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Path Of Exile: All Rewards For Zizaran's Gauntlet

Zizaran's Gauntlet is coming as part of the December events in Path of Exile. This event aims to allow players to compete in hardcore mode and defeat the stronger, healthier, and faster version of normal monsters. In addition to the content of the event, players also pay more attention to the prizes. will give the specific details of the prizes.

Zizaran's Gauntlet runs from December 10 at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT until December 20 at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT.

Players will get points based on killing bosses, gaining levels and Delve progress. Outstanding winners will receive a certain percentage of the prize pool that is crowdfunded by the community Streamers and matched by the community streamer Zizaran himself, up to a maximum of $25,000.

The highest-ranked player will receive the Gauntlet Trophy and 12% of the pool, while the second-ranked player will receive 4% of the total prize money. Among the 7 starting classes, the best performance of each class will also receive an 8% of the pool, and the runner-up of each class will receive a 4%.

The top 5 players in each Ascendancy Class will receive Demigod’s Authority, a special, unique one-handed sword that can increase the size of the character by 5%. So if you want to let your role get huge, this is a good thing. It can also be stacked with other items with the same effect, such as Demigod's Bounty belt.

When you reach level 50, you will get an Atlantis Mystery Box, which contains a random selection of microtransaction items for 2 sets of aquatic-themed unique equipment and cosmetics: Sire set and Deepwater set.

Players who reach a certain threshold will also be able to participate in a random drawing, and they will have a chance to obtain physical items and in-game items:

* Level 50: Krangled Gauntlet t-shirt

* Level 60: Wild Footprints effect, Faith Guard effect, Rhoa Skull helmet, Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL PC Case

* Level 70: Vampiric portal effect, Arctic portal effect, Infernal Demon King portal effect, Oculus Quest 2

* Level 80: Wasteland character effect, Ghostflame character effect, Water Elemental character effect, MSI 27 inch 1440p 165Hz Monitor

* Level 85: Gothic armor set, Wasteland armor set, Demon Parasite armor set

* Level 90: Jaeger cloak, Sphinx wings, Wild wings, $3,000 PC

* Level 95: White wings, Dragon Hunter armor set, Stygian Herald effect

You can buy POE Currency on at any time to enhance your character's advantages. Although POE is not a pay-to-win game, having sufficient POE Currency will always make you ahead of others.

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