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Awesome! Path Of Exile's New Stash Tab System Makes Inventory Sorting Easier

The tab system of Path of Exile will make unprecedented changes, which is a big improvement. As a POE player, you should know how complicated the content in the POE is, but the new tab system completely overturns the previous model. You will not need to jump between tabs frequently. Now you can add a folder including multiple tabs, and set multiple affinities type a tab.


Stash tab folders allow you to classify your stash tabs. This way your list will be clear at a glance, and when you want to jump to another page you will quickly find that tab. Any stash tabs (except league-specific race reward tabs) can be placed in a stash tab folder.

To create a new stash tag folder:

    1. Navigate to the tab you want to put in the folder and click the "folder" icon (this will automatically place the tab in a new folder and allow you to name the folder.)

    2. To add more stash tabs to an existing folder, just click the tab you want to add and drag it in

    3. To remove them, just drag them out again

Note: You can create any number of folders. You can also access your folders through the drop-down menu.


The Stash Tab Affinity system allows you to specify a stash tab to store selected special types of items. Ctrl+click an applicable item from your inventory and put it in your stash. Always send it directly to the stash tab with an affinity set, regardless of which stash tab you are currently open.

All stash tabs can have affinities set on them. Special tabs can only set related item types set as an affinity. In other words, your maps will not be sent to your currency tab. But currency, map, essence, divination cards, fragment, unique, delve, blight, metamorph, and Delirium can be set affinities. Although you can set an affinity on any stash tab type, only items with designated spaces in the above-mentioned special tabs can cooperate with the affinity system.

To set an affinity:

    1. Right-click on your preferred tab (as if you want to rename it)

    2. Select the item you want to send to the tab

Once the affinity is set, you will see an icon on the stash tab, indicating that it is an affinity tab, and then you can find it easily.

You can set the affinity on your special tabs. If you want to set the currency affinity on the currency tab, you need to hold down Ctrl + click the stash tab, then you will find that the currency item will automatically be put in the currency tab.

The changes to the Stash Tab system are also a major improvement in POE games, bringing players a better gaming experience and make every operation more convenient.

For more information about POE, you can browse the news page on

It has been almost two months since Heist was released. I bet many players are already for welcoming the next league. However, GGG announced that the expansion will be delayed in order to dodge Cyberpunk 2077. This also makes many POE players dissatisfied, but this is the fact, all we can do is just waiting.

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