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POE Spending Per League Survey From 2012: POE Development Change Nearly Ten Years

Oct 16, 2019 Source: POECURRENCY

First of all, I will start today's topic with a picture of a chart, which was seen from a post of a loyal fan of POE on Reddit, and the smart man named it "Spending USD Per League" to record his spending in POE from 2012 to present, and now we start to analyze the result on the chart.

POE is such an attractive MMO, and Grinding Gear Games opened the beta phase as early as in 2012, until the official version of the game was released in October 2013 on PC. From this chart, the brilliant fan kept focus on POE since its beta and played nearly all of the expansions, so what he said is definitely more convincing than most players.

To put it simply, in the few expansion after the first release of POE, the fan did not spend too much money on it. After all, POE itself was just a small game with little fame at that time, but with the emergence of the Invasion update, which was also a turning point in the POE's development, he even spent 10 times more than before to play better. And in the next three years, his spending has not been reduced too much.

By 2018, its spending dropped off significantly. On the one hand, GGG didn't recommend players to pay to win due to the internal limitation of the game, many three-party transactions were also forced to terminate, such as Xsolla restrictions, and even a lot of accounts of players were marked as fraudulent due to it.

On the other hand, this shows that POE didn't cause the players' consumption impulse to some extent, the players are still willing to play the game, but they don't want to take some dollars for it any more.

There is also an explanation, for the old players, they already have lots of POE Items or MTX collection in the long-term experience. Meanwhile, POE is a free game, and it will not add too much monetized content, that being said, the players are not unwilling but instead of no longer need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on the expansions.

In summary, it is not that POE is getting worse and worse, but it is willing to keep focus on more on the game effect than making money. Even so, the in-game micro transaction didn't stop because the economy foundation is the obbligato part of any MMO.

Generally speaking, I am a gaming lover who once played POE before, I used to buy POE Currency to make myself stronger, which really helped me a lot since I didn't have time to farm or grind POE Currency, but soon I realized that I can't do it too much, after all, playing is more fun than buying the game.

Or, when you want to buy some POE Currency to enhance yourselves or buy the advanced equipment that you can't get, it is best to choose some legal goods from safe and stable source, since not all producers can do it, even some merchants are bragging in order to make profits, so be sure to think twice before purchasing.

If you want to know more about POE in real time, please pay attention to PoeCurrency, this is an absolutely reliable website, and you can leave all the questions you want to know, we would give the reply to you as soon as possible.

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