Bloom System in Path of Exile: Harvest
Bloom System in Path of Exile: Harvest

In Path of Exile: Harvest, you'll deep into the garden, where you could plant seeds and grow into dangerous monsters. First, the Seed Cache can be found in every area on the huge map, which will drop a number of wild seeds and spawns the Lifeforce and the loot.

In order to seek out more seeds in the Sacred Grove, you can follow the path emitting blue light in the garden. In Harvest, it added a new Bloom system with changes and improvements, which is used for far more than just making very bright objects glow.

Bloom System is good at using the light and camera in the game to make it more realistic, while providing the performance and gaming experience, which is able to make metals look shiny to having fires that look and act like actual fire.

In the past expansions, Fake Bloom Particles has an impact on the gaming performance, and the most obvious of which is the inanimate graphic. Obviously, in Harvest, it looks better with a new Bloom system, it no longer requires more special effects to create perfect visual effect.

For instance, the Bloom system can make something glow by modifying a material slightly. When a player casting a lot of skills fast, the same effect will be stacked many times without any additional Bloom cost, at least, it won't make huge expenses.

Still, the Fake Bloom Particles is not disabled in Harvest, you could see the things you like in it.

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