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Path Of Exile 2 Beta Won't Come Until 2021

We have already known that the second expansion during Path of Exile in 2020, Harvest was released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which was a week behind the original plan affected by the current situation all over the world.

According to the ExileCon in 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced that it would release the sequel of the existing POE in 2020, named Path of Exile 2.0, now that half of the year has passed, GGG has finally revealed some details about this update.

This was mentioned that the beta of Path of Exile 2 will launch in late 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has caused a significant delay in the development of POE, GGG has tried its best to keep the release of expansions from being delayed too much, which means that it will not have more time to work on Path of Exile 2.

As a result, POE 2 will not appear until 2021.

Not only Path of Exile 2, the release of the POE expansions in September and December will also be delayed for some time, because the development of the 3.11 Harvest is longer when the developing team can only work from home, but it is planning to shorten the access of league development and minimize the delay.

At present, POE 3.11 Harvest is in early release, and it introduces a new league mechanic that allows players to customize combats through planting seeds and growing into dangerous monsters to deal with. Unsurprisingly, it also added a series of new items for players to create a completely different gaming experience.

Harvest is now available on PC and other consoles, and you can also participate in the Harvest Boss Kill Event in the first week of its release to receive the unique items, as well as the top prize, a laptop provided by Alienware.

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