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Path Of Exile 2 Will Come Before 2024

Although Path Of Exile 2 was announced two years ago, there is no specific release date yet. GGG said that POE 2 will be released before 2024, and the public beta will occur within the last one or two years.

As early as the beginning of 2020, the POE 2 development studio made it clear that the sequel will not be completed until at least 2022, but now the situation seems to have changed.

In a recent Baeclast podcast, GGG staff stated that this highly anticipated RPG will arrive before 2024. As for more details, he said that this game can enter the public beta stage at least in the next two years, the worst case is in the summer of 2023. It is a very long wait.

The main reason for the delay was the global pandemic. Since New Zealand's borders will be closed for the rest of this year, it is quite difficult for GGG to find and hire new staff. In addition, GGG also has extra issues in the art direction of the entire project, which makes it different from the previous project.

GGG stated that they are now in complete production mode. They have completed 90% of the first act and 75% of the second act of the game. A total of 7 acts have been announced with Path Of Exile 2, and there is still a lot of work waiting for them to complete.

Waiting is bound to be torture, but the news leaked before about POE 2 is also highly anticipated. Now this news has undoubtedly given GGG more time to design and perfect this game. But the next time players can only focus on Path Of Exile, after all, POE will always follow regular updates, and new leagues will always come.

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