Path Of Exile Witch Guide: Beginner Build For Necromancer
Path Of Exile Witch Guide: Beginner Build For Necromancer

If you want to find an easy start in the Path of Exile, Witch is a good choice. She is a spellcaster who deals lots of damage at range, keeping you away from the firing line and punishing from a distance. The Necromancer route is a good path for beginners, because it allows you to get minions to deal with the bulk of your damage.

Necromancer Witch Build

Although she has a high individual damage potential, one of the best ways to play with Witch is to raise minions. Necromancy, with abilities like Raise Zombies and Summon Skeletons, is a very feasible way to play, especially for new players who want to rely more on AI rather than their own mechanical skills. For this build, you need a lot of Raise Zombie gem, a gem that allows you to raise corpses from the dead to fight for you.

Necromancer Passive Skills

For new players, the giant skill tree can seem overwhelming. It's okay though, just start small. You want to be looking for skills that buff your minions. At the very beginning of the tree, select 'Energy Shield and Mana Regeneration', as it'll both protect you and give you more mana to summon minions as they die on you. From there, go up and to the right to upgrade your minion health and damage.

Click the 'search here' bar at the top of the screen and type 'minion' to highlight the areas of the skill tree you'll want to be targeting, and try not to waste your skills if you're not going towards minion buffs. After this first bit, you'll want to start unlocking skills to the left. The following skills should be the ones you aim for within the skill tree, unlocking in the most efficient way possible to reach them:

  •                                            Redemption - increases damage and minion movement speed, attack speed, cast speed, and accuracy

  •                                            Gravepact - increases minion damage, attack speed, accuracy, and gives minions a 5% double damage chance

  •                                            Righteous Army - increases minion maximum life, life regen, minion damage, and minion life regen

  • When you eventually complete the Labyrinth, make sure you pick the Necromancer Ascendancy skill tree and seek to gain the following skills:

  •                                            Unnatural Strength - +2 to all minion skill gems’ level

  •                                            Plaguebringer - consuming corpses increases you and your minions’ area-of-effect damage, and with corpses nearby your damage given is raised while 

  •                                               damage taken is decreased

  •                                            Bone Barrier - offers physical damage reduction per minion, the increased recovery rate of life and energy shield per minion, and minion max life

Raise Zombie Support Gems

Here are the gems you want to use and promote throughout your build, ideally with 6-link equipment (6 gems to use and work together). If you don't have enough gem slots, make sure you stay at the top of this list:

                                           Raise Zombie - raises a zombie from a nearby corpse. Needs corpses to function

                                           Deathmark Support - allows your minions to target specific enemies and deal extra damage to marked target

                                           Feeding Frenzy Support - makes minions more aggressive, also giving chance to get damage and speed buffs on hit

                                           Minion Damage Support - increases damage dealt with by minions, obviously

                                           Melee Physical Damage Support - increases physical damage from attacks made by the supported melee skill

                                           Added Fire Damage Support - adds extra fire damage to supported skills (zombie attacks)

You can change your gems at any time, but passive skills will be difficult to adjust later.

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