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Toxic Rain Pathfinder Is Definitely A Good Helper For You To Run Lab & Heist In POE 3.24 Necropolis League!

Mar 25, 2024

The Toxic Rain Pathfinder build proved to be exceptionally swift and effective as my initial choice for the POE 3.23 Affliction League.

How Does This Build Work Well?

With a significant boost of 350% movement speed achieved through thorough upgrades, I found myself making rapid progress through the game’s challenges despite my modest gaming abilities. This build enabled me to swiftly evade any threats and engage enemies from a safe distance.

However, as this was my inaugural build for POE 3.23, I neglected to incorporate any charms into its design. Despite these oversights, the Toxic Rain Pathfinder build proved to be one of the most efficient and enjoyable builds I’ve experienced. As for its farming capabilities, they were notably effective. As POE 3.24 Necropolis League draws near, I believe Toxic Rain Pathfinder build serves as a commendable choice for starting the league.

Toxic Rain Pathfinder Is Definitely A Good Helper For You To Run Lab & Heist In POE 3.24 Necropolis League!

The Details Of The Flask (Mageblood Effect)

As highlighted in my previous guide, I smoothly traversed through Labs and Heist, maintaining nearly full uptime of my utility flasks. It was akin to having Mageblood the moment I acquired the Instilling Orb for use when charges reach full.

But how do we sustain this uptime? Every minor notable from the passive tree and ascendancy points contributes to this endeavor.

In terms of gear, all that’s necessary is a 20% flask effect duration alongside the cluster jewel featuring Spiked Concoction. Acquiring these is as simple as repeatedly using alterations on any of these jewels or utilizing harvest rerolls of attack modifiers.

By the time you attain the ascendancy point - Master Alchemist, you should be capable of sustaining your utility flasks most of the time without needing to corrupt them for more than 20% quality.

Path of Exile 3.24 Master Alchemist

Regarding flask selection, the primary focus for the build is speed. However, if prioritizing defense, opt for Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz flasks.

As for modifiers, securing elemental resistances is crucial, especially considering the build’s vulnerability with unique gear. Aim for the 25% increased effect once you’ve ensured ample flask sustain.

For life flasks, all my league starters are equipped with immunity to bleeding and corrupted blood. The faster the recovery, the better! And with infinite flask sustain at our disposal, there’s no reason to hold back!

An Explanation Of Gearing And POB Configuration

The preferred weapon choice for this build is the short bow series.

Flat damage does not significantly enhance the effectiveness of this build. Instead, prioritize attributes like attack speed, gem levels, increased chaos damage, and damage over time multiplier mods when selecting your weapon. The same principles apply to the Quiver, although gem levels are not applicable in that slot.

While unique items are entirely optional, they are easily obtainable at a low cost. Personally, I favor Carcass Jack due to its ability to enhance Toxic Rain’s damage through the stacking of overlapping pods. A 35% increased area of effect is sufficient to achieve this stacking effect. Thus, I’ve set a minimum requirement of 4 overlapping pods in the configuration settings, as this serves as a significant damage multiplier for Toxic Rain. If someone suggests a different value without accounting for adequate area of effect, skill effect duration, and attack speed, it’s crucial to reassess their reasoning.

Path of Exile Carcass Jack

Managing the mana cost of skills is another important consideration. Access to non-channeling mods is limited until you acquire several veiled rings from the Syndicate or the Ritual. Therefore, ensure you have sufficient mana reservation efficiency from the passive tree to accommodate a level 10 Clarity alongside Grace and Determination. Since leeching isn’t viable with this build initially, consider using an Enduring Mana Flask or sacrificing Determination for a higher level Clarity gem until you’ve obtained enough mana through leveling. Additionally, reservation efficiency and reduced mana cost of skills can be obtained from rare crimson jewels.

As you progress your character to endgame, these issues can be resolved entirely. Now, let’s address the question of how to obtain 15 stacks of withered debuff.

With this build, acquiring 15 stacks of withered debuff is relatively straightforward, thanks to multiple available sources. Withering Step provides a quick method to accumulate 15 stacks, although its effect dissipates rapidly. However, the primary sources are from our ascendancy point, supplemented by 5 Ballista Totems with Withering Touch support. If you’re utilizing Toxic Rain or Withering Totems, additional sources are unnecessary.

Temporary buffs like Elusive from Withering Step, Onslaught from our silver flask, and Alchemist’s Genius from Spiked Concoction in our medium cluster jewel further enhance our capabilities.

About Leveling

Leveling this build is remarkably straightforward and effortless.

Caustic Arrow proves to be incredibly potent during the early acts. Once obtained, be sure to integrate Toxic Rain with Ballista Totem Support into your skill repertoire. During these initial stages, you can compensate for any lack of a bow with gem levels or damage over time mods by incorporating some additional flat damage.

Path of Exile Caustic Arrow

As your single-target damage begins to diminish, consider transitioning Caustic Arrow to Toxic Rain as your primary skill while retaining Toxic Rain with Ballista Totem Support. If you manage to acquire Toxic Rain of Withering, it synergies exceptionally well with Ballista Totem Support.

For those not playing in hardcore mode, prioritize acquiring damage nodes initially. While Toxic Rain benefits significantly from skill effect duration, excessive investment in this attribute can hinder the build’s performance.

It’s crucial to strike a balance, ensuring there’s enough skill effect duration to overlap multiple pods simultaneously without excessively delaying your attacks.


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