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Details Of POE 3.7 Legion - Start Date, guide, Official Trailer and skills For new Expansion

Grinding Gear Games puts date to the arrival of the next expansion named "Legion" for POE. The POE 3.7.0 update will be available worldwide on June 7, 2019 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We are expecting the POE 3.7 Legion challenge league, new items, new gems, a complete redesign of melee combat, and much more.

Have trapped for thousands of years in the Timeless Conflict Domain, the most powerful military leaders in the history of Wraeclast have been fighting an eternal war. In POE: Legion, you will free your legions from the eternal battle and defeat them in combat to obtain their valuable rewards.

What's new in POE: Legion League?Timeless Monoliths - As you explore Wraeclast in the Legion League, you will discover Timeless Monoliths. Activate them to reveal the ancient conflict between several legions frozen in time.

The Timeless Monoliths Conflict - The enemies from the five legions throw fragments that you can combine to form an Emblem of the corresponding legion. Place two or more different Legion Emblems on the Map Artifact to access the Conflict Domain.

Rewards from monsters - Some Legion monsters display symbols that indicate the specific items they cast. Skilled players can concentrate on freeing monsters that maximize the type of rewards they want to obtain. You can get items of Incubation for the monsters which modify a piece of equipment to make sure a certain reward after you killed.

Legion Jewels - Each of the five legions can bestow a special unique jewel that you can set on your Passive Skills Tree. Each of the five jewels modifies the nearby passive in different ways, which will allow customization options of completely new characters, if you have enough skill to get some.

New Melee Skills - Melee combat will appear frequently in POE. Animations can be canceled, movement skills are all instantaneous, and have incorporated new low-level movement skills into many classes. Now you should master all melee attacks to hit several nearby enemies, among other things.

New Build Archetypes - The new Blood and Sand Gladiator archetype allows you to alternate between Blood and Sand Postures to dynamically modify the functionality of new and existing skills. The new Berserker archetype of Rabia relaunches the Rabies system and incorporates new abilities that generate or consume Rabies. These powerful archetypes and their new abilities will offer additional options for many different builds of POE.

New Items - In addition to 14 new divination cards, as well as 12 new unique items to discover. 15 existing POE unique items whose theme corresponds to one of Legion's five armies have been rebalanced into powerful rewards that you can find in the new league.

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It's time to start, if you have any question, our online customer service will help you within 2 minutes on our website. The game POE : Legion is hitting on June 7, good luck on your journey adventurers!

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