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Path of Exile: Best Strategies for Sentinel to get more loot

Since the release of the 3.18 Sentinel League, different from the previous Archnemesis League, this 3.18 Sentinel League has introduced a classified game mechanism. Players can manage and use the different kinds of Sentinel Controller reasonably in the battle against monsters to achieve drop maximization.

There are three main types of Sentinel, Stalker Sentinel, Apex Sentinel, and Pandemonium Sentinel, and players can use them to bring different strengthening to the enemy. And defeating powerful enemies can get more considerable or rare rewards. The Stalker Sentinel is the less-cost one to use. It will fire around you and fire an empowering beam to enemies until it times out or the battery runs out; the only difference between Apex Sentinel and Stalker Sentinel is that it can only enhance Rare and Unique monsters; while Pandemonium Sentinel can strengthen a large number of enemies at once, and disappear immediately after that.

Developing an effective Sentinel strategy is a prerequisite for players to gain more loot. The most popular strategy in the player community right now is to focus on leveling up the Pandemonium Sentinel, after all getting a lot of loot at once is very efficient. But this has high requirements on the attack power and damage caused by players' construction.

Using this strategy requires players to be aware that the Pandemonium Sentinel can be deployed one more time per map (two in total), which means we need to face additional monsters to get rewards; secondly, when the Pandemonium Sentinel is deployed Monster packs are generated.

In addition to the above strategies, if you don't have the time and energy to farm loot by arranging a Sentinel Controller, just buy POE Currency directly on may be a better option.

POECurrency will always be your good partner in the Sentinel League process, we will continue to bring you news.

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