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How To Master The Archmage Crackling Lance Hierophant Build In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League?

Apr 03, 2024

With the recent changes to the Archmage mechanic in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League, our Arc Lightning/Crackling Lance spell has received a significant boost in damage output. In this guide, we'll explore the potential of this Archmage Crackling Lance Hierophant build in POE 3.24's endgame scenarios, where its formidable damage numbers truly shine. 

Remarkably, our standard Arc setup can deliver a staggering 100 million damage, while the specialized Crackling Lance setup, tailored for boss encounters, boasts over 220 million damage. These figures, though astounding, are entirely achievable. Even the most challenging Tier 17 map bosses are no match for this build's power. What's more, switching between setups is remarkably simple. Merely adjusting 2 gems is all that's required, with no alterations necessary to items, jewels, or the passive tree. 

How To Master The Archmage Crackling Lance Hierophant Build In Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League?

Ascendancy Choices

Let's start by discussing our Ascendancy choices.

As a Hierophant, we've opted for this class primarily because it offers the most effective mana support ascendancy available.

Our first priority is Arcane Blessing. This particular node enhances the effectiveness of Arcane Surge by providing a significant 20% boost to spell damage, alongside its other benefits. Additionally, it grants us a level one Arcane Surge buff whenever we land a hit. It's essential to note that the 20% spell damage boost scales with modifiers to the Arcane Surge buff effect, rendering this node exceptionally potent.

Moving on, we have Conviction of Power. This node not only increases our maximum power charges and endurance charges by one but also sets our minimum charges for both to 4. While the additional maximum power charge enables us to function as a power charge stacker, the minimum endurance charges offer a valuable defensive benefit.

Next, we acquire Divine Guidance. This particular node raises our maximum mana and ensures that 10% of all damage we sustain is deducted from our mana before affecting our life pool. When combined with The Agnostic keystone and Mind Over Matter, this setup essentially renders us invulnerable as long as we have any remaining mana. Moreover, it enables us to utilize Righteous Fire for an additional spell damage boost.

As for our final ascendancy node, we've foregone selecting any. The remaining nodes within the Hierophant ascendancy don't offer significant benefits for our build, so we've opted to acquire the minor mana node instead.

Path of Exile Divine Guidance

Passive Skill Tree

Now, let's examine our passive skill tree.

Our current tree retains its structure from the previous version. Our emphasis remains on enhancing mana, lightning damage, spell damage, cast speed, spell critical chance and multiplier, mana regeneration, and life.

Additionally, we incorporate 2 extensive cluster jewel configurations into our setup. These provide access to potent damage-related notable passives such as Practiced Caster, Sap Psyche, and Scintillating Idea.

Mastery Choices

Next, for Mastery choices, we have:

  • Spells that gain Intensity have +1 to their maximum Intensity
  • + 15% to Maximum Shock Effect
  • 3% increased Damage per Power, Frenzy, or Endurance Charge we have
  • + 25% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies

Gear Selection

Let's proceed by examining our gear selection.

First and foremost, we continue to utilize the signature wand, known as Void Battery, employing two of these wands specifically. Void Battery provides substantial benefits, including an increase to maximum power charges, global critical strike chance, cast speed, mana, and significant spell damage when powered up with charges. Widely considered the best-in-slot option, acquiring Void Battery typically requires only a few Divine Orbs, given the immense damage boost it offers to our build.

Path of Exile Crown of The Inward Eye

Moving on, we have the Crown of The Inward Eye, ideally with the corruption that grants an additional maximum power charge. This helm proves crucial for its overall life and mana statistics, although acquiring one with the bonus power charge corruption is highly desirable. Alternatively, if obtaining such a helm proves challenging, opting for a rare helm with the plus one power charge affix becomes a viable alternative, albeit a difficult one. Therefore, purchasing this helmet outright often remains the optimal choice.

Now, turning our attention to body armor, we employ the Cloak of Defiance. This chest piece grants us the Mind Over Matter keystone without the need to invest numerous passive points in the skill tree. While the free Mind Over Matter feature proves invaluable, we primarily utilize this item for its unique attribute: a percentage-based increase to mana regeneration, a rarity in the game and a crucial resource for our build's sustainability.

Furthermore, we consider Atziri's Foible amulet as another indispensable item. Given that mana serves as both an offensive and defensive resource for our build, maximizing its potential becomes imperative. Atziri's Foible significantly enhances our mana pool and regeneration rate, providing us with everything we require. It's worth noting the importance of anointing the amulet with Disciple of the Unyielding, granting a fifth permanent endurance charge and a notable 40% increased damage boost.

Moving on to our rings, acquiring 2 synthesized rings with a 6% increased spell damage per power charge implicit is imperative. Utilize Essences of Scorn on them until you secure both percentage mana regeneration and critical strike multiplier modifiers. In the event of an empty suffix, lock the suffixes and then reforge the caster mod to forcefully introduce cast speed into your suffix pool. Once done, lock the suffixes again, employ the Veiled Orb to obtain Veiled mana or life, and proceed to craft the remaining modifier yourself.

Now, concerning our gloves, we opt for Eldritch Influence gloves, prioritizing attributes such as life, mana, resistances, and any Veiled damage modifier obtainable. Alternatively, crafting the desired modifiers yourself proves a cost-effective approach to preserve your POE Currency.

However, the paramount consideration here is securing both Lightning Exposure and a chance to unnerve enemies on hit implicits. These attributes contribute significantly to damage output and can be readily incorporated using Eldritch Ichors and Embers.

Moving forward to our boots, the desired attributes include movement speed, dexterity, mana, life, and a resistance modifier. Additionally, incorporating beneficial Eldritch Implicits such as increased action speed and cooldown recovery rate, if possible, further enhances their utility.

Regarding our belt, obtaining one with the crucial increased mana recovery rate (Redeemer mod) is essential for our build's functionality. Aim for maximum roll and catalyze it up to 14%. Additionally, prioritize other desirable modifiers such as life, mana, and resistances to bolster survivability.

Path of Exile Atziri's Foible

Gem Setup

Now, let's discuss the gems to be inserted into these items.

Beginning with our primary six-link setup, we include Arc, Archmage, Power Charge On Critical, Inspiration, Awakened Spell Echo, and Awakened Lightning Penetration. Notably, the new Archmage Support does not amplify its damage based on increased mana cost, making the inclusion of Inspiration a sensible choice. When transitioning to our high-damage Crackling Lance setup, simply substitute Arc and Awakened Lightning Penetration with Crackling Lance and Intensify Support.

Moving on to the four-link guard setup, we incorporate Arcane Cloak, level 20 Arcane Surge, Increased Duration, and Enhance. The strategic activation of Arcane Cloak allows us to maximize its benefits.

Next, we assemble a four-link configuration for falling damage support, comprising Wrath, Eternal Blessing, Righteous Fire, and Empower.

For our mobility setup, a four-link combination of Lightning Warp, Faster Casting, Less Duration, and Swift Affliction facilitates swift movement. If Lightning Warp proves unsuitable, Dash serves as a viable alternative.

Lastly, a three-link setup accommodates the remaining gems, including Conductivity, Summon Lightning Golem, and Faster Casting.

The Strategic Placement Of Jewels

Now let's delve into the topic of jewels.

For our Watcher's Eye, we continue to utilize a basic variant, offering a modest 15% Lightning Penetration while under the influence of Wrath.

Next, we possess a single Militant Faith Timeless Jewel, specifically tailored to reference High Templar Dominus. Placing this jewel strategically maximizes its impact, as it transforms nearby keystones into Inner Conviction. Inner Conviction, in turn, grants a substantial 3% increase in spell damage per power charge. Should this jewel inadvertently convert any crucial notables within its vicinity, there's no need for concern. Simply trade it for another one.

Path of Exile The Adorned

The final unique jewel featured in our build is The Adorned. This jewel amplifies the effectiveness of all socketed magic jewels by an impressive 150%, provided they are corrupted. Consequently, acquiring 4 identical magic jewels of this nature becomes necessary. Look for attributes such as increased maximum mana and a 15% boost to spell critical strike multiplier to optimize your build's performance.

In conclusion, the Archmage Crackling Lance Hierophant build offers a potent and adaptable option for Path of Exile 3.24 players seeking to dominate endgame content with unparalleled spellcasting prowess. Its remarkable damage potential, coupled with its simplicity and versatility, makes it a formidable choice for any seasoned adventurer daring to challenge the highest tiers of gameplay.


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