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Path Of Exile Harvest: Use Tier 1 Seeds To Craft POE Items

In the latest expansion of POE, called Harvest, players plant various seeds to grow into monsters and defeat them to gain the Lifeforce. Seeds are also divided into different types, from tier 1 to 3. The guide focuses on the tier-1 seeds, which are used to craft POE items.

Without too many requirements, players can get the tier-1 seeds in order to grow. The Seed Cache can be found in every area they explore, whenever you click it, the caches will simply tick over one growth cycle. When your seeds are fully grown, you could defeat the monsters and slain the Lifeforce dropped from them.

Although the tier-1 seeds are low-valued, which can play a huge role in crafting, an effective way to build wealth throughout Path of Exile.

The seeds will drop not only Lifeforce, but also various materials to craft. In Harvest, you need to know which craft types are good for building wealth, such as the modifier, damage, defence and life modifiers, the types of modifiers can roll on your item based on their types.

In order to craft the items you want, it is allowed to change these modifiers types through removing and augmenting a certain type of modifier, which can make full use of the tier-1 seeds to improve and remove an augment craft until getting the items you want.

Also, the tier-2 seeds can be crafted more advanced POE Items, but there are various requirements that need to be met in order for them to grow.

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