Poe's Schedule For The Coming Year
Poe's Schedule For The Coming Year

One of these significant news recently, POE's latest expansion, Blight has been running for a few days, and it going very well so far, the players seem to be very satisfied with Blight.

Such a huge success is inseparable from the hard work of the development team, GGG always has the style to improve POE based on the past experience, the real POE expansion is always better than the one in its announcement. In other words, more improvements and updates can be released by GGG with Blight launching.

Unsurprisingly, GGG has improved its future expansion plans recently for the coming years, although the specific details have not yet been determined, it can help us play the game better.
Every three months, GGG will release a brand new expansion, and we can say goodbye to Blight and start a new one until December, the rest of the schedule is as follows:

Early December 2019: POE 3.9.0 no name yet
Early March 2020: POE 3.10.0 no name yet
Early June 2020: POE 3.11.0 no name yet
Early September 2020: POE 3.12.0 no name yet
Early December 2020: POE 3.13.0 no name yet
And so on, it will end until POE 4.0.0.

As an exile, everyone wants to know something new about POE in the first place, it is best to keep an eye on all the information posted on the official website to prevent them from being missed. In addition, we will continue to share all the news on PoeCurrency we get.

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