Path Of Exile Recreated Screenshots And Took Us Back In Time
Path Of Exile Recreated Screenshots And Took Us Back In Time

Starting from 2013, a New Zealand video game developer company Grinding Gear Games has developed Path of Exile, setting a dark fantasy world where the exiles compete with monsters and bosses to survive longer.

Although Path of Exile has only been in development for 7 years, as early as September 1, 2020, Grinding Gear Games has published a number of development posts of screenshots on the site from many aspects, including new classes, monsters and skills, until today.

By this year, in 2020, Path of Exile has followed the rule of releasing an expansion every three months. By June, it developed the 3.11 Harvest and introduced the Sacred Grove and gardens.

Therefore, it was set to mark ten years this September of POE, at that time, it began to share news about Path of Exile with the public. Knowing that you couldn't find the past posts, especially ten years ago, it recreated these screenshots and took us back to the past. If you are still young, this is definitely something you have never seen before.

This is a screenshot where we were still using the Windows XP system to play Path of Exile, but some of the earliest examples of trees and walls can still exist in the game today. Also, the first dungeon, monsters were everywhere back then, no one knew when they would rush out.

There are many nostalgic feeling in these screenshots, early login pages, special dungeons and effect, etc. You can view all of them on the official site of POE.

Throughout Path of Exile, every update or expansion is the result of the developers' persistent work. In the past ten years, POE has shared every detail, and in the future it will still do the same work.

Believe it or not, every bit of your progress will be seen, whether you notice or not in Path of Exile.

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