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Details About Path Of Exile Mobile and More

As early as 2019, GGG has announced that they were developing a mobile version of Path Of Exile. Given that the PC and console versions of this game are very popular, GGG wanted to develop a mobile version to attract more users. This is also a favorite for fans because the mobile version of POE can provide them with more convenience, they can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere.

What’s content appearing in POE Mobile?

Path Of Exile Mobile is a portable version of POE. To enhance the content, POE randomly generated dungeons and other outside areas, but the main camps are permanent. Outside of these central areas, you will fight with enemies to obtain loot or POE Currency to make your character more powerful.

Every class has a huge skill tree, more than 1000 passive skills can be unlocked. Different classes start in different parts of the tree, but in the end, they have the same skills. GGG said that Path Of Exile Mobile will provide a complete POE experience, so they will consider moving the complete game to the mobile version.

Path Of Exile Mobile Release Date

The release date of Path Of Exile Mobile is unknown, because GGG seems to be doing more things at the same time, such as developing POE 2, and regular POE league updates. These all take a lot of time to complete, so fans can only wait.

Will Path Of Exile Mobile be free-to-play?

The POE mobile version will be free to play and it does not have a pay-to-win element, which is well known to POE fans.

Will there be cross-play with different platforms?

For Path Of Exile, cross-play seems unlikely, because currently, console players cannot play games with PC users. But no matter which platform you are on, you can buy POE Currency you need on

If there is more POE-related news, will update the article in time. Expedition League is currently underway, but no new content has appeared recently. Players’ interest seems to be exhausted, we are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming league.

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