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Path Of Exile 3.24 Expansion: Necropolis

Path of Exile 3.24 expansion releases across all platforms (PC, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation) on March 29th. This update, dubbed "Necropolis," brings forth a variety of fresh elements and modifications to the game.

  • The Necropolis Challenge League: Players can encounter Undertaker Arimor and use the Lantern of Arimor to manipulate spirits haunting monsters in Wraeclast.
  • Graveyard Crafting: Players can bury the gathered corpses in a massive graveyard and exhum their combined souls to craft items of their choosing. Each added body enhances the potential of the crafted item with modifiers.
  • Lantern of Arimor: The Lantern of Arimor, the Undertaker's signature item, allows players to customize the challenge in each area by selecting buffs for encountered monsters.
  • Embers of the Allflame: Special items transform enemy types in a zone. Defeating transformed enemies yields drops, like passive tree tattoos from previous leagues.
  • Endgame Improvements: Changes to the Atlas Passive Tree and league-specific modifications.
  • Quality-of-Life Improvements: Quality of life improvements in Path of Exile 3.24 include adjustments to Uber bosses, simplified maps by removing Sextants, reworked Scarabs, and unified master mechanics in one map for a comprehensive gaming experience.

Although Path of Exile 3.24 is a free game content, it also includes a number of purchasable currency items and bundles. Then, which has sufficient POE PC/Xbox/PS currency and fast and safe delivery, must be your best choice.

Also, if you get stuck in a conquest raid or ultimate boss in Affliction League, don’t forget to buy POE 3.24 Currency or learn the latest POE 3.24 guides at News.

POE Divine Orb

A Divine Orb is a currency item that can be used to re-roll the values of all random explicit modifiers on a piece of equipment. Divine Orbs are extremely rare currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist's Strongboxes. They can also be obtained by selling a six-linked item to a vendor. It does not change a unique item's Style Variant (for example, Doryani's Invitation).

Divine Orbs re-roll the values of explicit values of modifiers. This can only be used on magic, rare, or unique items. Only the values of affixes that have a range of values will be randomized. A Divine Orb will not change the tier of the affix, it will only re-roll within its current tier. When a Divine Orb is used on a legacy variant of a unique item, affixes will re-roll to the new range of values. When using on a magic or rare item, the affix will re-roll assuming the new range of the same tier.

Mirror of Kalandra

Mirror of Kalandra is a rare currency item that can be used to create a mirrored copy of any non-unique item, which is also considered one of the most valuable items in Path of Exile due to its rarity and usefulness. You can use it to duplicate high-value items such as rare or unique items with perfect stats, allowing yourselves to create multiple copies for trading or personal use. As a result, Mirror of Kalandra holds a significant amount of value in the in-game economy and is highly coveted by players.

Obtaining a Mirror of Kalandra is extremely rare and challenging. Please note, the drop rate for this item is incredibly low, because it can only be obtained as a random drop from monsters, chests, or other sources in the game. Additionally, Mirror of Kalandra cannot be obtained through any in-game vendor or crafting method, further adding to its rarity and value.

Due to its scarcity and high demand, Mirror of Kalandra is often used as a form of currency for high-value trades within the game. Its rarity and unique ability make it a highly desirable item for serious players looking to obtain the best equipment for their characters. Mirror of Kalandra also plays a significant role in shaping the in-game economy and is a symbol of wealth and power within Path of Exile community.

POE Chaos Orb

As you all know, POE Currency is related to a variety of orbs and scrolls, since Epic and unique POE orbs are important to conquer the raids or end-game bosses, you are recommended to purchase from reliable sellers.

Chaos Orbs are used for rerolling all modifiers on a rare item and buy low to mid tier items as the "sliver standard" in the player-driven economy.

How To Farm Divine Orbs?

In Path of Exile, players have many ways to get Divine Orbs. After the player kills the monster, Divine Orbs may drop in the loot. And, Divine Orbs may also be dropped from chests or destructible containers that can be seen everywhere in the game They also drop from Arcanist's Strongboxes and doing beastcrafting recipe, etc. But the chance of getting Divine Orbs through these ways is very low, that's why Divine Orb can be become one of the rarest currencies in Path of Exile.

In addition to the game summary, there are other formulas that can help you get Divine Orbs. For example, the game allows you to get a certain amount of Divine Orbs by downgrading Mirror of Kalandra, but as the rarest currency in the game, the value of Mirror of Kalandra far exceeds Divine Orbs. Therefore, these vendor recipes are not worth trying.

POE 3.25 Settlers Of Kalguur Will Introduce City-Building Simulation Elements

Longtime free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile will include farm and city building elements in the next update, bringing the survival crafting elements that are all the rage in PC games to the game.

Settlers of Kalguur is the updated name of Path of Exile 3.25. Although the original King’s March was just a tavern and a small farm, you can now build a town in the new area of ​​King’s March to make King’s March develop.

Gold Economy And Resource Development

In addition, you can also use gold to hire people to do all the mining/business/odd jobs for you, and a lot of gold will drop in this season, which guarantees that you can hire and build.

In order to expand or get more resources, you need to grow special resources in the deserted area and find the veins guarded by demons. The workers you hire will collect resources under a timer, like most free games. In order to access classic features, you can also build new shops and buildings, such as weapon fusion, new features, or Black Market, where you can exchange your POE Currency for random weapons.

Don’t get too invested in the city-building aspects of King’s March, or you’ll be invaded by three special bosses that are exclusive to this season. You can choose to simply kick their asses. The fight will be tough, but they will drop outstanding loot that is exclusive to this season. If you don’t want to fight, you can also choose to make a deal with them so that they don’t kidnap your workers.

When Can You Access This Mode?

You can access it very quickly after the new season starts. Once you get through the tutorial (Strand) and reach your first town center, you will access the city-building and capitalism mechanics. Grinding Gear Games hopes that this season will be fun for both new and old players.

While Path of Exile will still be harder than most action RPGs, the city-building and town management aspects are at least another goal that players can reach and complete, and ultimately get better gear from all the simulation busy work.

It’s surprising that it took Grinding Gear Games this long to add town-building and survival-sim aspects to its long-running action-RPG. While they’re somewhat similar to V Rising and Valheim, Settlers of Kalguur isn’t inspired by those survival games. When the game’s leaders talked about getting new ideas for PoE expansions, city building came to mind. With each alliance, the game’s production team hopes to push the boundaries and introduce an X Factor to make it stand out; city building may become the core appeal of the next expansion.

There’s More

The changes to Path of Exile are not only in city building and management, but there are also a lot of balance changes, updates, and quality of life upgrades. These are all derived from player feedback. Gladiator Ascendancy class is getting a massive overhaul. Gladiator Ascendency class will get a lot of attack speed and damage buffs, as well as a wonderful bonus for dual wielding weapons.

Raider Ascendancy class will be replaced by the superior Warden, who gets special bonuses for using Elemental attacks. This means that Shock and Freeze will give Wardens attack bonuses and take them to crazy heights. The Ignite effect will also be upgraded to be more effective Scorch.

Wardens can also use Tinctures exclusively, which are special potions that enhance their Elemental bonuses more effectively than any consumable, but at the cost of draining your mana. All classes can use these, but Wardens can use an additional Tincture at a time if they allocate enough points in that section of Ascendancy tree.

Path of Exile: Settlers of Kalguur will add more content to the endgame, more Scarabs for map modifiers, additional map device slots, new special encounters like Nameless Seer, new updates to League, and the return of fan-favorite Affliction League mechanics and stages like Wildwood.

This is the biggest Path of Exile expansion in a long time, and past Leagues didn’t feel all that rewarding and even had economy leaks. So it sounds like this 3.25 update might fix all of those issues, or at least mitigate most of them, making the game feel fresh and accessible, but still hard overall. At least you won’t be going through a grueling grind to get to King’s March section.

Settlers of Kalguur is not only a bold innovation for Path of Exile but also an interesting attempt at the entire action role-playing game genre. This update will be released on July 26, and players can look forward to experiencing richer and more diverse content in Path of Exile.

Jul 19, 2024

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