Halloween Celebration And Save 8% Off For Poe Currency
Halloween Celebration And Save 8% Off For Poe Currency

Seeing Halloween is coming, and the fans of POE are always looking forward to the celebration. In order to satisfy the creepy atmosphere of Halloween, Grinding Gear Game recently released a sale to sell the demonic and gory cosmetic of POE, as well as the armour sets, back attachments, pets and more, which can get huge discount in microtransaction.

From now on, the seasonal Halloween microtransaction discount will last until November 5 2019, 3 am GMT for more than a week. If you want to celebrate Halloween in the game, these items can help you create the creepy environment including the Devil Horns, Bleeding Eyes, Spider Web Cloak, Spider Back Attachment, Scare Mask and a new Entombed Hideout decorated with candles and graves.

Now, all the in-game items mentioned above are available on PS4, PC and Xbox One now.

Beyond the POE's official discount, here we also started a Halloween celebration to sell POE Currency with huge discount at a store, PoeCurrency in order to satisfy the players' desire for the in-game currency, and everyone can enjoy an 8% off each order for purchasing POE Currency.

During the limited time, from October 23 to November 3, you can select the goods you need there, and we will deliver the ones successfully within 10 minutes.

Obviously, POE is a game that always takes the players' interest into consideration, so it never stops updating with expansions, which could create a lot of new content, game story, scenes, quests, items and more in POE for yourself.

Generally speaking, the experienced players know clearly that there are many methods to make POE Currency in it, such as farming, trading, crafting and more, but all of them are time-consuming chores. You usually spend a lot of time on repeated work, but you can only get a little profit.

we understand your embarrassment, and we are selling almost all POE Items to everyone in order to ease your stress. It can be guaranteed that all goods on our site are safe and legit enough, which never causes any risk to your account.

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