POE Delirium Adds Thaumaturgy Mystery Box Worth 30 Points Inside Random Microtransactions
POE Delirium Adds Thaumaturgy Mystery Box Worth 30 Points Inside Random Microtransactions

The day after POE 3.10 release, Grinding Gear Games added a brand new POE item to Delirium expansion, Thaumaturgy Mystery Box, containing a total of 38 new cosmetic effects from the Scientist and Project sets.

Simply put, some cosmetics will appear randomly in the box, varying value, they can be combined to create a blended version of two designs for even deeper character customization, but the total value must be equal or greater than the box itself.

In order to get the Thaumaturgy Mystery Box, it costs 30 points from the Auction House, while the average reward inside the box is worth 110 points, that is, you'll never lose money.

The microtransactions in the box are grouped into three rarities as their value, Common, Uncommon and Rare, and the number of them is 12, 12, 14, the most valuable of these are Scientist Wings, Project Wings worth 320 points.

However, the individual value of single microtransaction is not the aim, and many of microtransaction in the box can be combined into more valuable cosmetic effects. While pressing M, the appropriate item to combine will appear on the screen with a small gold symbol in the top right of the icon.

After gaining a Mystery Box, you can find it in the Consumable section of the microtransaction stash, and choose to open or combine at will. After that, you'll get several random microtransactions inside it, rare or just common.

Strictly speaking, this is actually a gambling game. Before opening the mystery box, no one knows what it contains due to its randomness, it is also likely to get some common items, or more valuable microtransactions.

The mystery box is one of the POE Items, and involving in the POE Currency inside it, it is a complex system, and not always easy to get.

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