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Hidden Blade Corrupting Fever Ascendant For POE 3.22 - Built By Guitaraholic

Sep 19, 2023

Today, we’re looking at Guitaraholic’s Hidden Blade Ascendant, which automatically churns out projectiles to build fat stacks of Corrupting Blood.

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Hidden Blade Corrupting Fever Ascendant For POE 3.22 - Built By Guitaraholic

How Does It Work?

Unseen Strike is a skill unique to The Hidden Blade dagger. It fires its blades twice a second so long as we’re phasing (which, by the way, is a handy buff that lets us walk through enemies).

To achieve permanent phasing, we’re using the Ascendant’s Raider passive.

However, Guitaraholic isn’t trying to scale the damage of Unseen Strike. Instead, the goal is to apply stacks of Corrupting Blood with the projectiles.

Once set up, this build is very automated, and Guitaraholic has likened it to Vampire Survivors. You can just run around, watch the blades fly, and collect loot.

Path of Exile 3.22 The Hidden Blade


First thing’s first. Projectile spam.

Corrupting Fever is a buff that allows our hits to apply Corrupting Blood, a debuff that deals physical damage over time and is the bread and butter of the build.

This can stack on each enemy up to ten times, so we’ll need to fire plenty of projectiles to build up those stacks.

Unseen Strike launches a single projectile at enemies, which deals weapon damage.

We also use the Greater Volley and Greater Multiple Projectile supports to bring the total number of projectiles to 9.

Now, there’s some nuance in this next part: Normally, the skill would fire in a circle, but Greater Volley fires the projectiles from 9 separate points along a line.

So, instead of firing a circle of 9 projectiles, it fires 9 circles of 1 projectile, and firing just one projectile in a circle is the same as firing it forwards.

These details are useful for build creators. But all you have to know is that Guitaraholic’s setup lets us fire our projectiles in one direction, allowing for more consistent, more directed damage. We can then slap on the Returning Projectiles support for even more nonsense.

Has the word projectiles lost its meaning yet? Projectiles, projectiles, projectiles. I’m just going to call them blades now. An Eldritch Implicit on our gloves allows the blades to pierce a target, and the returning blades pierce all targets, so we stack up Corrupting Blood on enemies pretty quickly.

And luckily for us, the damage-reducing downside on these support gems doesn’t affect the damage of Corrupting Blood.

All we have to do now is juice up our projectile speed and damage over time. A lot of our scaling comes from simply increasing gem levels from uniques like Skin of the Lords, Cold Iron Point, and a few +1’s from other sources.

Guitaraholic has managed to get Corrupting Fever to level 33. Otherwise investment in Ascendancies, our Passive Tree (especially some choice cluster jewels) and a healthy aura stack help our physical damage even more.

For smooth gameplay, we ideally want to maintain the Corrupting Fever buff for as long as possible before having to recast it. To do this, Corrupting Fever allows us to refresh its duration as long as we spend almost 400 life every seven seconds.

Guitaraholic has achieved this by using Lifetap, the support gem that causes skills to spend life rather than mana.

In this build, our life-spenders are Flame Dash, the Vulnerability curse, and Reap.

Speaking of Reap, the single target damage from Corrupting Fever is limited, so Guitaraholic is running Reap and Vaal Reap to deal with stronger nuisances. Both Corrupting Blood and Reap deal physical damage over time, so both can be scaled in the same way.

Plus, the giant scythe just feels appropriate on this build.


On the outside, we have crunchy blade spam and within a squishy centre. How does Guitaraholic stay alive? Let’s talk about armour.

Guitaraholic has achieved at least 46 thousand armour without a Granite Flask up. Most of this comes from Determination, an aura that grants armour. In this case, that aura is especially powerful thanks to Guitaraholic’s gem level-stacking efforts. Otherwise, we’re investing in armour on our tree and gear where we can.

For smooth mapping, Guitaraholic is using Death Rush, a ring which grants life recovery and Adrenaline. This buff increases our damage but also provides damage reduction and movement speed - to help us outrun our problems.

Lastly, we should mention Stormshroud. This unique jewel makes it so that our Chance to Avoid being Shocked can be turned into a chance to avoid all Elemental Ailments.

Thanks to these crafty booties and a well-rolled Abyss jewel, Guitaraholic has achieved 100% ailment immunity.

Although this build is visually wild, it’s straight-foward and elegant in its execution. It’s rare that we get something that looks so crazy but is relatively simple to understand, so commendations to Guitaraholic.

If you’re worried about the noisy idle, this build has in hideouts, the author notes that you can use a weapon swap for some blessed silence when you’re just standing around. Thanks to Guitaraholic for their contribution.

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