POE Blight Is Integrated Into Core By Grinding Gear Games
POE Blight Is Integrated Into Core By Grinding Gear Games

A few days ago, Grinding Gear Games posted an official post announcing to integrate Blight into Core POE, which made players realized that Blight is always a slightly divisive league, but now it was integrated Blight into the core game on PC with the POE 3.9.0 release like Synthesis or Bestiary.

POE Blight is an expansion released by POE in September this year, and it is available now, introducing a new tower defense mechanism. Players are allowed to build various defense towers to resist the invasion of monsters, thereby inhibiting the spread of fungal creatures.

Seeing that Blight will end in a few weeks, GGG already released the plans about what is going to happen with the Blight integration into core.

Generally speaking, Blight has been well accepted by players, which shows that Blight's gameplay and challenges are unique, and this is also one of the reasons why GGG is wrapping Blight into the main game experience.

When Blight is moved to the end-game mapping experience, with a 10% chance for Blight encounters of map areas you encounter as dropping either an oil of a Blighted Map.

It has been confirmed that GGG will increase the difficulty of the game in Blight integration and POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, including more powerful enemies, which will bring greater challenges to players, especially in the addition Metamorph league challenge.

In more than a week, you can see POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, and GGG has always been knee to add unique ideas and twists in every expansion, which has promoted the development of POE and continuously provided players with many new interesting content.

In every expansion, many new POE items are added, and some tradable ones of them are known as POE Currency, which covers a series of scrolls and orbs. As one of the important factors determining the success of players, this has become a hot topic among players.

You can get them through various methods, completing missions, farming, trading, auction house and even purchase, and you don't need to try them one by one. Once you have enough POE Currency, you can continue to explore in Wraeclast.

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