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Path Of Exile 3.12 Expansion Details: Announcing, Release Date And Farming

Path of Exile has always maintained the rule of releasing an update/expansion every three months, also about 13 weeks, and now it has developed to POE 3.12, which has not been named yet, it will bring a lot of new content, at least it will subvert the current Harvest. As far as I am concerned, I prefer it to be an ups-and-downs update, rather than as smooth as the 3.11, because I want to see something exciting in it.

Starting from the 3.11 Harvest, it has not set up a very complicated league mechanic, causing no one to complain about it or give a high evaluation to it. During these three months, players' task are to find seeds, plant, grow into monsters, harvest, kill them and gain Lifeforce. From the feedback of players, it seems incredible that everyone is required to kill their own results, not vegetables or crops, but evil and dangerous monsters.

Both seeds and monsters are divided into different types based on their difficulty, and you can customize your own combats according to the character level and ability, which is one of the features of POE, you are playing just for yourself, not anyone else.

It's turn to the 3.12 expansion, shortly after the launch of Harvest, the development team has already worked on the release of the next update, and by now, it has scheduled the announcement and launch of the 3.12 expansion.

Grinding Gear Games spent about 13 weeks developing the 3.12 expansion, and then it plans to announce on September 1, with its launch happening on September 18 for PC and September 23 for console. Also, the current situation may be changed at any time, with this in mind, these dates are still subject to some change.

We still don’t know the content of the 3.12, except that its core content will be very different from Harvest.

As a result, there are still a few weeks left for you to complete the challenges of Harvest league and prepare for the next update. Path of Exile has always been a game worth playing, because it will not have duplicate content in each update, and for each time, it brings players different game experience.

Needless to say, it is the key to success surviving longer throughout Path of Exile, and the opponent you have to face is not other players, but monsters in the game. You have to deal more damage and defeat them, so you need to constantly upgrade your equipment, weapons, etc, where POE Currency plays a role.

Farming is your daily task, whether it is POE build, map, or passive skill tree, each of which needs to be upgraded, which takes time and energy to complete. While farming, you can find a lot of resources, such as gems, scrolls and orbs, you can keep some for yourself, or trade with others in exchange for more valuable POE items. Because you can't get all by your own in it, especially the rare ones. If you want to make the character a boost, the help from others is also needed. Such as, it is a very excellent POE shop to provide POE products, which can make you have fun and get twice result with half the effort.

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