lowest level and worthless, and as your level increased, the map tier will also improve.Map TierThe map is divided into different tiers, from 1 to 16, Low, Mid and High Tier, and each corresponding color is white, yellow and red, which determined the monster level you'll face, as well as Currency Affixes.When you first reach the end-game, your Atlas is still blank, that is, you can control the game process through Atlas towards the outer limits and facing Conquerors of the Atlas.Each map can be found on the Atlas of the World, and every time you complete a map you will receive an Atlas Bonus, which could create an additional 1% chance for Maps to drop 1 Tier Maps.Surely, the higher tier of the map, the more valuable Atlas Bonus dropped.In Path of Exile, currency items cover a series of tradable things, which creates a flexible in-game economy. As far as I am concerned, without POE Currency, you can't make significant progress in the game, especially in the Atlas of World.Needless to say, there are some reliable stores in the market, such as PoeCurrency.com, which has a wealth of professional knowledge and reliable suppliers to provide customers with high-quality goods and friendly service.

Path Of Exile 2 Gameplay Guide, With Reworked Skill System

At BlizzCon 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile 2 for the first time as a sequel to the current Path of Exile gameplay. Up to now, the development team is doing it. In early 2020, the COVID-19 first discovered in China severely affected the world, delaying the progress of the gaming and cultural industries, including Path of Exile.As we all already know, Grinding Gear Games regularly releases an expansion every three months, but when the development team can only stay in the house, the development of POE 3.11 and 3.12 expansions have to be delayed until longer, along with POE 2 release.Path of Exile 2 will provide new challenge leagues, loot and skill tree updates to keep the game fresh based on the current game core. As far as I am concerned, if there is something new in Path of Exile 2, the New Zealand-based developer would never call it a "new" game.Path of Exile 2 does not yet have an exact release date, and even the beta originally scheduled to be released at the end of 2020, but it has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so that the regular expansions of each quarter of POE can be released as usual.Through a trailer of POE 2 released by GGG, the exiles can get a first glance at its gameplay, including a reworked skill system, along with new equipment and skill gems.You'll see all the expansion content in POE 2, accompanied by changes and improvements, such as the upgraded graphics. Path of Exile 2 is set a new, seven-act campaign after the death of Kitava, where you play as an entirely new exile who narrowly escapes their execution and washes up on the shores of Wraeclast again, investigating the Duke who sentenced you to die and the paranormal mysteries that surround him.Needless to say, in the combat you'll encounter monsters or bosses, which are more powerful and dangerous to deal with than the original, but they could also bring unexpected loot.POE Currency plays an important role in every combat, especially when fighting against powerful monsters. As the fixed currency and medium in the game, it is available in almost all aspects to give your character a boost.In my opinion, PoeCurrency.com can help you within its greatest help play the game better, which has a wealth of professional knowledge to serve you. Here, you can buy cheap POE Currency for the game, creating an enjoyable shopping and gaming experience.

Path of Exile: Community Organized Event Invite You to Participate

At the end of this month, POE 3.11 Harvest is coming to an end, and then, in September, the 3.12 expansion will be announced and released. During the waiting period, Zizaran invites you to participate in Community Organized Event, where you can receive points to level up characters through killing monsters and bosses.Community Organized Event is an 8-day Racing Gauntlet Event among community members and streamers, the participants are required to kill specific bosses based on their levels, receiving points and prize. It would start from August 22 at 3 PM, and come to an end on August 30 at 3 PM. As the server capacity is limited, first come first serve until the Private League, you could join as long as the event starts.Everyone is allowed to join the event for free, and there will be about 1,400 Free Slots available once the link is posted on August 20. But never Apply to the league before that, or you will be denied and not be able to re-apply.Every boss you kill can accumulate points, including Delve Boss, Elder, Shaper, Atziri, Oshabi, Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, Awakener, as well as Mastermind. Also, all of your points will be tied to one character, if it dies, you will lose all points.The participants will be ranked according to their points, from the first to the 20th place, each of who will receive the prize or rewards from the prize pool.1st: 30%2nd: 20%3rd: 10%4th: 8%5th: 7%6th: 6%7th: 5%8th: 4%9th: 3%10th: 2%11th-15th: Arcane Seraph Wings + Dusk Weapon Effect16th-20th: Hydra Wings + Kraken PortalIt is worth noting that the Prize Pool is donated by anyone, the streamers and community members are doing Fundraiser events on Twitch channels. Therefore, the amount of prize pool has not yet been determined, and we can't know how much you can get through the event.Surely, if you want to play the game well, you need more POE Currency as investment, at least you can improve your weapons and equipment to kill more bosses.Needless to say, PoeCurrency.com can help you within its greatest help play the game better, which has a wealth of professional knowledge to serve you.
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