POE HARVEST Statistics: Challenges and Seeds
POE HARVEST Statistics: Challenges and Seeds

POE: HARVEST has been launched for a while, a lot of players may be curious about this League's data. Recently, an official of Path Of Exile made statistics about it.

Seeds came in 4 tiers. In total, more than 3 billion Tier 1 seeds dropped from Seed Caches. That's a lot of gardening! 

Just over 1 million Tier 4 seeds dropped from killing Tier 3 Harvest monsters. This is actually fewer than expected, though a likely explanation is that Tier 3 Harvest monsters can only drop a Tier 4 seed if they're at least level 68. If players had acquired some Tier 3 seeds from non-Map areas, they wouldn't be eligible to receive Tier 4 seeds from those monsters. If you want to get a Tier 4 seeds, the best way and the fastest way is to buy POE Items on POE Currency.

As per usual, these statistics were taken roughly four weeks into the Harvest league.

The amount of players that have obtained at least 12 challenges is down slightly from Delirium league, coming in at 16.3% of players (compared to 17.85% during Delirium league). 1.68% of players have completed at least 24 challenges, down from 1.95% of players in Delirium league. Interestingly, while the amount of players that completed 12 & 24 challenges is lower than Delirium league, the amount of players completing at least 36 challenges is significantly higher than Delirium league, with 0.38% of players compared to 0.23% from Delirium league. Notably, Harvest offers a portal effect for completing 36 challenges, where Delirium did not.

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