POE 3.10 Delirium: Give Away Free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box For Indoors
POE 3.10 Delirium: Give Away Free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box For Indoors

Affected by COVID-19, various countries around the world are calling on people to stay at home to work and study. As the developer of a popular MMORPG, most employees of Grinding Gear Games have also returned to work at home, while the developing team of Path of Exile has also responded positively to the particular situation.

It is currently in the early days of Delirium release of POE, and the existing data has proved that the update is great as more people have to stay at home due to the virus, thereby increasing the player base of POE 3.10 Delirium.

Although the current update of Delirium, in the long run, some updates of POE will inevitably be postponed to longer when many technical partners related to POE can't work before.
In order to make everyone play POE Delirium better, GGG is giving a free box to everyone, Thaumaturgy Mystery Box as bonus.

It is ruled that all participating players must register for a POE account and visit the in-game store to get the box, which will automatically appear in your account, also, it's only possible to get one box per account. The offer is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One users.

POE has always been a game worth playing, since its initial release, it has been regularly updated, and a new expansion will be developed every three months through making new adjustments to the storyline while retaining the overall layout and structure of the game, so it can always bring "new" experience to "old" players.

In any update, POE Currency is a key part, without it, players are almost impossible to go forward, in addition to farming, it is also a good choice to buy POE Currency from the stores outside the game.

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