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Look forward to the live preview of Path of Exile 3.18 expansion: Sentinel

On April 25, 2022, GGG announced a live stream of their upcoming Sentinel expansion on May 5, where players may see specific gameplay scenarios and gameplay mechanics for Path of Exile: Sentinel. In addition, players will watch Rapture Wings live.

For new players, they may not know how to do it. Players can watch Path of Exile: Sentinel live on the official website on time, and as usual, players will receive some rewards, which may be related to the new expansion of the game content.

Every time a new expansion arrives, it becomes the happiest thing for Path of Exile players. Players will wait a few days after the announcement for the latest news, so this Path of Exile: Sentinel stream should have many players unwilling to miss it, even if there is no reward.

In addition, GGG also said that besides the live demonstration of the Sentinel expansion pack, they will also launch two additional sets of Supporter Pack themes! Scourge Supporter Packs will be out in the store, so this is the last chance for players to buy them in them.

There are two types of Scourge Supporter Packs in the store. The two packs have original designs and different contents, and players can buy them according to their needs. These Packs contain many essential items in the game, which players can also buy POE Currency to get it.

With anticipation for Path of Exile: Sentinel, players can follow, we will update you with the latest game news. Hope you don’t miss it.

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