Deeper Guide For POE Currency Making Through Delirium League
Deeper Guide For POE Currency Making Through Delirium League

Knowing that you have completed most of the challenges in Delirium, and the gap between players is more obvious. During this adventure, someone is good at fighting along, and others have made many friends through the league. No matter what kind you are, it doesn't come to an end.

Presumably you have realized the importance of currency items in Path of Exile and obtained parts by completing a variety of quests to meet daily needs. But if you want to continue to get more and apply for the next expansion, please read on, the guide is about making deeper POE Currency by the end of Delirium league.

Map Layout
In Delirium, the map layout you choose can determine the profit you earn from the league as it creates different monsters and enemies. Usually, the best map layouts are ones either long and linear or wide and open, which will increase the drop rate of some reward bonus.

Mob Spawn
It means to bring more rewards with many monsters, in order to encounter those monsters, we can increase more mods, that is, increase the mob spawn in Delirium. Walk over top of every single area of your map to make sure that you could encounter all kinds of monsters, not repeatedly walking in the same zone. In short, kill all the types you can encounter to maximize your rewards, might drop the unique.

Gem Upgrade
No matter when, upgrading gems is one of the great ways to make huge profits, and enhancing characters, but it depends on how much you invest. In addition, there are some hot and expensive gems in Auction House to collect, and then you can sell to make profits, or to keep them longer to increase their value.

In order to avoid huge losses, it is best to always pay attention to the gem prices in the market, when you are uncertain, you can search for their prices on PoeCurrency, which would change their prices every day based on the market, then you could make a comparison.

These are methods that some high-level players must master to make POE Currency, unlike conventional ways, it requires you to know about POE a lot. Surely, if you don't want to spend too much time on these, you can still come to the site PoeCurrency and get whatever you want, it will sell cheap POE Currency to anyone. This is a trusted store, but as your first try, you are advised to buy a small amount.

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