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Is Bleedbow a Suitable Build to Gladiator in POE 3.21?

Apr 12, 2023

Path of Exile is a widely played online action role-playing game that offers players a vast range of options for personalizing their characters.

Its demanding league system introduces fresh mechanics every quarter, encouraging players to level up their characters and engage in epic battles against daunting enemies.

In Path of Exile, players can choose from a selection of seven different classes, each with six offering three subclasses, known as Ascendancies.

With a plethora of skills available in the game, each class can be customized in a vast number of ways to suit a wide range of play styles.

One of the classes in Path of Exile is called the Duelist, which is a hybrid of the Marauder and Ranger classes, combining elements of warriors, tanks, rogues and archers.

The Duelist has an Ascendancy called the Gladiator, which centers around both offensive and defensive techniques. The offensive mechanic involves inflicting bleed on enemies, while the defensive mechanic revolves around blocking attacks.

There are numerous builds that the player can pursue in Path of Exile, and among them is an optimal build for the Crucible League.

POE Gladiator

The Gladiator play style in Path of Exile focuses on maximizing damage output through the use of bleed-related passives.

Bleed is a status ailment that deals physical damage over time to enemies, based on the damage received from hits. The likelihood of inflicting bleed on enemies is determined by the character's bleed chance.

By focusing on bleed-related passives, Gladiator characters can gain significant advantages in combat, dealing massive amounts of damage as enemies suffer under the onslaught of relentless bleeding.

With careful planning and skillful execution of bleed-related strategies, Gladiator builds can be among the most potent in all of Path of Exile.

In a BleedBow build in Path of Exile, the primary skill used for attacking enemies is Split Arrow. While the hit damage of this skill is important for making enemies bleed, it is the resulting bleed damage that will eventually lead to their demise.

Therefore, the focus of the build is on increasing damage over time starts to the point where enemies are killed almost instantly.

In a BleedBow build for Path of Exile, players can also utilize the skill Puncture for boss fights. This skill is primarily useful for singling out a target and dealing a significant amount of damage over time.

The use of Puncture is enhanced when socketed in the Assailum Helmet, allowing for massive damage to be dealt to a single target. With sufficient investment, this skill can bleed bosses out in a matter of seconds.

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In Path of Exile, the Bleed mechanic is designed to make enemies take more bleed damage if they're in motion.

A helpful skill in this regard is Ensaring Arrow, which tags enemies it affects as "moving". This skill can be linked to either Ballista Totem Support gem or Mirage Archer Support gem, causing enemies to take increased bleed damage even while they are stationary.

This setup can help players deal significant damage to enemies and bosses alike.

Blood in the Eyes is a potent Gladiator passive that boosts bleed damage in Path of Exile. Upgrading it to Gratuitous Violence enables players to make bleeding enemies explode and deal damage to nearby foes upon death.

This skill is incredibly satisfying and makes builds fast at clearing packs of enemies to get more POE Currency, making it an essential part of the setup.


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