POE Currency Halloween Discount: 8% Off With Code "Halloween"
POE Currency Halloween Discount: 8% Off With Code "Halloween"

We are at over half of POE Blight, and a majority of issues and plans that GGG reported before have been implemented, and then its focus will be on more of the next expansions 3.9.0 and 4.0.0, as well as the upcoming ExileCon 2019 conference, but it did not stop collecting feedback from players and make the fixes and improvements in time.

And then GGG is releasing the 3.8.2 patch of POE Blight with fixes and some improvements, featured some system settings and skill enhancements, as well as many bugs fixed. Now you can check all of them out on the official site of POE.

The content above is just mentioned by the way, and the topic today on PoeCurrency is "HALLOWEEN". well, we didn't have known whether Grinding Gear Games will host a Halloween event for POE Blight or not, but since Halloween is such an important festival in the western countries, and we have brought you much fun through other ways in order to celebrate it.

You all know, the website you are browsing currently is not only a comprehensive service provider for POE, but also a professional POE Currency seller, all POE Items, including orbs, equipment, weapons and currency, can be found on the site.

Moreover, the better news... PoeCurrency is starting the Halloween discount on its homepage for Halloween celebration, every consumer can get an 8% off each order with code "Halloween". Starting from today, it will not stop until November 3.

It is my pleasure to share this good news with all of you, we always hope that you can play POE  better to show our value, and we are happy to be your good helper when exploring the dark fantasy world Wraeclast.

POE is a completely free game, and you can play all content without any costing, no subscription fee, no membership service. This is just one of the main reasons why POE is so attractive on a global scale.

However, the common micro-transaction in other MMO is also easy to discover in POE, or called it as POE Spending, that's to say, you don't need to spend money to buy the game content, but the in-game items can be exchanged with POE Currency, especially the rare orbs.

The higher level of the items you get, the more it can do for you. Surely, it is also allowed for you to complete the quests step by step without any spending, but this will make you level up much lower than others.

Neither I nor GGG advises you to pay to win, as GGG itself said, players can farm or grind POE Currency through various methods, I strongly agree with the point, but if you are tired of working hard all day, you are welcome to PoeCurrency to add some supplies for yourself at any time.

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