Who Will Be The First One To Slay The Ultimate Boss In Path Of Exile: Harvest?
Who Will Be The First One To Slay The Ultimate Boss In Path Of Exile: Harvest?

At present, the Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest has officially launched on PC, and it has been well accepted by players for its league mechanic and crafting system.

In addition to the game basic content, Grinding Gear Games also announced a reward event for the first player to slay Harvest's ultimate boss in Hardcore Solo Self-Found on PC with huge prizes.

The first one to slay the ultimate boss in Harvest on each platform can receive one of the top prizes, and the players who slay the boss in the first week of Harvest release on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One could go in the draw to win one of the top prizes. The event is valid for the Harvest versions on all platforms.

By June 29 at 9 am, everyone is allowed to slay the boss and compete for the first prize, a laptop provided by Alienware valued at $1,529.

For those who killed the in-game boss in the first week, but did not win the top prize, ten of them are still allowed to randomly draw prizes, including:

Stygian Armour
Stygian Character Effect
Stygian Wings
Stygian Weapon Skin
Stygian Weapon Effect
Stygian Footprints
Stygian Aura
Stygian Herald
Stygian Portal

Until June 24, the exiles can try Harvest on consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with additional bonus. The first person to slay the ultimate boss on consoles would receive 10 armour sets, including:

Celestial Armour
Stygian Armour
Dragon Hunter Armour
Gargoyle Armour
Faith Guard Armour
Gryffon Armour Pack
Ice Armour Pack
Gothic Armour
Bear Armour Pack

In order to unlock these unique currency items, you need to maintain at least tens of hours of work and defeat the ultimate boss, which can be dropped from monsters grown from tier-4 seeds.

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