Path Of Exile Delirium Hits Record High Despite Server Issues
Path Of Exile Delirium Hits Record High Despite Server Issues

It has been a few days since POE 3.10 Delirium release, and hits the highest concurrent player count to date, a peak of 237,160 simultaneous players so far in the first hour, even with several server issues.

Delirium is an update larger than every previous expansion, but suffered the DDoS attack early in its release, which is a common hacking program to bring worse problems to the severs. Grinding Gear Games quickly added more servers to restore capacity, and POE has instituted a login queue to make the players less affected.

POE, as always, adds a series of patch notes to each new expansion through improvements or bug fixes, fortunately, as of now, the bug report of Delirium is the least of all existing launches of POE.

the previous record for most players online of POE was 224,000, less than 10,000 players than Delirium, but in fact, the final number would have been a little higher, as a heavy DDoS attack knocked around 40 servers.

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