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Discussion On A Few Broken Mechanics In POE 3.21 - Insane Recovery Tech!

May 24, 2023

We’re going to be talking about a few broken mechanics and a few unintentional interactions that are in the game right now. I think they are quite broken in the current state that they’re likely to be changed in the next patch. I actually don’t think they’ll be changed mid league by GGG. I don’t think they’re really that game breaking to the point where they’re just going to be interactive with during this league. 

But by the time the next league rolls around, I think these things will be gone. So, if you’d like to make a character and build around these mechanics, you should do so now. Because I don’t think these mechanics are going to be staying in the game.

Discussion On A Few Broken Mechanics In POE 3.21 - Insane Recovery Tech!

Reflected Damage Mechanic

There are two broken mechanics that I want to talk about here: Reflected Damage Mechanic and the first one involving the Juggernaut and mitigated physical damage. And it just turns out that if you have a hundred percent reduced reflected physical damage taken and you deal a bunch of physical damage in a reflect map or some kind of area where there’s reflect active, that damage counts as mitigated physical damage for the purpose of the Juggernaut node.

Untiring. This is going to give you ridiculous amounts of regen. You can just imagine if you’re dealing 20 or 30 million damage and all of that crazy amount of regen, you’re going to be able to stack up with this node. That’s just a crazy mechanic. It actually works with Divine Shield as well. 

POE Reflected Damage Mechanic

This is the one where I’m actually not quite sure. If this is actually working as intended or not. Because it doesn’t seem to be a bug and, in theory, reduced reflected physical damage taken is actually mitigated damage. I mean, that’s literally what it is. It’s reduced damage taken. The same as any other reduction or less damage taken is something that can be mitigated damage for this node. So, I am actually not sure if this is potentially a bug or whether it’s just an unintended mechanic. 

That is a little too powerful. Perhaps, it’ll be changed slightly in how it works. GGG might change it. So, the reduced reflected damage taken doesn’t actually interact with these mechanics in any way. But I guess we’ll see it might be changing the next patch. I think this one will definitely get tweaked. 

Curse Recovery Mechanic 

The other one is actually really broken and I think this one is definitely a bug. And this has seemingly been in the game for a while because these nodes were added a while back. This has got to do with the Curse Mastery.

It is a Curse Mastery that recovers one percent of life when you curse a non-cursed enemy and recover one percent of Mana when you curse a non-cursed enemy.

How does it work? Usually, you would curse an enemy either with a curse on hit or self-cast curse or some interaction where you’re able to curse the enemy. If the enemy is not cursed, you’ll then apply a curse on them. And if you recurse the same enemy, this does not break because that enemy was already cursed and so you would have to wait for a curse to time out and then you could recurse and you would get this. Obviously, no one was doing that because that’s not very useful. 

There’s a ring in the game called Replica Doedre’s Damning, which you can get by using your POE Currency. This ring gives you a minus one to your maximum curse limit, which brings your normal curse limit down to zero. For some reason, when you have a zero curse limit and you have a curse on hit mechanic in your build (for example from a ring or from a Corrupted Implicit), then what happens is when you hit an enemy?

POE Curse Recovery Mechanic

The Curse actually attempts to be applied. It actually does get applied even for a tiny millisecond. I’m not sure if this curse is actually active on the enemy in terms of whether it’s actually doing what the curse interaction actually states or whether it’s just trying to apply the curse. But either way, what happens is the curse immediately gets stripped back off again. And you recover the life and manner from this mastery even though you haven’t applied a curse technically. Because you couldn’t apply a curse and you don’t have enough curse limit to apply the curse in the first place.

The really crazy thing about this particular interaction is that it scales with the amount of curse on hip mechanics you have in your build. So, let’s say you have a double corrupted pair of gloves with two different curves on hit on the gloves. And then, you have one ring that has a curse on hit on it and maybe you get some curse on hit unique somewhere else. 

You’ll have four different curses on hit and then every time you hit an enemy with a single hit, you will recover four percent of life and four percent of mana. And this also scales with abilities that are able to hit an enemy multiple dimes, for example Blazing Salvo, which just has a bunch of projectiles flying out and they all hit the enemy all at once. That means that you’re going to heal for a ridiculous amount. 

This is actually such a crazy mechanic because of the whale things like triggers work now and you can put archmage on triggers. If you’re playing an archmage build with a trigger set up, some sort of cyclone cast on the crit build, you can link archmage to everything. And you’re never going to run out of Mana with this setup because everything that you hit is going to be recovering so much Mana all the time. You’re just going to be constantly topping back up to full.

This one is definitely 100% going away next patch. There’s no way this is staying in the game. This is way too broken and I think this will be completely fixed. Because when you’re building into a Mana setup, you need to really think about how you’re going to recover all of this mana and this build dissolves your recovery problems for mana and life. And you need no regeneration or anything like that as long as you have a target to hit. You’re going to be recovering so much Mana every time you hit them. So, this is a crazy mechanic. 


Those are the two mechanics that you could think about building around this league. I think they’re both quite fun. Obviously, you can’t really build around the first one. You need to like roll reflection on your maps and things like that.

But the second one is actually just a complete game breaking bug that you can just build around and it has a just kind of ridiculous interaction going on. Of course, there are a few downsides with that, one for like build restrictions you are going to be using a ring slot on the Replica Doedre’s Damning ring and you’re also going to be using some other equipment slots for the curse on hit.

And of course, you can’t actually have a curse, so that’s going to potentially lower your damage as well. You’ve got to think of all these things when you’re actually putting that build together, but there are ways to get around that.


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