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How To Run Path Of Exile Automatically With High Priority

In Path Of Exile, manual operation through the task manager is very annoying, so a netizen on Reddit shared his method of letting POE run automatically, which is beneficial to improve performance. Note that this method applies to Windows 10, and perhaps other versions of Windows will also apply. If you are not proficient in computer operations, try cautiously, as this is likely to crash your computer.

1. Open up notepad and copy paste the following:

Start-Process -FilePath "PathOfExile_x64.exe" -WorkingDirectory "C:Program Files (x86)Grinding Gear GamesPath of Exile"

Get-WmiObject Win32_process -filter 'name = "PathOfExile_x64.exe"' | foreach-object { $_.SetPriority(128) }

It should look like this

2. Go to File - Save as - Name it and save it as a .ps1 file

3. In the search bar type Powershell. Right-click on this and select open file location

4. You'll see the following window, continue and do the same right-click on PowerShell and select open file location

5. If you can see the following screen, then close to success. Just go ahead and right-click PowerShell send to - desktop (create shortcut)

6. Go to the shortcut that was created on your desktop and right-click on it and select properties

7. Change the Target to:

C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe -command "&


*For this part change the C:FolderWhereFileIsNameOfPs1File.ps1 to the full directory and name of the .ps1 file

*Once you are done hit apply then ok

8. All things are done. Go ahead and double click the PowerShell high priority shortcut (NOT the PS1 FILE). Then it will automatically launch POE on high priority. You can check this by opening up task manager, going to the details tab, and right-click PathOfExile_x64.exe and check the priority.

If you want the icon on your high priority shortcut to look like the regular PoE shortcut start by right-clicking on regular PoE and select priorities. Select change Icon and copy the "Look for icons in this file" text. Then right-click on the high priority shortcut select properties - Change Icon - paste the text.

Then you can also obviously change the same to Path of Exile and have it be exactly the same.

That's all about the operation. Again! Think it over before you try it! I hope you succeed.

Anyway, will find more info about POE and share them with you guys.

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