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POE Starting Guide: Poe Blight Currency

POE 3.8.0 Blight launched to the public for more than a month, and you should figure out the gameplay, tower-defense mechanism, orbs, skills and gems in advance before playing, if you are coming for the first time, or you don't know how to start the adventure in POE correctly, this is an article on PoeCurrency about starting guide for you.

Particularly, there is no currency-based economy throughout POE, that being said, POE Currency is not a single item in the game, but a general term for many orbs and scrolls. And it often occurs trade among players with orbs. There are more than 30 robs and other more in-game items in POE, we usually regard them as the official currency of the game.

For a beginner, you don't have more opportunities to reach wealth, and you'd better hurry up to exercise the character skills and concentrate on building. When you have enough XP, you can start to equip your orbs and gems. Before that, all you have to do is collecting, leave all you get and don't use them to do anything until you are strong enough to complete the challenges or craft.

And then you can make equipment for yourself by collecting the orbs, some of them are valuable and rare. Moreover, some other POE Items are also the materials for your craft, which can improve your skills and damage to some extent.

For example, POE Exalted Orbs are very rare, you have to constantly kill countless enemies and looting, but most of the time you will not succeed. This is a complicated process, simple guide can not give you all of help, remember collect orbs as much as you can such as the ones below, to ensure that you can leave extra material after completing crafting, and then sell them to others for making money, which is the meaning of your hard work.

Normal orbs for crafting:

Orbs of Transmutation
Orbs of Chance
Orbs of Alchemy
Chaos Orbs
Orbs of Alteration
Regal Orbs
Eternal Orbs
Orbs of Scouring
Divine Orbs
Blessed Orbs
The above is the main two stages we told you to farm POE Currency in Blight, and we just want to tell you a rule:

Leave everything in your hands when you should make money;
Use up all resources when you should spend

Just do so, perhaps you have more methods to get POE Currency, it is not the focus of today's article, reasonably consume and buy what you need, otherwise your POE is in endless grinding. Enjoy POE Blight!

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