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Best POE 3.22 Mega-Blight Atlas Build

Nov 29, 2023

If you want to play as much Blight league as possible, farming up heaps of POE Currency and gear without ever having to chat in trade and accumulate large amounts of Oils and Blighted Maps either for you to use or to sell, I have the perfect POE 3.22 Atlas build for you.

Best POE 3.22 Mega-Blight Atlas Build

Blight-All-Day Combo

In the most recent patch, Blight enjoyers were given a gift: Cassia’s Pride. With this keystone, we can turn Blight encounters into a true tower defense game. 

Except that the atlas isn’t actually active on Blighted and Blight-Ravaged Maps, so it doesn’t matter how much we tech it. We’re still going to be taking on endgame Blight content the same as every other player. In that case, we might as well just cheese the normal Blight encounters on our maps. And this build trivialize every single blight encounter you find.

The thing that I noticed involved Cassia’s Pride. With this keystone, we can heavily lean on the towers when we run into Sister Cassia in our maps. 

If you also get these two small passives, you’re reducing the cost of building and upgrading those towers by 40%, which is nice. But if you want to push it into true Insanity, you’re going to also take the Wandering Path Keystone, doubling the effect of those small points and reducing the cost of building and upgrading towers by a total of 80%.

With this combination, you can immediately spam level your towers up to level 4 at the very beginning of each encounter. And on top of that, Cassia’s Pride ensures that your towers easily get the job done on their own, which leads to hilarious but successful strategies.

You may be worried about losing the notables, but the reality is that with the Wandering Path combination, you end up with a higher chance of running into Sister Cassia than without it. In fact, she’s so common, you just open maps expecting her to be there. And it doesn’t hurt your loot, either. In fact, you get more POE Items this way.

Without Wandering Path, you end up getting far fewer of those Blight chests from each lane in your encounters. You’re also doubling the effects of all of the quantity circles with this build, which gives you even more loot. And not to mention, you’re literally never going to lose a normal Blight encounter ever again, so you’ll get all the loot every single time.

Atlas How-To

When you unlock your Atlas, you’re going to start by taking the left-hand path out of the tree. 

But instead of developing that full cluster, you’re going to keep going upward until you hit the Fungal Bloom cluster. But don’t take the final notable unless you’re willing to use an Orb of Regret (or orb of whatever). Then, keep moving up and take Cassia’s Pride. Then, move into the quant circle and take Wandering Path.

As soon as you have Wandering Path, then develop the Blight Tower Cost, small passives down here by the very start of your Atlas. And now, Blight league is hilariously easy.

After this, you’re going to want to develop the left to upgrade your Blight chests. Then, you’re going to want to move upward, filling in all except for the notables in the blight spawn cluster as well as this distilled fungus cluster. Then, fill in the quant circles and you can take whichever inward path you want: Essence, Harbinger, or Harvest. Go ahead and skip the chance to get a free Blight craft.

I’ve been doing this build for a full day and I haven’t seen a Blight craft once nor am I particularly cared to use it. You can also skip this one point (Blight Monster Increased Damage) that increases monster damage taken. It’s up near Cassia’s Pride because you’re just not gonna need it.

Incursion Pathing

If you’re interested in also adding Alva and Temple Incursions into your maps, you can instead take a slightly different path.

First, you can cut through the Incursion cluster on the center left.

Second, you can cut through the Incursion Pack Size when you go up into the quant circle. Each one of those moves takes one more Atlas point total, but it does greatly in boost Incursions. 


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