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How To Fix Your Flasks On Your Toxic Rain Pathfinder In POE 3.21?

Apr 14, 2023

I have seen many comments about like: I can’t sustain flasks in boss fights or my flask didn’t have 100% uptime if I am standing still in my hideout.

The reason is why we are playing Pathfinder to never ever have to press any flask in our build and have 100% uptime. I will show to you how to solve this problem and sustain your flasks without any POE Currency investment.

Solution 1

First, let’s see what the most common utility flasks you use as a Pathfinder. I recommended for my league starter: Flagellant’s Topaz Flask of Impala, Flagellant’s Sapphire Flask of Armadillo, Flagellant’s Ruby Flask, Flagellant’s Quicksilver Flask, and a Flagellant’s Granite Flask of Curfew.

There are no other items and neither passives allocated to our passive tree, only the Pathfinder ascendancy. Alone, this gives up at least 50% uptime once again without any passive point. You can check this by mouse over on a flask and it will tell you the uptime and the minimum uptime.

Our goal is the minimum uptime reach 100%. There are two ways to reach that point. Your tree will look like this. Take Ballistics, Heart of Oak, Finesse, and we are arriving to Druidic Rite. This is our first flask node here. You can take the Flask Mastery to recover 4% life when you use a flask.

POE Careful Conservationist

Our next goal is Careful Conservationist. We reach this by taking this route and take the flask wheel here. Let’s take a look at our flasks. Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby already have 100% uptime. The bad news is the other flask (Quicksilver & Granite Flask) will not reach 100% uptime because you have to invest too many points for that and it’s not even worth it. So, you have to settle with this.

Do not forget you need the flask enhancement “Used when Charges reach full”. You can get this mod with Instilling Orb. Also, if you want to be immortal while mapping or in boss fights where you take many hits like Awakener or Maven’s Invitations, you need to use the gain 3 flask charge when you take a hit. With this, you will heal all of the damage you take.

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Solution 2

Another way is that you can save 3 passive point if your belt has the increased flask charge gain mod and on your body armour has flask gain a charge every 3 second. This is comes from Searing Exarch mod pool. With all of this, you can drop the Druidic Rite and take the Flask Mastery on the other side of the tree.

POE Heart of Oak

You will have a little bonus if you craft avoid to being stunned mod on your flask. This mod is coming from the Betray mechanic when unveiling flasks. You will be immune to stuns because from the flask effect is increasing this mod and we take on the tree Heart of Oak and the little nodes to avoid stun.

With all of this, you have stun immunity. You can use any good suffix on your flask. It’s up to you what you want. As always, I choose the tanky mods, but if you want, you can take attack speed or even more movement speed.


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