How To Run POE Economy? POE Currency Trading
How To Run POE Economy? POE Currency Trading

During recent years, POE as an online video game has developed one of the best-selling MMORPGs in the whole network. Since the release of POE in 2013, which is becoming the favourite game of fans whit its constant update and expansion. Take the latest expansion of Legion, in which many new challenges and items are added, especially the development in melee combat skills has once again tempted the players back.

Generally speaking, POE is a free-to-play game with micro-transactions, but in fact, no matter which version of POE is inevitably involved in the Economy, which is regarded as common in-game currency, POE Currency. Next let's go and look at how to run well with POE Currency Trading?

POE Currency
Unlike other games, POE doesn't have a fixed currency like Gold, Cash, Sliver or others, all the tradable items you find in game are called POE Currency, and each of them has specific function and values.

In this way, it replaces the single basic currency in classic online games with the advantage of not worrying about currency depreciation. Similarly, POE Currency, also known as POE Items could be obtained dropping from monsters and the level of POE Currencies is also determined by the difficulties of gathering up, just like Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs, which are extremely rare but most precious.

POE Currency Rate
Uncertainty due to the collection of POE Currency, many players' inventory must have been filled up by useless items. Throw them away or exchange with other players for items you need more in order to free up more space, but because of the different values of items, it must be done for figuring out the exchange rate between currencies before exchanging. Remember that choosing a buyer whose item is close to your own, so that both parties can get what they want. Just like a in real-life market, you buy other goods in currency that is not the same form. But you still have to pay attention, this may waste some time in the game.

In conclusion, you don't have much time in front of the computer, after all it is a small probability of waiting for the monsters to drop the loot. If necessary, why not buy directly on reliable market? There you can choose every item you want freely.

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