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This Shield Has Insane Synergy In POE 3.21! - Mahuxotl’s Machination Steel Kite Shield

May 29, 2023

Damage Shifting is one of the strongest defensive mechanics in Path of Exile 3.21.

Currently, physical damage taken as elemental damage is a really popular way to deal with physical damage since its fairly low investment. You can thus save a lot of POE Currency. And unlike armor, it doesn’t get diminished when taking large hits.

Shifting from elemental damage is less common, but still very effective. It gets around penetration, which is a lot more dangerous than you might think.

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Let’s say, you have 75% Cold Resistance against Cold Damage, you’re only taking 25% of the raw hit. If that hit penetrates 40% Cold Resistance, then you’re now taking 65% of the raw hit, which is 160% more damage.

Suppose you’re investing in max Cold Resistance and have 90%. 40% Cold Penetration is like taking 400% more Cold Damage. Now, if you were to shift away that Cold Damage, the penetration doesn’t get converted. And now, you don’t have to worry about some of the most deadly things in the game.

POE Divine Flesh and Tempered by War

The most common large sources of elemental shifting come from Divine Flesh and Tempered by War. Now, these are usually mutually exclusive since they come from Timeless Jewels, which you can only have one of.

POE Mahuxotl’s Machination Steel Kite Shield

Here’s where this shield comes in. It has Divine Flesh, along with five other keystones on it, which allow you to get Tempered by War on a Timeless Jewel. The combination of these two keystones shifts all incoming cold and lightning damage into 50% fire and 50% chaos damage. This allows you to completely forego cold and lightning mitigation if you can additionally shift most of the incoming physical damage into fire or chaos, then you’ll have a very efficient way to scale defenses with max threads and a Ruby Flask.

POE Everlasting Sacrifice

Now, let’s look at what else this shield gives you. Everlasting Sacrifice, unlike the other keystones, is exclusive to this shield. It sacrifices all your Energy Shield when you reach full ES, then for 4 seconds you gain plus 5 all resistances, including chaos, which works really well with Divine Flesh.

If you can constantly fill your ES every 4 seconds, then you effectively gain +5 all resistances, which is insane as it lets you easily cap your max threads.

POE Corrupted Soul

POE Immortal Ambition

Now, the other keystones make it a bit more difficult to automate the ES filling process, though. Corrupted Soul gives you a large ES pool and Immortal Ambition makes it, so your ES starts at zero. It also disables ES recharge and regeneration and drains 5% of your ES every second.

POE Eternal Youth

POE Vaal Pact

However, it gives you a way to fill your Energy Shield via Overleach that overflows into your ES. This shield actually makes you pretty leech reliant with Vaal Pact to disabling your regeneration. But Eternal Youth cancels out the benefit of Vaal Pact. So, this is actually more detrimental than just nullifying your regeneration. Because now you have to rely on leech. But you don’t get access to Vaal Pact on the tree.

POE Replica Sorrow of the Divine

And during stuff like Uber Boss mini game phases where you usually can’t leach or use on hit effects but you can still take damage, you can’t reliably gain the Everlasting Sacrifice buff. But here’s where Pathfinder and Replica Sorrow of the Divine come in. This flask makes it so that your life flask also applies to your Energy Shield. And with Pathfinder’s Master Surgeon, you can constantly have a life flask running, which means your ES is constantly filling, granting you the Everlasting Sacrifice buff permanently.

The enduring life flask effect also fixes life-sustained issues you might run into with the shield, removing your reliance on leech. This means you can make full use of the shield on DoT builds, too.

POE Eldritch Battery

In addition, this last line on Replica Sorrow of the Divine gives you another keystone, Eldritch Battery, for free. This means you can make use of the large ES pool you get from the Corrupted Soul and get another Aura with Divine Blessing. It also fixes all your Mana issues and allows you to reserve all your Mana. If built around properly, the shield is actually insane.

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