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No More Waiting! Path Of Exile 3.15 Announcement Is Coming Soon!

The 3.15 expansion of Path Of Exile will be announced in a few days, so will continue to track relevant news. In addition, the official also answered some questions about whether Ultimatum will become the core mechanic of the game.

They state that in just two days, they will reveal a short teaser of the upcoming 3.15 expansion and will also confirm its announcement livestream and release date. This also means that Ultimatum League is about to end, and POE fans will want to know what the future of this content will look like.

In short, Ultimatum will not be the core mechanic for the upcoming 3.15 expansion. However, given its popularity, POE may bring it back later. To do this, it first needs some improvements.

GGG wants to improve the combat of Ultimatum encounters so that the player's game experience will be less overwhelming and more tactical. Although the challenging content is also popular with players, there are too many monsters appearing in this small circle and too many things are happening at the same time. So this needs a little change.

In addition, it is necessary to rebalance rewards. The purpose of Ultimatum's reward system was to allow Trialmaster to provide the main reward for the challenge. This is not the current situation, too many items spawn at the end of the Trial.

For Ultimatum to return, it is necessary to adjust the balance back so that the Trialmaster's offer becomes the main reward for doing the encounters, and it also compensates for the item fountain being turning off. 

So, when you may see Trialmaster again in the future, if you like being heckled by an undead entity of Chaos, then you can act now. will update the corresponding articles at that time so that POE fans can get to know the content of 3.15. And in the future, we will also provide some POE guides, tips, and POE Currency, because as a popular MMORPG, every league will attract new players to join in, and new players will also look for a site that provides POE guides. To make the game progression smoother, it is necessary to subscribe to

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