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Are You Ready For The Challenge? Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas And Ritual League Are Coming!

GGG has announced the upcoming new content of POE. There are two main content updates in POE 3.13: one is Echoes of the Atlas, and the other is a new challenge league - Ritual League.

Echoes of the Atlas

New Boss

A new boss - The Maven will appear. During your boss battles with Gods, she will appear on the map. After you ended 3 bosses with her appearance, you will be able to unlock the entrance to her realm.

Her presence will make bosses stronger, which means you will face greater challenges. Besides, she can save the bosses you have killed and let them rejoin the battle with you. You will face up to 10 bosses at the same time. If you can complete her trial, you will be able to challenge The Maven!


Watchstones will still drop on the map, but they will not fall from the masters as before, because they are gone. They will operate as they do now, but ivory watchstone will be accessible. Also, you can craft new types of watchstones, which can affect the situation in the area and upgrade the skill tree in the Atlas area.

Ritual League

The Ritual League is not massive, but it will be interesting.

In each area with Ritual league active, you will find 7 Ritual Atlas. You need to activate them to defeat monsters and specific altar powers to get Tribute points. Each new altar in the area will summon all previous monsters in the area, so it means you can collect a lot of Tribute points. They will not drop, but you can see them when you click an altar after you complete the encounter.

You can use 4 of the remaining tribute points in exchange for items that can give you the ability to activate Ritual League Atlars on the map. Just plug it into the map device along with your map. These items are Ritual vessels, they can enhance monsters and their loot.

This is the general content of 3.13. As always, will frequently update the POE guide when the new league starts, so as to provide you with new ways to play.

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