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Path Of Exile: A 10-Day Class Gauntlet Event Will Begin


If you are a loyal player of Path Of Exile, you should know Zizaran, a POE streamer on YouTube. Now, he and some other Streamers and community members have raised funds to host a 10-day Class Gauntlet Event.

The event is scheduled to start on June 12th. Participants will compete to earn points by leveling their roles and killing bosses, and see how all classes perform in some difficult encounters in POE. Class Gauntlet Event will serve as an Event League with new Monster Area of Effect Mod and other damage mods and Monster Life. The prize pool is funded by the community and Zizaran's event partner.

When to start?

The event will start on 12th June, 15:00 BST (7:00 PDT). And it will last for 10 days.

How to join?

This event will increase monster AOE, monster damage, monster speed, monster element damage, reduced player resistance, and increase monster life. You can log in on the same day and click "Join" in the bottom right of the role selection screen to enter.

You will get points based on level and killing specific bosses. To get boss kill points, you must submit kills in the Path Of Exile Community Racing Discord, click here to join.

Prize Pool

The prize pool is crowdfunded by Zizaran and event partners. In addition, streamers and their communities can create a bounty with the money they fundraise for the event. Rewards are custom prizes that can be rewarded to players for achieving specific goals in the event. If you are interested in this, you can follow their social media and pay attention to when and what their fundraising activities will be.

Zizaran's Event Partner will be matching all contributions to the prize pool (Up to $25,000).

The total prize pool will be split as follows:

* Operational Costs: 5 percent of Overall Prize Pool-To be distributed amongst Community Developers and League Moderators.

* The bounties placed by streamers and their communities during the fundraisers.

* The prize pool minus bounties and operations cost will be awarded as follows:

* Rank 1 Overall: Gauntlet Trophy + 2 percent Bonus

Random Draw

Upgrading your character to certain thresholds will also make you eligible for a randomly drawn prize consisting of merchandise and micro-transactions provided by Zizaran's Event Partner and 1,000 Apollyon Mystery Boxes.

General rewards will be randomly drawn from all characters at the appropriate level, except for level 90+ Armor Pack prizes, which will be drawn per class. You can get more than 1 ticket through microtransactions/physical rewards, however, you cannot get more than 1 prize in each category.

If you are a loyal player of POE, you don’t want to miss this event. If you want to win in the event, now is the best time to prepare for it. Now you can use POE Currency to make your role more powerful.

Because time is short, it is unrealistic to farm POE Currency in the game, so you can come to to buy any POE Orbs you need.

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