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Path of Exile: 3.18.1c patch brings less than perfect texture system improvements

Jun 30, 2022

Earlier today, Grinding Gear Games announced that it plans to deploy the 3.18.1c patch. Through the patch note, we will find that some issues have indeed been taken seriously and are expected to bring a better game experience, but some players have also voiced bad feedback.

Many players have reported stuttering when playing Path of Exile, and this problem has been improving since a few years ago. In 3.18.1c, the production team improved the memory usage and performance of the texture system so that the texture system works better for smoother loading and look and feel.

In addition to this basic improvement, Grinding Gear Games has also introduced fixes for players using consoles. Now, the targeting range of Animate Weapon in Controller input mode has been improved, and both a client crash in Controller input mode and a bug in the Harvest Crafting UI have been fixed.

Although this patch does bring a lot of quality of life improvements to the players as a whole, some players said that this patch did not bring the expected good results but instead increased the loading time when entering the map and even the performance of the computer was also affected.

I have to admit that technical problems occupy a very important position in MMORPGs such as Path of Exile. I believe Grinding Gear Games can see the feedback from these players and find the problem in time so that the game can be improved to a higher level. can also help to improve your Path of Exile experience and progress. We will provide you with secure POE Currency for sale and first-hand Path of Exile news. Stay tuned.


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