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Why POE Is Becoming So Attractive? Starting From POE 1.0.0

Do you still remember why you want to play POE? From a small game developed a group of game enthusiasts to the current global and great MMO, POE once had a long way to go.

Starting from 1.0.0, which was the first version of POE, it developed to 3.8.0 Blight by now, which is an update based on the tower defense mechanism to earn a variety of orbs and scrolls, such as the Exalted Orbs.

The players of POE have been exploding in the past few years, and it can not be done without any reason, at least the following ones:

Reason 1: POE is a free-to-play MMO

As we all know, POE is available freely for everyone, its developer Grinding Gear Games never asks players to pay for the game, which is one of the major reasons why POE is becoming so attractive? After all, who does not like free games? Both I and you like it. And POE is really a very good game, because it is always taking the players' interest into consideration including POE spending. As GGG itself said, never pay to win. Although the in-game micro-transaction didn't completely cancel, all of this is paid depending on the players' own wishes, which also could bring a small profit to POE, this is far lower than other similar MMOs.

Reason 2: In-game non-single economy

The currency in the game, which is also known as POE Currency, the items used in the micro-transaction in POE, but the difference in it is that this is non-single currency, but revolving around a series of orbs and scrolls. In other words, the players no longer need to work hard to get only one fixed currency. Instead, when getting a kind of POE Currency, they can exchange other POE Currency through various methods, which makes the in-game economy in POE more flexible and free more time to play other game content.

Reason 3: Long-term regular updates with tons of content

From 1.0.0 to 3.8.0, every about three months, GGG launches a new expansion of POE, which will bring a lot of new content to the players, some of the excellent content is created by GGG for hours. And any of them is worth playing without any surprise.

Reason 4: Guide from developers can be seen everywhere

If you are a beginner, you always have difficulties in some aspects, such as choosing the valuable equipment or how to make POE Currency quickly, this is very common. Whenever searching for POE Guide online, it always appears countless messages, videos, images or text, and most of them are very efficient.

Beyond that, GGG will update the corresponding guide according to each expansion from the developers, and u will make great progress.

You started your POE from a certain time, which is what we tried to convince you on PoeCurrency to bring definitely much fun.

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