Guide For Survival In POE Metamorph
Guide For Survival In POE Metamorph

More than a month ago, Grinding Gear Games released the latest expansion for POE, along with a new private Metamorph league, which provided a lot of new content to play, but at the same time, it also brought some difficult challenges to players. Therefore, the guide for survival in POE Metamorph is necessary, and you'll be able to defeat bosses than others and get rewards by learning these tips faster.

Equip Chaos Resistance
Since the Metamorph is actually the boss you built, you know clearly how powerful they are, which can not be guaranteed that you can kill all of them, but in order to increase your kill rate, you'd better equip Chaos Resistance to prevent the Metamorph bosses to use Chaos damage in their attacks, either inflicting Poison or creating Desecrated Ground when they die.

Fight with friends
There is no doubt that fighting with friends in any league can really give you great benefits, with their help, you can easily defeat the Metamorph boss faster, or even gain enough XP.

You can't always be lucky to get all the items in the game, at this time, you need to craft what you need to enhance your characters. Craft life on your gear, there is no better way to gain more XP than it, it can make more powerful and valuable items, keep them for your own use, or sell them in exchange for POE Currency, which can bring you huge benefits.

POE Build
This is not the first time we have talked about it, POE build is very important in the game. If you don't know any good build, you are recommended to search for some relevant guide about it online.

For example, PoeCurrency is a pretty good website, it can provide you with a lot of guide on POE, especially the guide of POE Currency making, which is also the topic we will discuss next.

POE Currency Making
This is very common when playing POE, and there are many ways to make POE Currency, completing basic challenges, Auction House and trading with others, etc, but these will waste a lot of time, so why not try some more convenient ways?

PoeCurrency also provides POE Currency for sale service, this is a very reliable shop, and everything provided by it is safe and cheap, so if necessary, you can try it out.

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