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Everything You May Want To Know About Path Of Exile 2


Path Of Exile is a dark game that became popular a few years ago. It is very popular for its complex game systems and a large amount of game content. The most important thing is that POE is free to play. A few years after its release, GGG is constantly launching updates, and even will soon launch Path Of Exile 2. Of course, POE 2 is also free to play. POE 2 is not just a simple expansion content, it is more like a reimagining of the overall game.

POE 2 features seven new chapters

Path Of Exile received its sixth expansion in 2017 - POE: The Fall Of Oriath. Path Of Exile 2 will add 7 chapters to the basic game progress. Besides, new items and quests will be introduced. This will be a thorough overhaul of the game, and it will fix many of the original problems of Path Of Exile.

New models and animations will appear

The character animations and models in the game will be remade to fit the newest system, and the engine will also receive some improvements. The improvement of the engine will make the game more stable, which will be accepted by more players.

The skill gem system will be reworked

The skill gem system of POE is very different. Skill gems are slotted into the appropriate type of weapons, and then connected with support gems to create new properties or combine skills. However, POE 2 redesigned the skill gem system. The support gems were previously placed in the gear sockets, and now they will be placed directly in the modified skill gem. So you will be able to have more wiggle room for builds without sacrificing the depth of the game skill gem system.

19 new ascendancy classes

POE 2 will introduce 19 new ascendancy classes. There are currently 19 ascendancy classes in the game - each class has 3 choices, but Scion has only one choice.

New passive abilities

The skill tree of POE allows you to create your unique game style by slowly building passives. You can choose a location on the huge upgrade map according to your class at the beginning. But over time, you can eventually build into anything.

POE 2 will carry out a series of updates to this system and other core game systems.

Path Of Exile 2 will be released in early 2022. Currently, POE fans can only focus on the current content of Path Of Exile.

Once GGG releases more POE-related information, will also update the news in time.

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