POE Guide: How To Level Up Rapidly?
POE Guide: How To Level Up Rapidly?

Today, the team of Poecurrency continues to start another page of POE, this update is about how to level up rapidly in Poe? As a loyal fan of POE, imagined that everyone is already familiar with the competition mode of the game, but when we are fighting against the monsters and getting the rewards we deserve, some other players still wasted too much time on it, if you are still struggling with how to level up faster, you are recommended to take a look at the little tips.

The most basic and simplest step is to complete the quests and kill the powerful monsters so that you can get the rewards and experience, the lower your level, the faster you can level up. Since it's not much enough, you need to fight against the specialized monsters by using target skills.

Having a good single target to deal with the monsters is a great way to level faster. Try not to attack a single target with multiple skills if their damage is not high, it might waste your more time than before.

If your level is not low, you can try a more useful build to get more experience after killing an enemy, but be careful with those mobs, because you may encounter the high level ones at that time.

For higher levels, you are allowed to farm Poe Currency on your own, and obtain the maps, which can help you increase rewards, experience and levels, in turn, the monsters you meet would be more difficult and higher level. From that time, the speed of leveling up is slower and slower.

If you can play the game with your friends, it will make leveling much faster and easier, so you can join the groups or start a group with others to fight against the monsters, but this may increase the difficulty of the monsters.

Poe Currency is not a single one, which is around with Orbs, Scrolls and other items in POE, some of them are essential during leveling up, if you can't farm them alone, why not find out some trustworthy Poe Currency from the sites outside instead of farming?

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