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PoE The Forbidden Sanctum Will Turns Into A Roguelike Game

Dec 08, 2022

Path of Exile, part of the popular action RPG genre, has been playing alongside other successful titles like Diablo and Baldur's Gate and has been well received by players. After many major updates, Path of Exile is finally about to usher in its 3.20 expansion.

If you've watched the Grinding Gear Games stream, you know that Path of Exile 3.20 expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum will introduce a roguelike dungeon with randomized rooms to explore and relics to claim.

One thing to note here is that The Forbidden Sanctum is just one place you can discover and enter in Path of Exile. Its appearance does not have any impact on the entire game. Entering The Forbidden Sanctum means you will participate in a three-month challenge league. All you have to do is explore the titular sanctum located beneath the Fellshrine Ruins. As with all spooky ancient sanctums, this sanctum is full of dangers of all kinds. It's no surprise that you'll run into some monsters gathering together along the way. You will also encounter a guarding boss on each floor. Of course, if you can overcome these challenges, you can get a lot of loot and various treasures.

Sanctum Vaults

Among the items you pick up, one of them are relics. As you walk through each Sanctum run, you'll discover and pocket ancient relics that provide a specific boon. These ancient relics are exclusive to the Sanctum League, so they cannot be used outside the league content. At the same time, they cannot be crafted or traded through some usual methods. However, there are some types of ancient relics that directly affect your build or grant other bonuses, such as the Sanctified Relic. Also, when you receive an Affliction, the Holy Coffer Relic will provide you with 24 points of Inspiration. At the end of each of your runs, the Relics you've earned are automatically stored and never lost. Therefore, when you encounter various relics, you can save them all first. Wait until the next run to replace them.

The Forbidden Sanctum expansion in Path of Exile, like any good roguelike, is all about keeping you going. Before starting to advance, you'll be given a map of the Sanctum Vaults and can choose which room to go to next along the branching path. What you should pay attention to here is that once you have been to a room, you cannot return to that room. In each room, you will get some resources. Take Aureus coins for example. You can trade them with merchants and exchange them for boons that ease the Affliction you're suffering. In some rooms, you can even craft an Accursed Pact, which offer a boon and a kind of curse. Of course, no matter where you are, you'll inevitably end up with a boss fight.

In addition to the content mentioned above, developer Grinding Gear Games is also working hard to modify some endgame content. Both Atlas Tree and Eldritch Altar will also be reworked, such as removing some of the previous league rewards. If you still want to know more news about the new season, you can continue to pay attention to this website. If you want to show your talents in the upcoming Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum expansion, then preparing some POE 3.20 Currency in advance will be your best choice.


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