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Path Of Exile: Abyss League Guide 

Although Abyss League is not the most interesting league, it is also the core content, so it is necessary for new players to understand its functions. The Abyss League has added a new belt and jewels, and two new bosses - Abyssal Liches.


You will encounter Abysses in the area, they are a special green icon on the minimap. When you want to start an event, you need to approach it. Then a rift will appear, it will randomly follow to the pit, and then the abyss monster will attack you from the rift, so you need to be ready to fight them at all times.

If you have killed a sufficient number of monsters, there will be a reward in the last pit - Abyssal Trove. This is a special loot chest that always contains abyssal jewels. In the high-level area, you will welcome Abyssal Depths - a portal in the side area.

They are narrow corridors, where enemies and precious loot will appear, and of course a boss. The most common is Stygian Spire, which is a totem that summons enemies from the abyss. If you can defeat him, you will get the reward - Stygian Vise, a special belt.

Later you will meet one of the Abyssal Liches, which is destined to be a big challenge, but when you defeat it, special league Uniques will drop from him.

Valuable Loot

 Abyss Jewels

This is a special kind of jewels, you can inlay them in the jewel socket of the passive skill tree, or in special abyss slots.

There are 4 types of Abyss Jewels:

              * Ghastly Eye Jewel (mostly for summoners)

              * Hypnotic Eye Jewel (for casters)

              * Murderous Eye Jewel (for melee builds)

              * Searching Eye Jewel (for ranged builds)

Stygian Vise

A special belt with a unique implicit modifier - Has 1 Abyss Socket. Only abyss jewels can be inserted into this socket.


Some special items have been added, only 4pieces, most of them have 2 options - with one or two Abyssal Sockets:

          * Tombfist gloves

          * Lightpoacher helmet

          * Bubonic Trail boots

          * Shroud of the Lightless body armor

Even though they will only drop with Abyssal Liches, it is valuable to have two Abyssal Sockets.

The POE 3.13 league will be announced soon. For novice players who want to join the game when the new league comes, it is also necessary to learn more about the mechanics of another league, which will let you master the game faster.

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