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Better And Better? POE's Stash Tab Affinities & Folders Are Improved

Patch 3.12.5 of Path of Exile introduced many improvements, which bring players a better game experience. Two of them are stash tab affinities and folders.

These two functions first appeared in the 2.14 patch, aiming to provide players with better stash management, which can optimize operation steps and save you time in the process of looting and grinding. The 3.12.5 patch this time has made improvements to it, including UI tweaks. You can even move the create new folder button, all those are to ensure your gaming experience.

And there are some fixes:

* Fixed an issue where stash tabs could be placed into an invisible stash folder if that folder only contained remove-only tabs.

* Fixed an issue where the displayed order of stash tabs within a folder could vary when in different areas.

* Fixed an issue where, when enabling an Affinity on a stash tab, if you had no characters at level 25 or above on your account, an error would be displayed.

In addition to some improvements to the overall game, Heist League has also been adjusted accordingly.

So before the next league is launched, do we have no new content to play at all? All we can do is only face these boring patches all day?

If anyone can persist in the Heist League, then you are definitely a person with perseverance, because most of the fans have looking for other games or some people have made up their minds to welcome the arrival of cyberpunk 2077.

As a free-to-play game, if regular updates cannot be guaranteed, then the loss of fans is inevitable. As for GGG, it may has already planned to lose some fans, which is... fine.

This is for the fans who are still attracted by POE: If you need cheap POE Currency, come here -! Although most players' interest in POE is fading, the service attitude of staff will not change, as always thoughtful, and 24/7 online, please contact us at any time if necessary.

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