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How To Defeat Arakaali In POE 3.22 Ruthless Mode?

Sep 15, 2023

Here, I am going to teach you how to easily defeat Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows.

Arakaali Intro

Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows, is the final boss in Act 7 and in my experience. She is the most common progression wall that players hit when they play their first Ruthless character.

In Standard League, you can easily rely on an enormous Health pool to tank through this fight. But in Ruthless, no matter how much POE Currency you have, it will not help. Because this mode doesn’t allow you to rely on gear at all.

Therefore, it is particularly important to be familiar with the mechanics of the boss and master the strategies to deal with them.

How To Defeat Arakaali In POE 3.22 Ruthless Mode?

3 Important Tips

This entire fight comes down to three main points:

  • First, always keep your eyes on her.
  • Second, stay up close.
  • Third, be patient.


There are several mechanics throughout the fight. But there are only three that really matter.

First is what I call the death cross. There will be a cross and purple shown then a two second delay and a pulsive chaos damage. This hits very hard, and it pulses every five seconds throughout the entire fight.

All you need to do to avoid this is get into a back-and-forth rhythm. Move to one side. Wait for the pulse indicator. Then, move out of the way to the other side with an easy rhythmic dodge.

She will occasionally do this, which I call a super death cross. But it never hits the space directly in front of her. As long as you stay up close, you will avoid this entirely.

Note that Arakaali does not have an auto attack. She spits out spider eggs, but Arakaali herself does not attack you. Even if you are ranged, stay up close.

Path of Exile 3.22 Arakaali

Once you get her down to half Health, she will have a snack and then enrage. When she does, she comes back with an ability that I call death spit. If you are caught in this, it can kill even the tankiest of characters multiple times over. If you’re playing a fragile character, you may die before you even mentally register that you’re taking damage.

Avoiding the death cross and super death cross are quite easy. Many of you have likely figured that part out already. In fact, the game devs know this.

Those mechanics are designed to hypnotize you. They get your eyes focused on yourself instead of Arakaali. If you’re watching yourself instead of her, the death spit seems to come out of nowhere.

Instead, keep your eyes on her. When she uses death spit, she will shift upright and make a slow lurch in the opposite direction to wherever she was facing. This entire move is the death spit animation.

Note also that she is not aiming at you when she does this. As soon as she shifts upright, she takes aim at the spot on the ground where you were standing.

When you’re fighting Arakaali, you must keep your eyes on her. As soon as you see her stand upright and lurch in your direction, run away. If you get caught, quick step away immediately. This fight is all about watching for when she’s going to do her next death spit. Always keep your eyes on her.

Lastly, know that Arakaali will only regenerate life if you die. In Ruthless, bosses get back HP every time you die, but Arakaali has no other regeneration. This fight is designed to hypnotize you and then scare you into a panic.

You must stay cool and stay alive. Even if you just think that she might despit, get away from her face. If you think that they might get in your way, then spend some time killing the spiders that Arakaali spawns.

As long as you stay alive, her health bar will continue to slowly shrink and eventually you will get that one final boss sending her into the abyss.


In summary, the keys to defeating Arakaali are to always keep your eyes on her, stay up close, and be patient. That spider is tough, but if you follow those three guidelines, you will prevail and head on to Act 8.


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